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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/3/14
Apr 4, 2014 - 10:36:13 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net


A video hyped the four way match for the TNA Championship… The show opened with Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III in the ring. Bully Ray and Willow made their ring entrances separately…

1. Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray and Willow in a tables match. The babyfaces crushed the heels and set a table up in the ring. That allowed the heels to recover and attack. The heels tried to hit a double suplex on Ray to the table, but Willow moved the table.

Willow fought back and set EC3 on a table. Rockstar Spud rolled down to the ring in a wheel chair. Willow rolled from the ring and hit a dropkick on Spud. He scooped Spud up and took him backstage, leaving Bully alone. Ray tried to hit a powerbomb on EC3 through the table, but Roode attacked from behind and hit the spinebuster through the table for the win…

Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III defeated Bully Ray and Willow in a tables match at 7:13.

Post-match, Roode put Ray through another table with the Roode bomb. EC3 started to leave, but Roode called for another table. They set it up and laid Ray on it so Roode could hit a splash on him. Roode yelled at Ray, "Do you know who I am?"…

Kenny King was shown arriving backstage and asked some random guy what he was doing tonight. They guy said he had no match. King blew him off, then tipped him $20, before going to find MVP… Anderson was shown walking backstage with the straightjacket for next…[C]

[Q2][C] Magnus was shown arriving and IQG asked where Abyss was. Magnus told them not to worry... Backstage, MVP was hyping the show as Kenny King walked up and said he needed to speak with him. MVP said it might be a while so he would get with him later. King walked off but looked frustrated...

A video showed Anderson beating Sam Shaw and his mannequin. Why would you show that shit again? In the ring, Anderson did his entrance gimmick and called out "creepy bastard" Shaw so he could put him in a straight jacket so Shaw could keep his hands to himself. Shaw made his entrance and said he made art with his hands. He called Anderson ordinary and said it was the worst possible crime. Shaw climbed on the apron and said Christy Hemme loved him. Anderson attacked to start the match...

2. Mr. Anderson vs. Sam Shaw in a straightjacket match. The fight spilled to the floor and both guys battled there...[C] Back from commercial, Shaw got Anderson's arms in the straightjacket, but fought back and hit a slam while still in the jacket. Anderson put the jacket on Shaw, but Shaw kicked him in the nuts. The ref was distracted somehow but I don't understand why since this isn't a DQ tye match. Shaw hooked his choke and put the straightjacket on Anderson.

[Q3] Anderson fought back at one point, but Shaw choked him out again and locked the arms down for the win...

Sam Shaw defeated Mr. Anderson in a straightjacket match at 9:14.

Backstage, The Beautiful People cut a promo on their tag match. Velvet said Angelina showed her how Madison was trying to outshine them. They said they would give whoever Madison's partner was an ugly stick too...[C]

IQG asked Eric Young for his thought on the title match. EY said it started as him feeling guilt over bringing the monster back out in Abyss, but he had been there for 10 years and he deserved the title shot...

Tigre Uno and Sanada made their entrances. It was announced they were having a best of three matches for the X Division Championship. Before they could lock up, Kenny King's music hit and he came to the ring. He put himself over as being born to be in the X Division. MVP's music cut him off and he came to the ring.

MVP asked King if he was crazy. King said he wasn't crazy; he was the only star in the ring. MVP said he was going to make King see stars if he didn't get out of the ring. They went back and forth and King challenged MVP to an exhibition match. MVP refused at first, but when King bumped into him on purpose, MVP accepted for later...

[Q4][C] 3. Sanada vs. Tigre Uno in match one of a three match series for the X Division Championship. Both guys hit several high spots. Sanada won with a double under-hook suplex...

Sanada defeated Tigre Uno at 3:35. Sanada leads the series 1-0.

Backstage, Magnus was asked again about Abyss and he told everyone to watch next and he would explain it all...[C]

Brittany walked up to Madison and said she was her idol and asked to be her tag partner tonight. Madison blew her off at first but finally accepted... Magnus made his ring entrance.

[Q5] Magnus said everyone had been asking about Abyss. Magnus called him out and Abyss made his entrance in a suit and the mask. Abyss sold being uncomfortable, but Magnus put him over as looking good. Magnus said MVP and all the fans wanted to see them fight, but that wasn't going to happen because they were best friends.

Magnus mentioned Jim Mitchel and EY and said he wasn't like that. Magnus said it was hard for him to express himself sometimes because he was British but he was going to try. Magnus told Abyss he loved him and then hugged him. Magnus's music hit and they left the ring.

EY suddenly attacked Abyss from behind, but Abyss and Magnus rolled EY in the ring and put the boots to him. Joe ran out and made the save. The heels left, and EY told Joe if he needed his help he would ask for it...

Backstage, MVP was talking with the Wolves about their title match. Robbie E walked in with a trainer and apiece of paper. Robbie said there was no title match because Jesse was hurt. The trainer said he pulled a quad. Robbie said if Jesse got hurt in the ring it would be on MVP so MVP canceled the match...

A Knux video said he hadn't talked to his dad in some time because his dad didn't believe in his dream. He and his dad talked and Knux agreed to stay for a little while and help...

[Q6] The Beautiful People made their entrance. Madison and Brittany were out next and Brittany was a little too happy to be with Madison...

4. The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany. Briattany and Angelina started. Brittany got the better of both women until Angelina pulled her hair from the apron. Tenay and Taz cracked wise about the Beautiful People's outfits. Ugh. Madison got the hot tag and cleaned house for a minute, but the heels took control again. Brittany tagged herself in, but she took the Makeover and was pinned...[C]

The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany at 4:03.

Kenny King made his ring entrance. MVP was out next...

5. Kenny King vs. MVP in an exhibition match. King scored a couple of takedowns and played to the crowd. MVP took him down and hooked a submission lock. King asked to be let go and MVP did. The crowd chanted "You can't wrestle" at King and then after some chain wrestling chanted "You've still got it" at MVP.

[Q7] They chain wrestled some more and King backed to the corner. King hit a head-butt on MVP. He apologized, but hit MVP with a back elbow a moment later. MVP went after King and the ref stopped the match...

Kenny King and MVP fought to a no contest at 5:19.

Post-match, they brawled and the refs broke them up. MVP calmed down, but King took one final cheap shot on MVP before leaving the ring...

Backstage, Magnus talked up EC3 and said they were still friends and wanted to know if Carter had his back. Carter blew him off and wished him luck... IQG asked King about what happened and MVP ran in and attacked. They brawled out into the courtyard and the Wolves broke it up...[C]

[Q8] 6. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss for the TNA Championship. The first two minutes of the match were in the last quarter. The heels worked together to take out the babyfaces...[C]

Magnus worked over EY in the ring while Abyss beat up Joe on the floor. Magnus called Abyss into the ring and they double-teamed EY. They set EY on the ropes, but argued for a moment over who would do the move. Abyss stepped aside, but EY fought back on Magnus and hit a double dropkick on both men. EY started his comeback but got dumped to the floor.

Joe came back in and ran his offense. He covered Abyss and EY recovered enough to break the count. Joe took out EY and Abyss and hooked the choke on Magnus. Magnus hit a low blow and rolled Joe to the floor where he slammed him into the stairs. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on EY, but Magnus yelled for him to stop. He got in the ring and talked to Abyss and told him he loved him again. Abyss stood aside and let Magnus hit the top rope elbow for the win.

Magnus retained the TNA Championship at 14:06.

A video closed the show asking who would feel "her" wrath and then showed Dixie Carter...

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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