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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/29/14
May 30, 2014 - 1:29:22 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] A video package aired that showed the recent power trip by MVP, and the formation and his crew. It focused on how they are the dominant force in TNA, and questioned who could stop them. Bully Ray walked on stage and said that he would keep fighting as long as he had air in his lungs. He said he was more motivate now than at any time in his career, and then corrected himself to say he was obsessed. Bully claimed he was obsessed with six people, and promised that every last one of them would go through a table. Six tables were conveniently lined up on stage, covered with plastic.

Each table was painted with a name. MVP, Lashley, Kenny King, EC3, Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter were then uncovered one by one. Ray played to the crowd as he said each name, and then walked to the ring. Once he got to the ring, he said it was time to get a little crazy. He demanded that someone come down to the ring and fight him. He didn't care who or how many of them came out, and said that they would all go through tables no matter how long it took.

MVP came out in his ring gear. He told Bully he doesn't respond well to threats, and told him to reconsider his position. He claimed nobody would go through a table tonight, as much as Bully and his fans wanted it to happen. MVP then said he would fight him, but he had friends, and it ain't no fun if the boys can't have none. Lashley and King walked down the ramp, and EC3 and Spud attacked Bully from behind. All of them assaulted Bully, and eventually EC3 grabbed the table that had Spuds name on it and brought it to the ring.

After they set up the table, The Wolves, Austin Aries and Eric Young ran down to make the save. The heels cleared the ring rather than fight, aside from Spud, who cowered under the table in the ring. Aries grabbed the mic and said that the numbers game wouldn't come into play tonight, and challenged them to a match next. Bully grabbed the mic and said MVP had no balls if he refused the match, and then did a top rope powerbomb on Spud through his table to remind MVP of what was coming to him...[c]

[Q2] 1. MVP, Lashley and King vs. Austin Aries and The Wolves: The match began as a brawl at ringside between all six men. MVP focused on the hurt ribs of Davey Richards. In the ring, Lashley and Aries battled, with Aries doing the selling in the early going. The Wolves and MVP and King continued to clash at ringside. Aries low bridged Lasley and dumped him to ringside. Edwards did the same thing to King, and that left all the babyfaces in the ring with MVP. MVP quickly got dumped to the outside as well, and then the faces all dove on the heels at ringside, and celebrated with their fans...[c]

Aries hit a springboard elbow on King and covered for a two count. This match now actually resembles a six man tag with people on the apron. MVP kicked Richards in the ribs as he hit the ropes, and then Lashley pulled him to the outside and threw him into the steps. King hit a huge kick to Edwards, and then dragged him to his corner to tag in MVP. In a nice heel moment, MVP tried to pin Edwards with one finger, but only got a two count. Lashley then tagged in as the heels quickly cycled in and out to isolate Edwards. This served as a bulk of the selling mid match.

Edwards landed on his feet out of a release German Suplex, and got the tag out to Aries. He fired up on King, but Lashley interfered to prevent momentum. MVP tagged in, but immediately got clocked by a discus forearm. He did the same to King, and then hit a brainbuster. He tagged out to Davey, who hit a double stomp from the top. The fun didn't last long, as he ate another spear from Lashley, and MVP hit a Mafia Kick for the win.

MVP and Crew defeated Aries and The Wolves at 13:18.

[Q3] Backstage, Bram said he was done talking, because it isn't working. He told Magnus he had a match, and told him he would be out there with him. Bram said he would feel and see the violence, because he wanted the old Magnus back...[c]

Backstage, EC3 complained to Dixie about what had happened in the opening segment. Dixie shared his frustration and said she had business with MVP tonight. They walked out of frame and continued their conversation. Tigre Uno made his ring entrance, and Bram followed.

2. Bram vs. Tigre Uno: Tigre Uno hit a single leg drop kick to start the offense, but Bram reversed a head scissors attempt into a powerbomb and took over. Uno got in a couple of hope spots, but Bram shut him down immediately each time. He hit an Impaler DDT and covered for the win.

Bram defeated Tigre Uno at 2:07.

After the match, Bram grabbed a steel rod from under the ring to assault Uno. Magnus grabbed a microphone, and stopped the attack from happening. They argued back and forth about the old Magnus, and Magnus said he wanted to see Bram take on a more game opponent. He challenged him to take on Willow. Backstage, Gunner walked up to Anderson. Anderson told him he was crazy for trying to help Sam Shaw. Anderson asked whether Gunner had his back tonight, and he said he did...[c]

[Q4] Backstage Brittany walked up to Madison backstage. She asked Madison to be her partner later for a tag match with the Beautiful People, and in return Madison told her not to have the match at all. She told her they would find a way to embarrass her, and it took her years to find a way to deal with people like them. She said fine...

In the ring, The BroMans danced around while Gunner paced at ringside. Anderson then made his ring entrance. DJZ distracted Anderson and Gunner at the start so the BroMans could go on the attack.

3. The BroMans vs. Gunner and Anderson: Tenay spoke about Gunner offering help to Shaw because he encountered people with mental trauma during his military service. The BroMans isolated Gunner early in the match and made several quick tags. Jessie took a few shots at Anderson at ringside, and he argue with the ref, which allowed a double team. Gunner finally made a tag, who went on the offensive attack. Gunner hit a blind tag as Anderson hit the ropes. Anderson hit a Mic Check on Robbie, and Gunner hit a top rope headbutt for the win.

Gunner and Anderson defeated The BroMans at 2:31.

