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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/14/14
Aug 15, 2014 - 8:35:25 PM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] A video package aired that showed Dixie Carter being put through a table. Bully Ray came down to the ring and bragged about last week, then called out Devon. Devon entered and pumped out the crowd, and then called down the Hardys. The Hardy's entered the ring and Matt said it had been twelve years since they had been in the ring together. He then congratulated Team 3D on their entrance into the TNA Hall of Fame. Both teams bragged about their history together in TLC matches and how they stole the show at the AstroDome. The crowd chanted one more match, and so they made one. Both teams hugged one another.

Tenay cut to a video package about Samoa Joe and his X-Division Championship win. Backstage, Joe said he was tasked with invigorating the X-Division, and that would start tonight. Backstage, EC3 and Spud were all bandaged up and they were shown stumbling through the backstage area.

[Q2] Tenay showed Dixie going through a table again. He said they'd have an update on her condition later. Backstage, EY, Roode and Aries watched footage of Dixie on EY's phone. They chuckled and Roode said it was the greatest thing he'd ever seen. Aries said one piece of garbage was gone, and they had three more to take care of later in MVP, Lashley and Kenny King. Low Ki made his entrance for the six man X-Division elimination scramble match.

1. Homicide vs. Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazy Steve vs. DJ Z vs. Manik: Steve and Uno started, and Uno hit a nice inverted Samoan Drop. He followed up with a moonsault from the top for a pin.

Crazy Steve was eliminated.

Uno hit a nice looking hurricanrana on Manik. Manik hit a nice looking springboard dropkick, followed by his finisher for a pin.

Tigre Uno was eliminated.

DJ Z and Manik worked some back and forth for a bit, until DJ Z used the ropes and held the tights to get a pin.

Manik was eliminated.

Homicide hit a Gringo Killer on DJ Z about 30 seconds later to get a pin of his own.

DJ Z was eliminated.

Low Ki hit some mounted punches on Homicide, until Homicide popped free and launched him out to the floor into the barricade. Homicide then hit a suicide dive and sent Low Ki into the barricade. They worked some back and forth in the ring, with both men doing some selling. Homicide went for a Gringo Killer, but Low Ki flipped out the back and hit a dropkick. He then followed up with a Ki Crusher for the win.

Low Ki defeated Homicide to win the scramble at 6:50.

Backstage, EC3 slapped the phone out of the hand of a TNA staffer who was watching Dixie get put through a table. He was headed to the ring...

[Q3] Spud, Rhino and EC3 all came out. Spud said they came out there for a moment of silence. He solemnly said last week was a travesty and that their Queen Madame Dixie Carter was put through a table. He asked for a moment of silence, but only got loud boos in return. EC3 grabbed the microphone for him, and said he chastised the crowd for cheering for her agony, and demanded that Bully Ray be immediately terminated from TNA Wrestling. He said it's a Carter ring, and a Carter promotion, and he would build a house in the ring if he had to.

Kurt Angle walked out to the ring with a mic in hand. He gave EC3 two options. He would either wrestle tonight, or get the hell out of the ring. EC3 said he wasn't going anywhere. Kurt said he wasn't scaring him, but he knows a few people that will. He invited some of New York's finest to get them out of the ring. Spud popped off and said he's not taking orders from a donut eating cop. He claimed to have diplomatic immunity a half second before the cops jumped on him.

EC3 name dropped about 100 rich people, and said he was a 1%er and could give the cop all the money he wanted to go away. He started to throw cash at the feet of the cops, and was then hauled away.

Backstage, Gunner talked to Sam Shaw. Shaw claimed that what happened last week was a mistake, but he doesn't think Anderson will every believe him. Gunner said he and Anderson would settle their differences later, and that it wasn't on him.

Backstage, EC3 and crew were pleading not to be hauled off to jail while in an elevator. When the door opened, they got hauled off anyway. Mr. Anderson made his ring entrance, followed by Gunner.

[Q4] 2. Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson: They had a shoving contest early, and then transitioned into some chain wrestling. There was a brief interlude of the crowd chanting Adam Rose's WWE entrance music. Anderson and Gunner traded haymakers in the middle of the ring. Sam Shaw ran into the ring and Anderson popped him in the jaw. The ref called for the DQ.

Mr. Anderson won by DQ at 2:54.

Backstage, Velvet and Angelina spoke about the Knockouts four way title match. Angelina asked if they were cool, and Velvet told her that there were no problems, and one of them would end the night as champion...[c]

Footage was shown from last week of what happened after the show went off the air. Bully Ray led the crowd in "Ding Dong, the Witch is dead". Tenay then gave and update and said Dixie basically shattered her spine as a result of the powerbomb. The Beautiful People made their entrance, followed by Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim.

[Q5] Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship: The heels and babyfaces split up. The Beautiful People worked together to double team Gail Kim, and sent her to the outside. Terrell tried to hold her own, but had to be bailed out by Gail Kim. All four women ended up out on the floor. Gail Kim hit a splash from the apron on both Beautiful People, and a TNA chant broke out. Taryn Terrell then hit a splash on all three women from the top rope. The three women did a nice job of making sure it looked good and was really safe.

Back in the ring, Taryn covered Angelina, but Gail broke it up. Velvet tried to steal a pin on Gail from Angelina, and the Beautiful People had a staredown. Angeline and Velvet then broke up each others pin attempts, but Gail Kim attacked Velvet before they could attack one another. Angeline broke up Velvet's finisher, and the BP's argued again. Taryn took them both out, and pulled Angelina out of the ring. Gail then hit Eat Defeat and picked up the win.

