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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/12/14
Jun 13, 2014 - 3:27:58 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] An MVP voice over started the show and focused on his statement that in order to take power, blood must be spilled. It showed various clips of the new faction's domination, while MVP's various one liners played in the background. Eric Young made his entrance into the arena to officially start the show, while Tenay and Taz checked in on commentary. Young said that Sunday was the biggest challenge of his career, and one of the biggest event in TNA history. He started to mention Dixie Carter, when MVP interrupted.

MVP started and said that Dixie Carter is not relevant to Sunday, and that he had his undivided attention. Eric Young said even if Dixie was out of the picture, Big Mouth and Muscles wouldn't say out of it. MVP said he's still half man and half amazing, so he could deal with him all on his own. EY then said that if MVP was so confident, he should make it a fair fight on Sunday. MVP said that King had emotional outbreaks and was hard to control, and Lashley didn't take orders from anybody.

EY said that he wasn't talking to him wrestler to wrestler, he was talking man to man. He told MVP that the fans deserve a fair fight on Sunday, and he was willing to do anything to make it happen. MVP said he's willing to let EY choose the stipulation for Sunday, but he had to beat three of them in one night. King couldn't keep his mouth shut and said he couldn't beat two of them. EY asked if it was two or three? King opened his mouth again and said two. Young said he's not sure he can beat them, but he's sure going to try. He's not sure if he should be TNA Champion, but he is, and he doesn't think MVP is man enough to take it from him.

MVP said fine, he's got his wish, and he will introduce him to his first challenge of the night, Bobby Lashley, who headed towards the ring...[c]

[Q2] 1. Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young: The match was joined in progress. Lashley worked power early on until EY used his quickness to avoid an elbow drop. The announce team focused on Dixie Carter's worked tweet from earlier in the day, which talked about meeeting with the board of directors. Lashley got a hold of EY again, and tossed him clear out of the ring. EY did a lot of selling on the outside as Lashley bounced him off of the ring apron and steps.

Lashley continued to work power and applied a torture rack. Young escaped only to get hit with a clothesline immediately. Lashley cotinued to work over Young's back, and eventually hit the dominator for the win. Young got in a few hope spots down the stretch, but really never got any offense going.

Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young at roughly 5:09.

After the bell, Lashley took a few cheap shots, and Samoa Joe ran down to make the save and stared down Lashley going up the ramp. Backstage, Willow said he is bruised and broken, but he was shown how to embrace the pain. He said he would take the attack to Bram and Magnus, and tonight his patience was on vacation.

Backstage, EY was getting tended to by a trainer, He said he felt something pop in his back. The trainer said he shouldn't be going back out there. In a separate area, Samoa Joe said what happened out there was indicative of a bigger problem, and that was MVP. He said Lashley is a speciment, but he's also his next victim. Joe then looked into the camera and said MVP is next. Next-er?

Bram and Magnus walked out, and Bram proudly introduced the old Magnus, the most brutal man he ever knew. Magnus said that he's tired of being who "they" wanted him to be. He's not a suit wearing joke, and looking back at the last six months turns his guts inside out. He's now going to be who he wants to be, and along with Bram no one can stop them. Bram said that Willow now knows who the mac daddy is, and kept referring to him as Jeff. He said Jeff needs an alter ego get an edge, but now he knows what fear is.

[Q3] Willow walked out and said that behind the mask he is not responsible for his actions, and he is a product of Jeff Hardy's imagination. He goes where Jeff Hardy cannot go. He started a Willow chant, and said that at Slammiversary "we" will take you down. Bram asked him who he was talking about, and said that he and his alter ego are the same person. Magnus then said that he's got his own insurance policy, and they were both real and both very dangerous. Willow told a knock knock joke, and the punchline was that Abyss would be in his corner.

All four men brawled around the ring briefly. Eventually the babyfaces cleared the heels from the ringside area. EC3 was shown backstage with a bandage on his head. He said nobody makes a Carter bleed, and that Bully Ray would pay for it. He wouldn't wait until Sunday to confront him, and said he would expose him as a heathen. He asked if he knew who he was. He's a Carter, and the world needs us...[c]

Video was shown of BroMans and the Menagerie from last week. BroMans were already in the ring when The Menagerie made their entrance. Robbie E would be facing Knux.

[Q4] 2. Knux vs. Robbie E: Per usual, the carnival music kept playing while Knux and Robbie E traded blows. Rebel flirted with Jessie at ringside, but The Freak eventually scared him off. Robbie continued to act scared of Crazy Steve, but was able to take control of the match for a bit. Steve distracted him again a moment later, at which point Knux took control with a back body drop and an avalanche in the corner. The Freak did some three stooges stuff with DJZ and Jessie on the outside, as Knux hit a sit out powerbomb for the win.

Knux defeated Robbie E at 2:30.

