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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/15/14
May 16, 2014 - 1:27:29 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] Backstage, EY paced and waited for MVP. The camera man asked him what he was going to do when he got there. MVP said he would talk to him, just like what happened last week. A towncar limo pulled up and Young attacked MVP for half a second before security pulled him away. MVP got out of the car and smirked. He told MVP that a guy couuld get hurt acting that way. A video package was then shown that dramatized the MVP turn from last week. Tenay and Taz checked in at the announce tables as the cameras focused on the arena. Eric Young entered to a mild reaction, and looked pissed off.

He said that last friday he woke up and thought maybe this was all a dream. He then said it was a nightmare, and that someone he trusted turned his back on him. Young claimed everyone in the back had placed their career in his hands, and hoped to make TNA a better place, because anything was better than Dixie Carter. One guy chanted for MVP. One guy. Young said he made a promise that he would be fighting champion, and his next promise was that something like this would not happen on his watch.

Young then said that if MVP wanted the TNA Title, he would have to take it from him. He said he was crazy, and not right, and he wasn't waiting for Slammiversarry. He insulted MVP and demanded he coming out to the ring. MVP appeared on the tron and told him that he wasn't about all that jowboxing. MVP then said that he should be grateful for giving him the opportunity in the gauntlet match. He then said that Young winning the TNA Championship made him happy, because it sped up his plan that would be revealed in due time. He told Young that he needed to gain real power, and would take what he wanted, and he wanted the TNA Championship. He said Money, Power, and Respect are the keys to life, and said he needed the Championship to get respect. MVP then said he would allow Young to hold onto his title for a few more weeks, where he would take it at Slammiversarry.

Young then reiterated that he said he would defend his title every week, and tonight he would fight him. MVP said that if he wanted a fight, he would have to get through his security. MVP then said even if he did, he didn't like his odds. They then cut to a video package of Dixie Carter pulling up to his house, and she noticed a table with her name on it in her front lawn. Taz and Tenay hyped James Storm vs. Anderson, and Willow vs. Magnus and Bram for next. They then showed a video package that recapped the history between Magnus and Bram. After the video, they played a pre-tape video from Willow where he challenged Magnus and Bram. He told them to approach him now and await their fate...

[Q2] Willow was shown on camera at a stairway adjacent to the ramp. Magnus approached him, and they brawled a bit. Bram then attacked from the ramp, and they brawled down to the ring. They began the match as they all spilled into the ring. Bram stood on the ring to beginn the match.

1. Willow vs. Bram and Magnus: Magnus and Bram dominated early on, and made a few quick tags. Magnus hit a Death Valley Driver and a nice vertical suplex early on. Willow built some momentum with a Wisp from the tope rope and a leg drop on Bram. Willow knocked Magnus off the apron and stomped on Bram. He hit the ropes and Magnus tripped him up. Bram hit a suplex and tagged in Magnus. Bram grabbed a crowbar from ringside and tossed it into the ring. He demanded Magnus use it. Magnus jawed with him over it, and kicked it out of the ring. Willow then surprised him with a roll up for the win.

Willow defeated Bram and Magnus at 3:53.

After the match, Tenay stated the obvious that Bram and Magnus aren't on the same page. Backstage, Eric Young broke through MVP's security to get into his "office". MVP wasn't there, so Young destroyed his furniture.

At Dixie's house, Rockstar Spud was in a neck brace. Bully had tables scattered around her property that said Dixie fears Bully. Bully called her on the phone and it sounded like he was just off camera based on how loud it was. He told her he was in the house. Dixie demanded her security and Spud go into the house and document all the damage he did. In the arena, Gail Gim made her entrance and grabbed a microphone.

