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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/10/14
Apr 11, 2014 - 1:31:07 AM

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

[Q1] Dixie Carter was shown backstage. Invisible Question Guy asked her if she had anything to say. She said she had a lot to say, just not yet… MVP spoke to the camera and said Magnus defended his title against three men last week and his next opponent would be decided in a 10-man gauntlet match. He said Samoa Joe had informed TNA he wouldn't be competing in it and MVP said he had a replacement. He announced the match would start immediately. Mike Tenay and Taz checked in on commentary…

1. 10-man gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the TNA Championship. The rules are basically the same as the Royal Rumble but with less men. James Storm and Gunner started. Bobby Roode was the next guy in. Bully Ray was the fourth. Ethan Carter III was next and he watched his own back on the way to the ring. Tenay read the tweet from Kurt Angle saying he could show up at any time. Bobby Lashley was out next.

Abyss was out next. He's my pick to win because they seem interested in rushing through the storyline with Magnus. Abyss looked at Bully Ray and then posed for the crowd forever. Finally Ray and Lashley teamed up to try and toss him out. Magnus's music hit and he joined the broadcast team just before the break…

[Q2][C] Tenay officially introduced Magnus on the headset and Eric Young made his entrance. Sanada had joined during the commercial break. Magnus said he applauded the decision to have this match because he had plowed through everyone and they might as well start over. Willow was the final man and he came in and attacked everyone. Willow squared off with EC3 and ended up on the apron. Rockstar Spud ran out and pulled Willow down for the first elimination.

Willow was eliminated at 18:45. Abyss hit a Balck Hole Slam on Sanada and tossed him. Sanada was eliminated at 19:25. Lashley hit a spear on Abyss but was tossed by Roode. Bobby Lashley was eliminated at 20:01. Roode was out next but I missed how. Bobby Roode was eliminated at 20:28. Roode climbed back pn the apron and grabbed Ray's arm. EC3 helped eliminate him. Bully Ray was eliminated at 20:53.

Gunner got hyped up and banged his head against the turnbuckle. Storm hit the superkick and tossed him. Gunner was eliminated at 21:43. EC3, Storm, Abyss, and EY were the final four. EC3 tossed EY, but EY skinned the cat and hooked EC3 with his feet to eliminate him. EC3 was eliminated at 22:39. EY ducked a superkick from Storm and tossed him over the top. Storm tried to skin the cat, but EY hit a dropkick to eliminate him. James Storm was eliminated at 24:36.

Abyss went on the attack and hit the Monster Shock (I think that's what Taz called it). Abyss tossed EY over the ropes and he landed on the apron. Abyss tried to knock him down, but EY held on. He fought his way back in the ring and hit a clothesline on Abyss at the ropes. They both went over, but EY held on and Abyss touched the floor…

Eric Young became the number one contender for the TNA Championship at 26:10.

[Q3] Christie Hemme got in the ring and asked EY about his win. EY said he had a request for MVP and asked him to come out…[C]

EY repeated his request for MVP to come out. MVP came to the stage. EY said his arm was hurt but he had waited long enough and he wanted his title shot tonight. Magnus laughed at him and told MVP to do it. MVP agreed to have the match. Magnus stood up with a mic and said that was fine with him because it was always Magnus rules.

MVP said not anymore. He said if Magnus was disqualified or counted out he would lose the title. Magnus pitched a fit. MVP then banned Abyss from ringside and said if anybody interfered in the match they would be fired. Magnus said he couldn’t do that and MVP told him he could…

Dixie Carter walked into her office, which was covered in balloons and streamers. Spud jumped out and welcomed her back. She yelled at him for scaring her and said he sold her up the river when she left. He denied it but she left him in the office. He heard a knock at the door and assumed it was Dixie coming back, but it was Willow to destroy the decorations… The Knockouts were shown getting ready for their match…

[Q4][C] Three of the women were in the ring. The Beautiful People made their entrance. The very beginning got a decent response but it petered out quickly. Lots of ass shaking from them…

2. ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) to become the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship. ODB was dumped to the floor and the heels teamed up on Brittany. That lasted until Kim tried to pin her and then Kim and Love shoved each other. Brittany recovered and hit a handspring elbow, but Angelina hit her with a clothesline. ODB made the save and went to work on both heels. The match broke down and Kim was in the ring alone with Angelina. Velvet sprayed something in Kim's face and Angelina hit a Brogue kick for the win…

Angelina Love became the number one contender at 4:36.