After the match, Crazy Steve stuffed a weight that was holding a bunch of balloons down the back of Robbie's pants. He freaked out when he came to and ran to the back, apparently afraid of balloons. Backstage, EC3 asked Spud if he has everything prepared for his big expose for next. He then asked her about a special guest, and Brooke Tessmacher walked up...[c]

Footage was shown of MVP and Dixie's blood spilling argument from last week. EC3 made his entrance with Spud, and their were three chairs in the ring. EC3 said he gathered everyone to tell them the truth about Bully's checkered past. He then introduced Brooke, who came to the ring. EC3 then reassured her and told her she was in a realm of trust, and that they were allowed to be honest. He then asked Brooke if she had a relationship with Bully Ray, and she said yes. He asked her if it was still going on, and she said no.

EC3 asked a bunch of leading questions about Bully Ray sleeping with other women, and she said no incredulously. He then asked if he ever threatened to put her through a table, and she said no, and that this is ridiculous. Spud stood up and asked for a spotlight. He told Brooke that she doesn't have to lie to cover for him anymore, and that he has the proof. He held up an envelope, and said the DNA never lies. He struggled to open it, and dramatically announced that Bully Ray was the father.

[Q5] Spud continued to shout over Brooke as she tried to explain that she didn't have a baby. He called her a hussy and a liar. She stood up and got in Spud's face, and then EC3 grabbed a mic and said that he would do what Bully didn't and teach her some respect. Bully Ray then ran out and asked Ethan how his head was. He said he had a table for him, and he would be going through it one day. Ray turned to Brooke and said she was an awesome girlfriend, and told her he hoped she had an awesome life and gave her a hug.

EC3 said his pandering sickened him, and that their issue needed to come to a head. The crowd chanted for Tables, and EC3 said there was a time and place for tables. He then challenged Bully to a tables match at Slammiversary, and said he would only put Dixie through a table over his dead body. Bully responded and said that because he said over his dead body, and challenged him to a Texas Death Match. The crowd chanted "over your dead body", and EC3 accepted the challenge.

Tenay and Taz plugged Brittany vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison, and Kenny King vs. EY for next...[c]

EY limped to the ring for his second match of the night. Kenny King made his entrance next.

[Q6] 3. Eric Young vs. Kenny King: King mocked EY's back injury and laughed at him. They worked some back and forth to start the match, but EY hurt himself when he hit a body slam. King then focused on the back with holds and strikes. EY hit a top rope cross body to break out of his funk, but couldn't capitalize because of his back. After some more back and forth, EY hit a pile driver to get the win.

Eric Young defeated Kenny King at 6:07.

Backstage, Madison Rayne was asked about the drama with the beautiful people and Gail Kim. She said the knockouts title is all she cared about...[c]

The trainer spoke to EY backstage again, and told him to take his back injury seriously. He told him he made a promise, and he was going to keep it, and the trainer just backed off. Totally realistic medical situation. EY then did an interview with JB, and said that only MVP was left, and he was going to give it everything he had in the main event. In the arena, Brittany, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne made their entrances.

[Q7] 4. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Brittany for a Knockouts Title shot: Early in the match, Brittany and Madison worked together to take out Gail. They hit her with a few double clotheslines, but got into an argument, which allowed Gail to knock them both out of the ring. The Beautiful people made their entrance an interrupted the match...[c]

The Beautiful People joined at the announce table as Madison Rayne hit a head scissors on Gail Kim in the ring. Madison went for a roll up, but Gail escaped quickly. Brittany re-entered and broke up a second pinfall attempt. Both Brittany and Madison hit a double superplex on Gail, and all three women took time to recover. Brittany freaked out on Madison late in the match until Gail Kim applied a figure four around the ring post.

The Beautiful People interfered and took out Madison and Gail. After Gail recovered, Velvet tried to hit her with the hair spray, but she ducked and it hit Brittany. Gail hit Eat Defeat and covered for the win.

Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany at 10:07.

Backstage, MVP was seen speaking to a referee. He was then interviewed, and said he told him to call it right down the middle...[c]

[Q8] Tenay and Taz ran down the Slammiversary line up and said it was time for the main event. MVP made his ring entrance, followed by Eric Young.

5. Eric Young vs. MVP: King and Lashley attacked Eric Young before the bell rang. They tossed him in the ring and the bell rang...[c]

MVP dominated during the break, and continued to work the back with knees and holds. He then hit a back suplex and covered for a two count. MVP then applied a Camel Clutch for a bit, but EY broke his leverage, and MVP gave up on it. Eric Young continued to do almost all the selling throughout the middle of the match. He got in a few hope spots, but never got any momentum. MVP hit a nice looking powerbomb, but still couldn't put Young away. He then hit a buckle bomb, and followed up with a Mafia Kick that didn't come close to making contact, but Young sold it anyways. MVP covered for another near fall. Young sold his back, as MVP set up a steel chair to sit in. Eventually, MVP just plastered him across the back with it.

Eric Young defeated MVP by DQ at 9:48.

After the match, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley walked down to the ring. MVP grabbed a microphone and said that he didn't care what stipulation Young chose, because he was taking the TNA World Championship on Sunday. MVP posed with the championship belt, and the placed it on the ground in front of Young. EY recovered and said that it doesn't look like it, but he won. He then said he wanted MVP on Sunday in a Steel Cage.

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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