Gail Kim retained her Title at 4:55.

Backstage, MVP, Lashley and Kenny King were interviewed. MVP said ding dong the witch is dead. Kenny King said that Dixie can go back to Dallas and buy herself a million dollar wheel chair. MVP said that was the past, and they were ready to go crush Aries, Roode and EY. He then said that they were the ones who made the headlines around TNA...[c]

Lashley, King and MVP made their ring entrance, followed by EY, Roode and Aries.

4. Aries, Roode and EY vs. MVP, Lashley and Kenny King: Lashley and Roode were in the ring to start, but Kenny King blind sided Roode and told Lashley that he had it. Roode slingshotted King into Aries elbow, who then flipped over the ropes and hit a splash onto him. Roode quickly tagged back in and took a few more shots at King before he tagged in EY.

Young took a kick to the ribs, which allowed Lashley to tag in. EY and Lashley measured each other for a bit, and EY cleared Lashley to the floor. Aries and Roode shoved the other heels to the floor, and Aries hit a dive to the outside. In the ring, EY got crotched on the top rope due a shove by Kenny King. The heels made rapid tags and isolated EY in their corner. Lashley jawed with Roode and Aries, which allowed EY to tag in Aries. Kenny King also tagged in, and Aries dominated the offense.

He splashed Lashley on the outside, and hit a nice suplex on King. The match started to break down as everybody ended up in the ring. Aries reversed a spear The Last Chancery. Roode hit a spinebuster on King. EY hit a piledriver on MVP, and Lashley hit EY with a powerslam. Aries hit a few offensive moves on Lashley, but MVP interfered with an attempt on the top rope, and Lashley hit him with a spear for the win.

MVP, King and Lashley defeated Roode, Aries and EY at 9:13.

Tenay said we'd hear from Abyss and Janice next...[c]

[Q6] HVK is coming, according to a vignette. It's Havok of course. These vignettes feel too much like Glacier. The Wolves cut a promo backstage, and spoke about being fans of the Hardy Boys and Team 3D. They said they are open to a challenge from Team 3D, and said they on the hunt. Abyss made his entrance holding his stomach. Abyss said Bram had something that belonged to him, and demanded he get out to the ring. Bram and Magnus made their way to the ring, with Bram holding Janice.

Abyss asked Bram if he remembered the phrase that possession is 9/10ths of the law? Well, not in his world, and he wants her back. Bram then said that every time he drives Janice into his chest, it drives him wild, and he thinks Janice wants to stay with him. Abyss asked Bram and the crowd of they really wanted to get Extreme. Bram nodded. Abyss then proposed one more match with tables, chairs, glass, tacks, barbed wire. He wanted to suspend Janice fifteen feet above the ring, and whoever grabs her has earned her love.

[Q7] Magnus grabbed the mic and said that he's the only one delusional enough to think that a bit of wood with nails coming out of it was his girlfriend. He said he should feel lucky, because she already screwed him twice, and that's probably all he's ever gotten in his life. Abyss attacked at that point and initially got the advantage, but Magnus and Bram turned the tide and escaped with Janice...[c]

James Storm was seen on a creepy porch and had Sanada tied up in what looked like a barn. Imagine the Bray Wyatt vignette, with James Storm as Bray. He told Sanada that his awakening began now, and then you heard screaming as the screen went black.

5. The Hardys vs. Team 3D: They started off working back and forth. Both teams made several tags. Team 3D was the first team to hit a double team maneuver, and they got a two count...[c]

The Hardys worked some double team offense on Devon, but Bully cut them off and sent Matt to the outside. Team 3D wishboned Jeff Hardy, and Devon rained punches on him in a corner. Devon then hit a nice clothesline and applied a rear chin lock. Jeff escaped and tried to jump at Devon from the second rope, but got reversed into a clothesline. Bully tagged in and dropped a series of elbows on Jeff. Quick tags now as Devon came back in and continued to keep Jeff isolated and grounded.

After a double team back suplex neckbreaker combo, Bully covered for a near fall on Jeff. They continued to isolate Jeff with holds. Jeff got in a few hope spots, but got shut down immediately. Bully Ray picked up Jeff for a power bomb, but Jeff reversed into a head scissors for a near fall. Matt Hardy and Devon tagged in, and Matt hit a bulldog out of the corner for a two count.

He then hit a side effect, and got a near fall. Matt hit a moonsault off the top, but Bully made the save. Jeff tried to climb to the top, but Devon crotched him on the turnbuckle. Matt and Jeff ended up hitting a modified Doomsday Device on Devon for another near fall that got the crowd going. Team 3D hit their own Doomsday Device on Matt, and got a very close near fall.

Bully hit a big body slam, and Devon hit whaaaaazzzuuuup from the tope rope. Team 3D went for a table, but Jeff launched himself off Matt and hit both men at ringside before they could retrieve a table. Matt the hit a twist of fate, and Jeff hit a Swanton mid ring. Bully missed his timing, so Devon had to kick out. Team 3D hit a 3D a moment later on Matt, and picked up the win.

Team 3D defeated The Hardys at 17:32.

After the match, both team hugged again to show respect. A commercial aired for the hardcore justice themed show next week.

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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