Dixie walked into MVP's office and they bickered. MVP threatened to have her dragged out by security. She said he was still President and she came there to handle the "one disgruntled employee" who cost her control of the company and asked MVP to sit ringside so he would see what she would do to him next. MVP said he would bring the popcorn…

Backstage, Jesse and DJ Z walked into MVP's office. The Wolves were there and they got upset. MVP confirmed Robbie E's flight got canceled and then asked Jesse why he had both titles. Jesse said he was the captain and the captain carried the belts. MVP said he had had enough and said Robbie had until bell time to arrive or DJ Z would take his place because there would be a tag title match tonight. The Wolves left happy and the BroMans v2.0 left upset…

[Q5] A clunky replay with no voice over recapped how EY got his title shot tonight. IQG asked Magnus about the match and Magnus said EY was wasting his chance by challenging him tonight…

Dixie made her ring entrance and called out Bully Ray, who made his ring entrance. The crowd chanted for him to put her through a table. She called Ray over and he asked her if she heard the crowd chanting, "We don't like you." The chant started. Dixie mocked him for being put through three tables by Roode last week. Ray said that was true, but he didn't get the job done.

She said she would deal with that later, but right now she wanted to know why he cost her control of her company. Ray took exception with her calling it "her" company and said it belonged to the fans around the world. A "TNA" chant broke out and Ray held the mic up for them to continue. He continued to put the fans over and Dixie cut him off and asked if he was their spokesperson for the fans now.

Ray said he was no ones spokesperson and he didn't care who liked him or not, but everyone respected him. She everyone respected her too. He said no one respected her. She said she paid him a lot of money and he double-crossed her and she wanted her money back. He said he bought a car and spent the rest at a strip club.

He started to do his "Do you know" gimmick but she slapped the mic from his hands. She asked him if he knew who she was. She said she was Dixie Carter from Dallas, Texas and she was still his boss. She slapped him and Ray closed on her. Roode ran out and attacked her from behind. He beat Ray down and setup a table. Ray fought back and lifted Roode for the Bully Bomb. Roode escaped and Ray looked at Dixie to the delight of the crowd. He kept staring at her as the crowd chanted for him to put her through the table…[C]

[Q6][C] Backstage, Magnus walked up to Dixie, who somehow escaped from the ring, and asked her why she was ignoring him. She said she wasn't there for him. He asked her what she was going to do for him and she said her plan was to leave. Magnus called her a typical woman. She popped off and said he was ungrateful and reminded him he said he didn't need her anymore and suggested he use his insurance plan. She walked off and Magnus said, "Wrath of Dixie my ass."

The Wolves made their entrance. DJ Z made his entrance with Jesse so no Robbie E…

3. Jesse and DJ Z vs. The Wolves for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Davey Richards has a new auburn Mohawk. The Wolves hit a combo dive on both men on the floor. They hit the Alarm Clock and covered. Robbie E ran out and pulled the ref from the ring. The ref called for the bell…

The Wolves won by disqualification at 3:32.

Backstage, a video from "earlier today" had Hemme making goo-goo eyes and saying she wanted to meet Sam Shaw in the ring to talk about commitment…

[Q7][C] Hemme stood in the ring and called out Shaw, who made his entrance. The crowd chanted "creepy bastard." Hemme asked them to stop and said he was just misunderstood. He thanked her for seeing the truth. He said he was the love of her life. She agreed and asked him if he would do anything and go anywhere for her. He started to pull his glove off with his teeth and she did it for her. She got all sexy and told him to close his eyes so he could go where he deserved.

The screen showed a white van with "Psychiatric Services" arriving. Ken Anderson popped out of the back and came into the building while Shaw stood there with his eyes closed. She had him open his eyes and he saw Anderson. Anderson ducked the punch and hit the mic check. He cradled Shaw's head in his hand and said his commitment was to the funny farm. Anderson waited for the crowd to chant funny farm and then tossed Shaw from the ring. He took him to the back and threw him in the van. Shaw recovered and ran away…[C]

EY and Magnus made their entrances…

[Q8][C] 4. Magnus vs. Eric Young for the TNA Championship. EY did the stupid Flair gimmick again early but missed a moonsault and sold the arm. Magnus dumped him to the floor and worked him over there. EY tried to fight back and hit a dive, but Magnus punched him out of the sky and slammed him into the stairs…[C]

Magnus continued to work ground and pound EY in the ring. Magnus locked in a chin lock. EY fought to his feet and turned it into an electric chair. Magnus shut the comeback down with a driver for two. Magnus went and got the title. The ref pulled it away and as he handed the belt back to someone, Magnus hit a low blow for a near fall. Magnus measured EY and charged. EY hit a crucifix pin for two and followed with a quick piledriver for the win…

Eric Young won the TNA Championship at 13:02.

Full Report by Prowrestling.net

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