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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/26/14
Jun 27, 2014 - 1:40:32 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] A video recapped Eric Young's last night as champion and the return of Bobby Roode. MVP and crew arrived in suits to the arena and said it was their night… The Beautiful People made their ring entrance. Mike Tenay and Taz were on commentary. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell were out next…

1. The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Kim and Velvet started. Taryn tagged in quickly and hit a swinging neckbreaker that popped the crowd. The Beautiful People cheated to gain control. Velvet hit a flying neckbreaker for two. Wow. Well done. Kim got the hot tag and the match broke down. Terrell hit a double crossbody from the top rope on both heels. Kim hit Eat Defeat on Angelina for the win…

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell defeated The Beautiful People at 6:43.

Backstage, MVP and company walked around with MVP putting Lashley over…[C]

[Q2] A video hyped Bound for Glory in Japan… Dixie Carter was shown backstage and she said she had confirmation it was going to be a good night for her… MVP and Kenny King made their entrance, each with a woman on their arm. The ring was setup with a table and champagne on it. The women stood in the ring while MVP introduced Lashley. Lashley made his entrance with a woman on his arm as well.

MVP said he was officially in control now that Lashley was champion. He said it didn't happen as quickly as he had promised, but it still happened. He said it was time to put some people in their place. MVP said after he was done with Eric Young tonight EY would be asking for his release.

EY made his entrance with his arm in a sling and said he wanted an extension. He said he knew politics would take him down but he didn’t know it would happen this quickly. He said you can’t fight city hall, but he wasn't looking to fight it, he was looking to destroy it. He pulled the sling off and ran to the ring. All three men beat him down until Bobby Roode ran out and made the save…[C]

Bobby Roode cut a promo and said he knew EY for 20 years and they had their ups and downs. He said they shared a common bond in TNA. They signed their first contracts on the same day and they loved the sport of professional wrestling. He said they had the love and the passion to wrestle and MVP took that away from him with his suspension.

[Q3] Roode said EY wrestled with honor and respect. He said MVP's games were over and it was time to get the company back. He said he was doing it for all the boys and all the fans and all the people who bust their ass for professional wrestling. He said if MVP wanted to extend his suspension or fire him then that was fine, but at least MVP could be a man and do it to his face.

MVP said he wanted to come to the ring and talk and asked Roode if he could be civil. He got in the ring and said Roode still hadn't learned that for every action there is an equal reaction. He started to fire Roode, but some guy came out and said he represented the TNA Board of Directors. He said MVP was no longer the Director of Wrestling Operations. He said MVP's replacement would be here later. Roode asked if that meant MVP couldn't fire me and the guy said yes. Roode attacked MVP, who quickly rolled to the floor…

Backstage, Knux was on the phone telling someone he would send the money ASAP. He hung up and said "he" was threatening to take the family business and they needed cash, which meant a championship. He talked up Crazy Steve (who's crazy, by the way) and said he would face Sanada for the title. DJ Z walked up and said Sanada was going to accept his challenge. Manik walked up and said the same…[C]

A video recapped MVP's fall from grace… Backstage, Dixie told Spud to get her a good bottle of Champaign for when they give her control of the company back… Sanada made his ring entrance. All three potential opponents were in the ring. He asked each of them if they wanted a title shot and they each said yes. Sanada said they all got a title shot…

[Q4] 2. Sanada vs. Crazy Steve vs. Manik vs. DJ Z for the X Division Championship. The match was mayhem from the start. Manik hit a dive on all three men on the floor, and then was the big winner in the tower of doom with DJ Z and Crazy Steve. Sanada snuck in and hit a double back hook suplex with bridge for the win…

Sanada retained the X Division Championships at 4:24.

Spud came and collected Dixie for her big moment…[C]

MVP was talking to Lashley backstage and I had satellite problems. When I could see again, Dixie and Spud were making their entrance. Dixie cut a promo to serious heat, but it sure did feel like go away heat. She said she lost control of the company because she trusted the wrong people. She said once she was back in control she would be an even better leader for the people as she would give them what they wanted, more her. She invited the Board rep to the ring and he made his entrance while Spud poured the bubbly.

The Board rep said he was in an awkward situation because he said he was going to announce the new director of operations. Dixie told him to go ahead and announce her as that person. He said that was what was awkward, she wasn't it. He said the new director would be their later and requested that he not veal his identity.

[Q5] Dixie went insane and threw her Champaign in the guy's face. She screamed that she owned the ring and the people and everything. Bully Ray's music hit and he came to the ring. He said he was going to kick Spud in the face, drink her Champaign, and she could guess what was next. The crowd went nuts for tables.

