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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/17/14
Apr 18, 2014 - 1:18:33 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] A video recapped Eric Young's TNA Championship win last week… EY made his ring entrance to a good reaction. He cut a promo and said the belt represented all the hard work in his life. He said he won the belt for him but he was going to be a champion for the fans. He said they were going to have fun and he would defend the title anywhere and anyway the people wanted him to.

Dixie Carter's music hit and she came to the ring with a big smile on her face. Dixie put over the moment as her doing and reminded him how she allowed him to stay during the "Don't fire Eric" movement and claimed she invented the beard. She pulled EY around by the beard and said she deserved big fat royalty checks for her intellectual property.

EY called her "toots" and said MVP was the guy in charge, not her. She said as champion he represented her and added that he was the new hood ornament for her 2014 Ferrari. EY said he hoped she had barf bags because she made him sick. She said he looked and smelled like an unemployed lumberjack and he better show her respect. He said he would flush her like he did all crap. She told him to honor and obey her.

EY said he didn't honor and obey anyone. He said he was his own man and the days of paper champions were over. He said he was going to get the General Lee and run all over her and her foreign car. She mocked him for the reference and said she was giving him a makeover tonight or she would start taking it out on ODB. EY backed her in the corner and said she would get one warning from him.

Bully Ray came out and apologized for interrupting EY. He put EY over and called Dixie a loser. He said she should be proud of EY for working his way to the top. Dixie asked why anyone would listen to Ray seeing as how he took her money and broke their deal. Ray copped to it again and said she shouldn't piss him off. He basically threatened to put her through a table and sang the "Goodbye" song. Dixie stormed out. Ray said he didn't endorse a lot of people, but he respected EY and liked him. He got an "EY" chant going…

[Q2][C] The Beautiful People made their ring entrance. Velvet took a kendo stick and waited for Madison Rayne for their street fight. Madison's music hit and she came through the crowd to attack Velvet from behind…

1. Velvet Sky (w/Angelina Love) vs. Madison Rayne in a street fight. They went to the ring and Angelina pulled Velvet out for a break. Madison tried to pull both women in, but they hit a hangman on her for Velvet to take control. Velvet distracted the ref so Angelina could stomp on her. It's no DQ. Why bother?

Velvet threw Madison into the stairs and she took it stiff. Velvet got the trashcan and tred to hit Madison with it. Madison kicked the can into Velvet's face. Angelina hit Madison with a kendo stick and tossed it to Velvet. Madison ducked the strike form Velvet and hit a spear for the World's Slowest Three Count ™…

Madison Rayne defeated Velvet Sky at 4:25.

Backstage, EY thanked Ray for all the things he said. Ray said he meant it and left to go spend more money at the strip club. He walked off and Abyss walked up. Abyss pointed to his mask and said EY did that to him and it was worse than ever. He challenged EY to a match for the title tonight. EY was slow to respond and Abyss said he smelled fear.

EY said sometimes it took time for him to think and said if they were going to do it they were going to do it as a Monster's Ball match. Abyss asked him if he was crazy. EY said he was crazy like Abyss and he thought they would be better friends because of it…

[Q3][C] Backstage, Ethan Carter talked up Rockstar Spud and they left to fight Willow… MVP was in the ring and he put over EY for his win last week. He said Samoa Joe's name was lost in the fray of the celebration. He said Joe called the TNA offices and said he wouldn't be available. MVP said Joe had his personal number and wouldn't return his calls. He called Joe disgruntled and Austin Aries's music cut him off.

Aries came to the ring and complained about not being booked the last six weeks and demanded answers. MVP said Aries stabbed him in the back going into Bound for Glory. Aries asked if MVP's feelings were really what was screwing with his career. MVP took his coat off and said they could go right now. Aries took his shirt off and it looked like they would fight, but Aries said next week. He said he wasn't going to throw hands with a convicted felon, but next week he would outwrestle him…

A video showed EY getting congratulated backstage last week and Tenay and Taz hyped the main event…[C]

The Wolves made their entrance. BroMans were out next. Wolves attacked them on the apron and rolled Robbie E in the ring to start the match…

[Q4] 2. BroMans vs. The Wolves for the TNA Tag Team Championships. The Wolves started fast and hit a double dive on the floor. Jesse knocked both Wolves off the top ropes by shaking the top rope for the heels to take control. A miscommunication led to Eddie getting the hot tag and hitting a double 'ranna on both BroMans. The match broke down and the Wolves hit a double top rope double stomp and covered. DJ Z ran in and hit Eddie with the laptop to get disqualified…

The Wolves defeated BroMans by disqualification at 4:57.