The Menagerie made their entrance as The BroMans recovered in the ring. The circled BroMans after their elaborate entrance. Eventually, the Freak pancaked DJZ. Backstage, Dixie Carter and EC3 made their way to the ring...[c]

[Q5] Backstage, Brittany walked up to Gail Kim and told her she can't get over how badly she was embarrassed last week. She asked her to be her partner later, and she agreed because it was with the Beautiful People. Brittany then gave her an uncomfortable hug. In the arena, Dixie and EC3 made their way to the ring.

Dixie told MVP that they started a conversation last week, and asked that he come out so they could finish it tonight. MVP made his way out with Lashley and King. MVP asked Dixie to what he owed the displeasure in a condescending tone. MVP said he thought she said all she wanted to last week. She said that she left off last week with MVP needing her. MVP said he already has money, power and respect, and said he would win the TNA Championship at Slammiversary.

Dixie said she could go home to Nashville, or she could go to Dallas and meet the TNA Board of Directors to talk to them about his abuses of power. MVP said he access to a lot more money than she knows. She claimed his money was dirty. He said whether the money is dirty or inherited, it's still money, and money is power. Eric Young and Bully Ray interrupted, and said that despite how they looked, they enjoy the finer things in life. The finest thing he can do is put them all through a table.

MVP said EY has a lot of heart, admittedly, and that's why he made him his patsy. He then said he would take his title at Slammiversary. EY went on the attack, but Bully stopped him and said there was a time and place for everything. MVP said that was correct, and said that you can only bully people that are afraid of you, and he isn't afraid. He said he's just another New Yorker with a big mouth. Ray ran into the ring, but EY stopped him.

MVP said since they both wanted to fight so bad, then he would make them fight each other. Just to make sure they actually wrestle, whe would make EC3 the special referee. Bully refused, and MVP threatened to fire him. Bully told him to go ahead, because he wouldn't fight his friend on MVP's whim. Dixie Carter piped up and asked Bully whether he would quit on his fans. She said she has overpaid him since day one, but she didn't think New Yorkers quit.

Bully said that he would never quit until he gives wrestling fans what they want, and that's to see everybody standing in a ring put through a table. EY and Bully Ray backed up the ramp to end the segment. Backstage, The Beautiful People said that nobody is in their league, and told cheerleader Brittany to chill out...[c]

[Q6] A video package was shown of Kurt Angle that recapped his knee injury, and showed a video of him at home as he recovered. In the arena, The Beautiful People made their entrance, followed by Brittany and Gail Kim.

4. Brittany and Gail Kim vs. The Beautiful People: Brittany got the early advantage, but was so enamored with her attempt to impress Gail Kim that Angelina recovered and made a tag. Velvet tagged in and hit a seated drop kick and got a near fall. Gail Kim wanted to tag in, but Brittany begged off and told her she had it under control. The Beautiful people regained control and choked Brittany on the second rope as Gail argued with the ref.

Brittany fired back with a side russian leg sweep, and finally made the tag. Gail knocked Angelina off the apron, and hit a springboard splash on Velvet for a two count. Brittany made a tag when Gail didn't want one, and got hit with a Botox Injection from Angelina while the ref was distracted, and Velvet got the pin.

The Beautiful People defeated Gail and Brittany at 5:31.

Taz and Tenay plugged the main event. Backstage, EY approached Bully backstage. They both wished each other luck...[c]

[Q7] Brittany was still in the ring, and demanded that Madison come out. She did, and then Brittany asked her why she rejected her and refused to be her partner. Madison said that her issues with the BP go back years, and she doesn't want to be responsible for dragging Brittany into their conflict that goes back year. Brittany told Madison that she will take full responsibility, and that she just wants to be with her. Madison told her she is taking this too far, and asked her to keep her distance.

Brittany freaked out and asked her why she wouldn't accept her. The Beautiful People walked out and mocked Madison for breaking a young girl's heart. They said that's the true Madison, and only they know her, because they made her that way. Madison said they should stop worrying about Brittany, and worry about the Knockouts Title, because it was coming home to her next week. Backstage, EC3 suited up as a referee. MVP and his crew walked up and EC3 told them he didn't want a problem. King said they were going to be his best friend later, and they would be closer than he knows...[c]

Kenny King entered and announced himself as the special guest ring announcer. He announced Bully Ray as being 742 lbs from Hell's Toilet, New York. He got less clever as he went along announcing EC3 and EY. He then announced Bobby Lashley as the special guest enforcer, and MVP as the special guest Timekeeper.

[Q8] 5. Bully Ray vs. EY: The match began about a minute and a half after the bell rang, due to the paranoia of both EY and Bully Ray. They traded offense early, and EY hit a dropkick that sent Bully Ray to the outside. Kenny King sucker punched Bully on the floor and knocked him down. EY helped him to his feet and both men re-entered the ring...[c]

MVP held the belt up at ringside to taunt EY. Ray hit a shoulder block to drop the champ, and EY rolled to ringside. This time MVP too a cheap shot, and Ray got in his face. EY and Ray both got back in the ring again. EY flipped out of a back suplex and hit a dropkick. After an Irish Whip, EY did a Flair flip out of the corner onto the apron. Ray slingshotted him back into the ring over the ropes, and then started throwing punches. EC3 stopped him from hitting an elbow, and then all hell broke loose.

MVP and his Crew entered the ring and beat down EY and Ray. After a bit, Samoa Joe ran down and made the save. He knocked MVP and Lashley out to the floor, and hit a musclebuster on Kenny King.

The match ended in a no contest at 11:24.

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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