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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/5/14
Jun 5, 2014 - 11:46:18 PM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] A video showed MVP and crew having their way last week, only to be stopped by Samoa Joe. The three stooges were looking for Samoa Joe backstage, so of course he made his ring entrance. Joe said MVP was looking for him so he came to the ring so MVP could find him. He called out MVP to "get some things straight."

MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King made their ring entrance. King started to cut a promo about disrespecting MVP but Joe cut him off. He said if King was MVP's mouthpiece he should kiss his ass. MVP asked him what he wanted. Joe said MVP screwed him over. He said he vouched for MVP and then MVP stabbed everyone in the back. MVP said he gave Joe a chance and Joe didn’t do his job. Joe said his job was to kick people's asses so why not Joe vs. all three of them tonight.

Austin Aries came out and called out MVP for only wanting to fight when he can stack the deck in his own favor. MVP said Joe was in breech of his contract and his hands were tied. Aries pointed out MVP was director of operations and could do what he wanted. MVP booked Joe vs. Aries with the loser getting fired rom TNA…

Backstage, Magnus asked Bram if he was ready. Bram laughed about it. Magnus said Bram has never dealt with anyone like Willow. He said this wasn't the highflying Jeff Hardy, this was who he became after Magnus beat him for the title. Bram agreed and then said Magnus lost his edge after that. Bram said he needed the guy who beat Hardy back. Bram said if Magnus doesn't return to that guy, it would just mean more opportunities for Bram…

[Q2][C] 1. Bram vs. Willow. Bram started aggressively, but Willow hit a chin checker to retake control. Bram escaped to the floor and slammed Willow into the stairs when he followed. Willow immediately fought back and the fight went to the floor again. He set Bram on the stairs and jumped out of the ring, but Bram moved and Willow crashed into the stairs. Bram grabbed the pry bar from under the ring and backed Willow into a corner. Magnus ran out and stopped Bram from using it. He took it away and beat the hell out of Willow with it.

Willow defeated Bram by disqualification at 4:57.

Post-match, Magnus weakly hit Willow in the head/shoulder and knocked him out while Bram looked on in glee… Backstage, MVP walked into his office, where the Wolves hung out in flip-flops. Davey said they were the wolves while MV was a wolf in sheep's clothing. They bantered back and forth and MVP booked them in a match against each other. They refused, so MVP threatened to strip them of the tag titles if they didn't do it…[C]

Backstage, Mr. Anderson was walking around in bad cowboy getup and bit the cap off a bottle of beer and yelled, "I like beer!" before cackling like an idiot…

[Q3] 2. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards. Kenny King came out watched. Davey sold his ribs hurt and Eddie checked on him. King grabbed a mic and said if they didn't take it seriously they would be stripped of the titles. They chain wrestled into several submission holds while King yelled for each man to hurt the other. Eddie rolled up Davey out of nowhere for the win…

Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards at 4:18.

King climbed in the ring. He said they were supposed to fight and they needed to kick people in the face. They attacked him and hit the alarm clock before King bailed out… Backstage, Dixie Carter walked up and questioned whether MVP had things under control with the Aries vs. Joe match. He told her to grab a glass of merlot and a popcorn and watch because someone was getting fired tonight…[C]

A video recapped the SWF moment with Brittany and Madison last week. Backstage, Brittany offered to help Madison again tonight and Madison told her to do nothing… Elsewhere backstage, Robbie E walked up to DJ Z and Jesse and freaked out about "the clown" in the Menagerie…

MVP grabbed Brian Heber and told him there had to be a winner and a loser in the Joe vs. Aries match… IQG asked Joe about his match with Aries and Joe said he wasn't surprised. He said MVP promised him the world and didn't deliver and this is how he has treated him. Aries walked up and said they weren't all that different except Aries saw MVP for what he was and now they were being punished. Aries said as much as he respected Joe, he had to do what he had to do to keep his job. Joe said he did too…

[Q4][C] DJ Z was in his DJ booth in the ring, along with the BroMans. Z asked Robbie what was wrong with him, again. Robbie said it was the clown, again.

Jesse said everyone liked clouds and Robbie needed to just chill out. Robbie scratched himself like a meth-head. The Menagerie made their full entrance. Robbie said "We are BroMan" over and over while marching in place. Knux took the mic and said they were the Menagerie, and just like them, except with Rebel. Jesse said they could have her if they wanted. Crazy Steve honked his bike horn and Robbie freaked out. He got into a horn-blowing contest with DJ Z.