Willow cut a crazy ass promo…[C]

EC3 and Rockstar Spud made their entrance. They did a comedy thing in the ring while posing. Willow made his crazy entrance…

[Q5] 3. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud vs. Willow. Spud ran from Willow o h took out EC3. He went to the top rope and Spud swept the legs to knock him down. Carter put the boots to him and tagged Spud. Willow grabbed the leg and Spud freaked out and tagged out. EC3 held Willow for Spud to slap. Willow fought back and hit a Twist of Fate on Spud for the win…

Willow defeated Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud at 4:22.

EC3 immediately attacked and beat down Willow. He grabbed the leg for the leg DDT, but Kurt Angle's music hit and Angle ran to the ring. EC3 yelled at him and tried to attack. Angle ducked and hit a quick German suplex. EC3 rolled to the floor and left the are. Tenay barely got Angle's name out of his mouth before they were out to commercial…[C]

Angle cut a promo on being back and said EC3 might have injured him, but he didn’t end him. He reminded Carter he won a gold medal with a broken neck. Angle said they would be in the ring soon and EC3 would learn why they call him a cyborg. Angle said he would take Carter apart and the match wouldn’t be over until they take Carter out in a body bag. He did his "real" gimmick and got a big pop…

Backstage, IQG asked Bobby Roode about the tables gimmick as of late. Roode said Ray took something away from him at BFG so he took tables away from Ray. He said he would put somebody's ass through a table tonight, just like he would do to Ray at Sacrifice…

[Q6][C] A Sanada hype video put over the pressure on him to succeed and hyped his best of three series with Tigre Uno… Kenny King made his ring entrance and Tenay acted surprised. King said he was back to stay and the crowd didn't act like they were paying attention. He said MVP had no business sense and proved it by not using Kenny King. The crowd chanted "What," but not in rhythm with King. He said he was going to guest commentate the X Division match and the winner of the series would lay the belt at his feet…

4. Tigre Uno vs. Sanada in match two of the best of three series. Sanada leads the series 1-0. Sanada missed a moonsault and took an exploder suplex on the top of his head. Tigre Uno hit a twisting 450 splash for the win…

Tigre Uno defeated Sanada at 3:33. The series is tied 1-1.

Backstage, Gunner put over someone off camera as the guy he wanted to see beat Roode tonight. He started to walk off and added "Hoorah!"…

[Q7][C] Roode stood in the ring and called out his opponent. Gunner made his entrance and Tenay and Taz acted surprised….

5. Bobby Roode vs. Gunner in a tables match. Roode went for a table before the first minute was up and paid for it. They battled over a table on the floor and then went back to the ring with a table. Both men tried to use their finisher through the table, but both escaped. Gunner setup the table again and set Roode on it. Gunner jacked up by slamming his head in the corner and climbed the buckle.

James Storm ran out and distracted Gunner. Roode tossed Gunner off the top and onto the table. It cracked, but didn't break. Roode hit the Roode bomb through the table to bust it….

Bobby Roode defeated Gunner at 6:13.

Storm mounted Gunner with punches until Bully Ray ran out and ran the heels off… A video had several people putting over EY's win… EY was shown backstage looking at the weapons. He said this was his future and he picked it. He said he was crazy and tonight he was going to prove it and prove why he was world champion…

[Q8][C] Backstage, Ray asked Gunner how many tables he had been through Gunner said that was the first. Ray said he had been through hundreds. He said Gunner was going to dust himself off like a real Marine and they would face Roode and Storm together next week. Gunner liked that idea…

6. Eric Young vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball match for the TNA Championship. EY ran to the ring and threw a trash can at Abyss. He grabbed a cookie sheet and went to work on Abyss quickly. Abyss whipped him over the ropes and pounded on him. He rolled EY back in the ring. EY tried to dive, but Abyss hit him with the trash can in the air…[C]

Back from commercial, Abyss set a chair in the corner and hit a slingshot on EY into the corner. EY was hung up for a minute afterward. I couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or by accident. Either way it looked incredibly painful. Abyss pulled out the tacks and dumped them in a corner. EY started his comeback by hitting a low blow with a cheese grater. He tried to piledrive Abyss on the tacks, but Abyss backdropped out.

Abyss got Janice from under the ring and swung at EY. EY ducked and Janice got stuck on the buckle. EY hit a low blow and tried to hit Abyss with Janice, but Abyss hit a chokeslam on the tacks for two. Abyss pulled a barbed wire covered board from under the ring and laid it in the ring. He tried to chokeslam EY on it, but EY bit his hand. Abyss shoved him away and EY bounced out of the corner with a dropkick that dropped Abyss on the barbed wire. He followed with a top rope elbow for the win…

Eric Young retained the TNA Championship in 13:00.

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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