Dixie offered him $200,000 not to do it. He sold that as a lot of money and asked if he should take the money or put her through a table. Dixie screamed for him not to do it. EC3 ran out but was immediately dumped. Spud ate a quick boot to the face. The crowd popped huge.

Dixie walked over and tried to slap Bully. At least I think that's what it was. It was more like she waved her arm at him, but whatevs. Bully lifted her on his shoulder and played to the crowd, which came unglued. She grabbed the ropes and Spud ran in. he dumped the table and escaped with Dixie and EC3 before Bully could do anything…[C]

Dixie and Spud fled backstage… James Storm made his entrance as a video recapped his altercation at Slammiversary. Mr. Anderson was out next. They battled around the ring before finally getting in the ring to start the match…

[Q6] 3. James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson. Anderson started with a flurry of offense but appeared to be hurt when he hit the Finlay roll. Storm hit Closing time and backstabber for two. He setup for Last Call, but Anderson ducked and went for the mic check. Storm grabbed the ropes and Anderson fell. He followed with the kick for the win…

James Storm defeated Mr. Anderson at 2:39.

A limo was shown arriving to the building…[C]

Damnit. We went back to the loony bin and Gunner told Sam Shaw that the doctors were releasing him to Gunner's care and supervision. Shaw said, "OK" and shook Gunner's hand…

Backstage, Storm walked up on Sanada and asked him about Plan C and told him not to choke. Sanada bucked up and Storm yelled at him that he knew more about Sanada than Sanada realized He told him not to choke again and walked off…

EC3 yelled into his cellphone for Dixie to come back and get him. Tommy Dreamer flew in and beat the hell out of Carter backstage. The fight spilled into the arena proper and EC3 fought back. He slammed Dreamer into the stairs and slammed him into the post. They rolled into the ring and Dreamer hit a clothesline. He bit EC3 and that's when the refs and agents ran out. A "Let them fight" chant broke out…

[Q7] Willow and Abyss cut a crazy promo backstage about loving the Monster's Ball match. Abyss showed off tacks and Willow asked if "she" would be attending the ball. Abyss said she was always near… MVP and company went out the back door to find the limo with his replacement…[C]

Backstage, MVP and company pulled the driver out of the limo. They asked him where his client was and the driver said he wasn't at liberty to say. King and Lashley beat him up and continued their hunt…

4. Bram and Magnus vs. Willow and Abyss in a Monster's Ball match. Willow and Abyss attacked on the ramp to start the match. Abyss and Bram paired off, as did Willow and Magnus. Not a last name among this group, huh? Willow and Abyss threw all the weapons in the ring, which allowed Bram and Magnus to use them on the team. Dumb psychology. Willow came storming back and hit the mule kick on Bram in the corner with the trashcan that busted Bram open.

Magnus fought back and took out Willow. Abyss pulled out Janice and stuck it in the turnbuckle pad. The crowd kind of died at this point. Bram handcuffed Abyss to the guardrail as Magnus beat the hell out of Willow with a chair. They went to use Janice on Willow and Abyss broke free of the cuffs. That allowed Willow to recover and hit a Twist of Fate on both Bram and Magnus.

[Q8] Willow went to the top rope. Magnus threw a chair at him and Willow fell on the barbed wire board that Abyss has setup from the apron to the guardrail earlier. Magnus dumped the tacks in the ring and Magnus took the chokeslam on them. Magnus rolled to the floor and Abyss watched. That allowed Bram to hit Abyss in the gut with Janice and cover for the win…

Bram and Magnus defeated Willow and Abyss at 9"03.

A person in a suit was shown walking backstage…[C]

The Board rep came out and announced Kurt Angle as the new Director of Operations. Angle came out to a good pop. Angle said it was about time the company got its head out of its ass. He said the company had made a lot of mistakes in the past.

Angle said he had done a lot in the business and now he could give back to the fans. He said if anybody in the back wanted to challenge him, they needed to understand it was about to be damn real.

MVP and crew came to the ramp. MVP asked if he was really his replacement. Angle said he was MVP's boss. MVP said that didn't make any sense. Which is true. Anyway, the three men got in the ring and MVP asked Kurt to look inside himself and ask if he had beaten his demons because there were three demons about to wreck him. MVP asked if Angle thought he was going to tell Kenny King and Bobby Lashley what to do. He said they had power and they were going to use it to end Angle's reign.

Angle waited way too long and then said if any of them laid a finger on him he would fire them all. He said it like Ric Flair would have. He said Lashley would defend the title next week against EY. EY came to the stage. Angle said he also reinstated Roode, who joined EY. Roode had a new babyface-ish twist to his music. They talked for a second and then charged the ring and beat down Lashley and King to end the show…

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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