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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/24/14
Apr 24, 2014 - 11:06:50 PM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1]Kurt Angle was pumping his muscles backstage and told the camera if Rockstar Spud got out of his match with Angle, Ethan Carter III would be the one to pay… A video recapped Eric Young's title win and defense against Abyss… Magnus made his ring entrance as Mike Tenay and Taz checked in on commentary. Magnus carried a turnbuckle to the ring with him.

Magnus started his promo by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen this is your champ…" He started over and said he wasn't beaten by EY, he was let down by Abyss. Magnus said he wasn't going to talk crap about Abyss behind his back and called him out. Abyss came out and Magnus ran him down. He called him a disappointment and said that was why everyone in Abyss's life kicked him to the curb.

Abyss said MVP would fire anyone who came to the ring. Magnus pointed out Abyss didn't work for TNA, he worked for Magnus Enterprises, but not anymore. He wished him well in his future endeavors and fired him. Abyss said it was never about the money to him, it was the friendship. Abyss said now he realized Magnus was a pompous jackass. He said he hurt people and ended careers and he was going to start with Magnus.

Magnus said Abyss didn't have a contract with TNA and that made him a civilian. He said if Abyss touched him he would have him arrested. MVP came out and offered Abyss a full contract if he beat Magnus in their match tonight. Abyss told Magnus he never liked him and tonight he would kick his ass…

Backstage, EC3 spoke with Spud about his match with Angle. He called it operation human shield and said there was a plan. He said he needed Spud to be a gazelle tonight instead of a lion or a tiger. Angle made his ring entrance…

[Q2][C] Spud made his ring entrance with EC3…

1. Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud (w/Ethan Carter III). Spud tried a single leg takedown. Angle no sold and tossed Spud away. Spud kicked the injured knee and again Angle no sold. Spud went to the floor and ran. Angle followed. Carter grabbed him long enough for Spud to hit a drop kick and a missile drop kick. Angle kicked out at one. Spud went back up the rope and Angle threw him off the top. He hooked the ankle lock for an immediate tap out…

Kurt Angle defeated Rockstar Spud at 2:00.

EC3 hit the ring immediately and clipped the leg. He started to do more but was interrupted by Willow. Spud and Carter fled before Willow could do anything and they showed a graphic for these four men in a tag match on Sunday…

Backstage, the Beautiful People cracked wise about Madison being ugly and said they were going to give her a makeover, Beautiful People style…[C]

MVP was shown backstage on the phone. He saw Kenny King sitting in the office and hung up. They bickered a little bit and MVP said he would give King a match. He told King to go out and called the production truck. He told them King was up next, but he would walk to the truck to tell them who his opponent is.

[Q3] Kenny King made his….no, Madison Rayne made her ring entrance. Apparently "next" means something different in TNA. Madison called out the Beautiful People for her makeover and they made their entrance. Angelina said Madison should show some forgiveness and gratefulness for their offer.

Madison said she did forgive them and asked them to forgive her for what she was about to do next. She attacked them both, but they beat her down. Brittany tried to run out and make the save, but they clumsily took her out and put a bag on Madison's head with Angelina's face on it…

Ken Anderson was shown in a random parking lot. He said he had Sam Shaw's childhood address and that's where they were going…[C]

A video recapped the attack on Madison. Another video showed Gail Kim telling Madison she didn't like her, but she respected her and asked her to team up to face the Beautiful People. Madison agreed and Kim left. Brittany said she would be there too and Madison told her no thanks…

Kenny King made his ring entrance. Bobby Lashley was his surprise opponent…

2. Kenny King vs. Bobby Lashley. Lashley started out strong and tossing King all around. Lashley started to hit King with a closed fist and the ref stopped him. King used the distraction to drop Lashley's arm on the rope and take control.

[Q4] King hit two moves and Lashley came right back with a belly-to-belly. King hit a Pele kick and went to the top. He jumped off for a blockbuster. Lashley caught him in a suplex lift and held King for a moment before finishing the suplex. King left the ring and let the ref count him out…

Bobby Lashley defeated Kenny King by countout at 5:38.

Anderson rang the doorbell of a house and a creepy redheaded lady answered the door and identified herself as Sam's mom, Christie. She invited Anderson in… Backstage, Bobby Roode and James Storm bickered for a minute and then put there differences behind them so they could both get their hands on their respective opponents…

[Q5] 3. Austin Aries vs. MVP. The first two minutes of this match happened in the last quarter. Aries started fast and dumped MVP to the floor. He settled in control and hit his senton and elbow drop combo. He went for the corner dropkick but MVP moved. MVP hit several clotheslines in the corner and Aries bit his bicep to escape. A lot of biting all of a sudden in TNA.

MVP hit a clothesline that turned Aries inside out for two. He followed with the Ballin' elbow for two. Aries tried for the brainbuster, but MVP reversed into a back suplex. MVP went for his kick, but Aries reversed into a suplex. Aries hit the corner dropkick for two. He tried to follow with the 450, but MVP moved and hit the drive-by kick for the win…

MVP defeated Austin Aries at 6:35.

A Sanada hype video aired. It focused on him working hard as opposed to the pressure put on him by Great Muta… Sam Shaw's creepy mother gave Anderson a glass of tea and offered to show him Sam's room in the basement… Storm made his ring entrance as a video showed him screwing Gunner over last week. Roode was out next. Ray and Gunner made their entrance together to Ray's music…[C]

[Q6] 4. Bobby Roode and James Storm vs. Bully Ray and Gunner. The babyfaces got in a ton of offense and setup a table on the floor. Ray set Roode on it and went for an elbow through it. Roode moved and Ray crashed through the table and never moved again. Back in the ring, Storm hit the superkick on Gunner for the win…

Bobby Roode and James Storm defeated Bully Ray and Gunner at 7:07.

Magnus cut a promo backstage and said he was going to end Abyss's career because people needed to know whose time it was. He said when your time was up, nobody could do anything about it… Anderson said Sam Shaw still lived at home with his mother and went into a room. He sold shock but they didn’t show what it was…[C]

Shaw's room looked like a little boy's room, complete with big block letters on the wall and a bunk bed. Shaw walked in at that point and screamed at them for being there. He and Anderson rolled to the floor like little boys fought and the cameraman left. He ran up the stairs and Shaw's mom offered him pie. Shaw came through the door with a busted lip and sunk to his knees and hugged his mom. The cameraman ran away and Shaw's mother smiled and waved goodbye…

[Q7] The women made their ring entrances…[C]

5. The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Kim and Rayne started fast and dumped both women to the floor and hit tandem baseball slides. Kim tagged in and hit her corner splash on Angelina. The crowd couldn't have cared less. Madison got the hot tag and clocked Velvet. She yelled at Velvet and Angelina rolled her up from behind for the win…

The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and Gail Kim at 4:52.

Knux was shown watching his girlfriend do the fire dance. She sat in his lap and he told her he was proud of her. She said she was proud of him. He said he had to come back to wrestling and she said she was coming with him. He was very happy… Abyss cut a promo backstage and said he hurt the people who cared about him and the massacre of Magnus was for"him."…

The announce team ran down the Sacrifice card. EY made his ring entrance and joined the commentary team…

6. Magnus vs. Abyss. Magnus stuck his finger in Abyss's face. Abyss got pissed and tossed him to the floor…[C]

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Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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