[Q3] Gail got some cheers and told the crowd she wasn't there for a makeover and wasn't going to put on an evening gown. She called herself the hardest working knockout on the roster, and demanded the Beautiful People come out there to fight. The crowd broke out into a brief chant for her, and the Beautiful People's music hit. Angelina told her that jealousy was a bad color on her, and so was her ugly red outfit. Angelina told her she was a good wrestler, but she wasn't the champ, and never would be. She told them that the Beautifl People were sexy and strong, and that they accepted her challenge. Velvet then attacked Gail from behind, and Angelina called for referee Bryan Stifler.

2. Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky: Velvet took advantage of the surprise attack early on, but Gail quickly got back in the match. She hit a nice dropkick and a clothesline in the corner, but Angelina low bridged Gail and she landed on the outside. Angelina tossed her back in the ring, and Velvet applied a chin lock. Gail hit a nice stunner to get out of the chin lock, but Velvet kept on her with a back breaker. They went back and forth for a bit, until Gail hit Eat Da Feet for the win.

Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky at 3:03.

Angelina hit Gail with a belt shot after the match. The Menagerie walked towards the ring backstage...[c]

Footage was shown of Kurt Angle's injury from last week. EC3 was shown commenting after the match last week. EC3 said he believed in EC3. He was the future, because he destroyed the past. He then claimed it was his future now. Kazarian was shown losing to Knux last week due to distractions from the Menagerie. He made his ring entrance, followed by the Menagerie and their complicated entrance. Knux barked orders at Crazy Steve before the match.

[Q4] 3. Crazy Steve vs. Kazarian: The Menagerie's music cotinued to play throughout the match. Kazarian threw Steve out to ringride early. Steve and The Freak did the schoolyard tripping routine on Kazarian, and then some more carnival nonsense. Crazy Steve decided to ignore the fact that he was in a match, and do a top rope splash on the balloons. The Freak and Rebel stood on the apron doing various nonsense, and Crazy Steve got disqualified for pulling down the refs pants.

Kazarian defeated Crazy Steve at 2:45.

After the match, Rebel did some cartwheels and the Menagerie posed for some reason. Backstage, Austin Aries knocked out one of MVP's security crew. The rest of them grabbed him, and MVP took a free shot and told his security to throw Aries out of the building. As security walked away, EY assaulted MVP from behind...[c]

MVP and EY brawled backstage. MVP stomped on EY's arm after wrapping it up in a chair. MVP then choked EY with his tie and dragged him out onto the stage. MVP talked trash and measures some punches. EY ducked a punch and turned the tides of the brawl. He tossed MVP onto the stage, where MVP fired back with some knees and threw Young down towards the ring. They continued to brawl until MVP took control by going after Young's left arm.

MVP tossed Young into the ring and demanded he get up and fight. Young speared MVP and landed some mounted punches. MVP reversed and threw some punches of his own. Security hit the ring and separated both men. EY eventually broke free and took some extra shots. Taz drew unnecessary attention to the tardiness of TNA Security on commentary. MVP finally did something that made sense and had security hold down EY while he took shots at him.

[Q5] MVP ordered security out of the ring and hit a flying armbar on EY. He then told EY he'd made his point and he'd get his title match tonight as he requested. Back at Dixie's house, Spud walked through her home and found more tables and eaten food. Spud heard Bully and hit behind a couch. He told the camera guy to draw Bully into the room so he could take care of it.

Bully asked the camera man what he was doing there, and the camera guy said "Dixie sent us". Bully asked him who us was, and then shushed the camera man. He grabbed Spud from behind the couch and told the camera guy they weren't going anywhere. Mr. Anderson made his entrance, followed by James Storm.

4. Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm: Anderson cleared Storm from the ring almost immediately, and then tossed him into the ring steps. Anderson took some shots to the ribs and threw Storm back into the ring. As he climbed on the apron, Storm knocked him back down to the floor and followed him. Storm slammed Anderson's hand and arm on the steps. Both men got in the ring, and they went back and forth for a bit. Anderson ducked a clothesline and hit a neck breaker. Storm hit a back elbow, and then a second rope back elbow. Anderson got a clothesline of his own, and lined up for the mic check.