The Freak grabbed DJ Z and held him in a gorilla press while Knux tossed BroMans to the floor. The Freak tossed DJ Z on top of them to close the segment… Backstage, Eric Young and Bully Ray tried to pressure Baby Hebner to do the right thing tonight in the main event, Hebner said he had to take care of his family first and told them to but out. Bully said they would have to do what they had to do then…[C]

Gunner and Sam Shaw played Go Fish in the nut house as Gunner continued to befriend Shaw. This angle is so bad…

[Q5] 3. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe in a loser leaves TNA match. EY and Bully Ray were shown watching backstage on a monitor. Joe went for the muscle buster quickly. Aries escaped and scored a near fall in a roll-up. Both men argued with Hebner before attacking each other again. Aries got Joe in the Last Chancery and EY ran out to drag Hebner from the ring. They argued and Aries broke the hold. Joe hooked the rear-naked choke and Hebner slid back in the ring. EY pulled him out again. Ray walked down to the ring and said he was sorry before knocking Hebner out.

Samoa Joe fought Austin Aries to an apparent no contest in 5:30.

EY and Ray took a mic and apologized for hitting Hebner, but they had to do it because this was bigger than any of them. MVP came out and threatened to fire them. Ray challenged the three of them plus EC3 to a first blood eight-man tag match. MVP started to say no, but King grabbed the mic and agreed to the match. MVP yelled at him and sent him to the back while Ray laughed… Anderson did more of his stupid shit backstage…

[Q6] James Storm babyface music played as Christie Hemme introduced him. It was Anderson in his stupid getup. He came to the ring cutting a promo about liking beer. He told Hemme, "Sorry about my damn breath." James Storm heel music hit and he came to the stage. Storm asked Anderson if he thought this was funny. Anderson belched in the mic.

Storm talked about Anderson drinking near-beer like he broke some sort of sacred code. He said he was there to go another round, and he didn't mean in a bar. Anderson asked if he wanted to go right now. Strom said he was closed for business for the night. Anderson said his bar was open 24/7 and he served 101 different types of ass whipping. He said, "One hundred two," and attacked Storm.

Storm slammed Anderson's head off the stairs and then choked him with the ring apron. Storm stood over him and asked, "You wanna be a cowboy?" He told Anderson to bring his cowboy boots to Slammiversary. He said something else but I couldn't make it out…

Sam Shaw was back at the table in the nut house and Gunner walked in with a sketch book. Shaw asked if that was his and Gunner said yes. Shaw asked if he looked at it and Gunner said no and asked for permission to look at them. Shaw was quiet and then said, "OK."…[C]

Gunner held up several odd drawings and asked Shaw about them. He held up a half-finished pencil drawing of Gunner. Shaw took it and said he wasn't finished yet. Gunner asked him to finish it for him. Shaw agreed…

[Q7] 4. Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Madison chased Love around before catching her and taking control. Velvet distracted the ref and Love attacked from behind. Velvet stood over Madison. Brittany came down and checked on Madison. Madison yelled for her to go away. Madison started her comeback on Love, so Velvet jumped on the apron right in front of Brittany and sprayed her in the face with the hair spray. Brittany shrugged her shoulders. Love rolled up Madison for the win…

Angelina Love retained the TNA Knockouts Championship at 3:54.

Backstage, MVP told EC3 he better hold up his end. EC3 reminded them he was undefeated. MVP mocked him and let him go first…

Madison chased down Brittany backstage and asked her why she just stood there. Brittany said she was doing what Madison told her to do, nothing. She left and Madison was upset… EC3 and MVP's crew came out in different entrances. The babyfaces were all together under EY's music…

[Q8] 5. Ethan Carter III, MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley vs. Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and Eric Young in a first blood match. The firs two minutes were in the last quarter. It looked like it was Aries to Lashley to start, but Lashley tagged out. There was a discussion on the heel side and King stepped up. Aries slapped him and hooked the last chancery. EC3 broke it up and the announcers were confused about whether the submission move mattered in this type of match.

EC3 tagged in but ran when Ray tagged in. Ray called out MVP and MVP met him face-to-face in the ring. They had an even battle at first, but MVP dragged Ray to his own corner and tagged King. Ray hit a backdrop and tagged Joe. Lashley tagged in for the monster vs. monster segment, but they went to commercial…[C]

EY tagged in and ended up losing control to MVP. The heels beat him down in the corner with quick tags. EY started his comeback and the match broke down with everyone hitting their big moves. EC3 hit a spinebuster on Ray and setup for a Stinger splash. EC3 hit the buckle face first. Ray grabbed the chain and hit EC3. EC3 bled from the forehead in a weird edit…

Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and Eric Young won at 14:42.

Tenay put over the win and then sent the cameras backstage for breaking news. MVP and company were beating up EC3. Dixie ran up and demanded they stop. She got in MVP's face as EC3 escaped. Dixie said MVP crossed the line between business and personal. She said he started a war. MVP said, "Historically, the seizing of power has always involved blood shed," Dixie told him to get ready to bleed…

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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