Storm avoided it and rolled up Anderson using the ropes, but the ref saw it and stopped the count. More back and forth in the ring, until Storm hit a DDT and brabbed a beer from ringside. Storm went to hit Anderson with the bottle. Anderson avoided it and lined up Storm for the mic check. As the ref cleared the bottle from the ring, Storm spit beer in Anderson's eye and hit the last call super kick for the win.

James Storm defeated Anderson at 5:09.

After the match, they showed Anderson locking Sam Shaw in the van at Sacrifice. He was shown in a straight jacket, and was told by a silhouette that someone was there to see him. He asked if it was Christie numerous times...[c]

5. Tigre Uno vs. Sanada vs. DJZ: Sanada and Tigre Uno double teamed DJZ early on and he rolled to the outside. Tigre Uno hit an enziguri on Sanada, but missed a splash in the corner. Sanada hit a hurricanrana followed by a kick that sent Uno out of the ring. DJZ re-entered, but he got cradled around the ring by Sanada, who got a two count. DJZ fired back with kicks and a flying knee for a two count. He continued on offense and got another near fall after a collision in the corner.

DJZ tossed Tigre Uno into the turnbuckle, and he fell to the outside again. Sanada got back on offense and chopped back and forth with DJZ. Tigre Uno hit some flashy offense with a double drop kick and a twisting springboard plancha onto both men on the outside. DJZ dumped Tigre Uno off the top rope, and Sanada surprised DJZ with a bridging tiger suplex for the win.

Sanada defeated DJZ and Tigre Uno at 6:07.

Dixie got a call from Spud, who was actually Bully Ray. He told her Spud was a little tied up, and that it was a shame that she was all alone.

[Q7] For some inexplicable reason, Gunner played Sam Shaw a visit in the mental institution. He told him he was there because he thought he needed somebody to talk to. A video package was shown for Kurt Angle and EC3, and chronicled Angle's most recent injury. At Dixie's house, she walked through her house and talked on her phone, begging Bully to talk it out. She happened upon an incapacitated Spud, and Bully Ray closed a door and told Dixie this was all her fault. He told her that if she hadn't done what she did at Sacrifice, he wouldn't be as pissed as he is.

He asked her if she honestly thought he was afraid of him. She said no. He asked if she wanted all of it to go away, and she said yes. He told her that all he wanted was for her to say Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray. She started to say it, just as EC3 snuck up from behind and knocked out Bully Ray with one shot. Dixie Carter said she fears no one.

Footage was shown of Eric Young's and Bobby Roode's life over the past few weeks, including Bobby Roode's indefinite suspension.

[Q8] Eric Young made his ring entrance, followed by MVP.

6. Eric Young vs. MVP for the TNA World Championship: Young tried to jump MVP before the bell, but it didn't work out and MVP immediately targeted the arm. He sandwiched the arm between the steps and the post, and then kicked the steps. MVP then wrapped up the arm in the guardrail and wrenched on it...[c]

The bell rang after the commercial break to offically begin the match. MVP methodically took Young apart by focusing on the arm. He sent Young shoulder first into the post and then grounded him to wrench on the neck and arm. MVP missed a Mafia Kick in the corner, but EY hit a discus clothesline with his good arm. He then hit a flying forearm and signaled for the top rope elbow. Kenny King ran down as he got to the top rope and shoved him off.

King hit a Fireman's Carry into a Uranage. I think he calls it the Royal Flush. MVP demanded the ref restart the match, but King attacked the ref. MVP initially asked MVP what he was doing, but eventually joined in and continued the beat down on Young. Bobby Lashley made his way out to a mild reaction, and then turned on the crowd by spearing Young. They set up two chairs in the ring, and Lashley slammed Young onto both of them. MVP, Lashley, and King celebrated with the belt to close the show.

Eric Young defeated MVP by DQ at 6:03.

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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