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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results - 12/20/12
By TheCrow
Dec 20, 2012 - 8:57:44 PM

Tonight's broadcast kicks off with a text screen sending out best wishes and deepest sympathies to the families affected by the recent school shooting. Following that, a video package is shown highlighting some of the events that have transpired on Impact over the past couple of weeks including the continuing story between Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray, as well as the Knockouts who will be fighting for a title shot later in the show.

A shot is shown of Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries walking backstage as their upcoming title match is hyped. Todd Keneley welcomes everybody to Impact as he, Taz and Tenay talk about the return of Championship Thursday, as well as running down tonight's card. Keneley informs everybody that tonight's first match will be for the TNA Television Championship, and sends it to Christy Hemme in the ring.

Angle grabs a mic before Devon comes to the ring and says the only title he wants belongs to the group who attacked him last week and calls Devon out. Devon comes to the ring with his crew of Aces & 8s members. Angle says that it's no surprise Devon didn't show up to fight on his own, so he has his own posse to watch his back tonight, and out comes Samoa Joe, Garret Bischoff and Wes Brisco to ringside.

Match #1: TNA Television Championship: Kurt Angle VS Devon {c}

The match starts with a tie-up that sees Angle back Devon into the corner, but Devon manages to take control with a headlock. Angle gets knocked down by a shoulderblock, but gets up to attempt a German Suplex. Devon counters, but Angle retains control and sends Devon flying out of the ring.

Aces & 8s and Angle's Posse brawl outside of the ring after a brief staredown as Angle looks on from inside the ring, waiting for Devon to get back in. Angle gets distracted by his own team and Devon takes advantage, sliding into the ring and taking Angle down with a chop block. Keneley sends us to the first commercial break of the night.

Back from the break, Devon has control on the mat with Angle locked in a leg lock. Both Aces & 8s and Angle's crew have been sent to the locker room during the break, leaving just Angle and Devon in the ring. Devon locks in another leg lock, focusing the abuse on Angle's injured knee. Angle manages to shake Devon off, but Devon counters with another chop block to the injured leg. Devon lets Angle up and Angle mounts a bit of offence, dropping Devon with a missile dropkick. Both men struggle to get up as the referee begins his 10-count. Angle manages to nail Devon with a clothesline, following it up with a belly-to-belly suplex for a quick 2-count. Devon counters an Angle Slam attempt into a big spine buster for a very close 2-count.

Angle counters a clothesline attempt into a German Suplex, hanging on and hitting 3 in a row. Angle drops the shoulder straps and locks in an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Aces & 8s runs back to ringside and distracts the referee as Devon taps behind him. Joe, Brisco and Bischoff run to ringside to fight off Aces & 8s, but one member sneaks in the ring and takes Angle out with a steel pipe, allowing Devon to get the pin.

Winner: Devon, via pinfall

Bischoff, Brisco and Joe help Angle to his feet in the ring as Aces & 8s backs up the ramp.

The cameras cut to a shot of the Knockouts backstage, deliberating on who deserves a title shot tonight. The other Knockouts feel that Velvet Sky doesn't deserve the shot, but Brooke Hogan eliminates ODB from contention, saying that she needs to be taking care of her husband instead of worrying about a title match.

Keneley hypes a tag match for later in the night before sending us to commercial again.

Match #2: Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan VS RVD & Kenny King

RVD takes control early with a couple of big clotheslines and a spinning kick to Ryan's face, hitting a standing moonsault for a 2-count. RVD drags Ryan to the corner and tags in King. Ryan reverses a headlock into a hammerlock, but King quickly counters with a Japanese arm-drag. Ryan manages to duck away long enough to tag in Morgan.

Morgan takes King out with a big clothesline. Morgan ties King up in the ropes, pulling back his arms as the ref starts the count. Morgan releases the hold, but drops King with a big headbutt. Ryan demands the tag, and gets back in the ring. Ryan knocks RVD off the apron, distracting the referee and hitting King with a low blow. Morgan throws King into the corner as the ref is still distracted before getting tagged back in.

Morgan drops King with a few power moves before tagging Ryan back into the match. Ryan throws King into the corner, but King dodges and rolls Ryan up for a quick 2-count. King makes it to his corner and tags in RVD, who then hits Ryan with a flurry of kicks and punches. King and Morgan get back in the ring and stare each other down, but King rolls out of the ring and leaves his partner alone. RVD gets hit with a big Carbon Footprint, allowing Ryan to get the pin.

Winners: Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan

A replay is shown of King leaving RVD alone in the ring as he backs up the ramp laughing. The commentators are shocked that King did this, as we head to another commercial break.

Back from the break, and Kaz is being interviewed in the locker room backstage. Kaz says that he's got a surprise for his fans tonight, and says his fans will see just how gracious he is and how well he treats his friends. Kaz gets a call from someone called "Nick" and walks away.

Hulk Hogan's music hits, and out he comes to the ring and grabs a mic. Hogan says that it's been a great year for Impact Wrestling. He says that he got to watch the company grow from something small into a full-fledged monster. Hogan says that there's so many great wrestlers in Impact Wrestling, so it's hard to decide who is the greatest of all time. Hogan says the fans are going to get a chance to vote for their choice, and the winner will be revealed on a special Impact on January 3rd. He starts to give more details, but is interrupted by Aces & 8s.

Devon starts to talk, but Hogan cuts him off and says that if Devon's so tough, he should come in the ring by himself. Devon says that 2012 was the year Aces & 8s was born, not the year of Hulk Hogan. He says that it was the year Aces & 8s beat the hell out of TNA's "so-called wrestlers". Devon says that his club represents the truth, not the garbage that Hogan tells to his fans. He adds that 2013 will be the year for Aces & 8s, but will also be the year that they be revealed and their goals accomplished. Devon says that Hogan won't be around to see any of it unfold, as Aces & 8s surrounds the ring. Before they can get in the ring, Bully Ray runs down and chases them off with his chain. Aces & 8s backs off, but say that Bully is their next target.

Bully Ray and Hogan stare each other down in the ring before Hogan brushes past Bully and leaves the ring with a dirty look on his face. Bully looks shocked in the ring, asking what the hell he has to do to earn Hogan's trust. We head to the next commercial.

Jeff Hardy is shown backstage, talking about his rivalry with Austin Aries. He says he's beaten Aries twice before, and he'll beat him again tonight.

Brooke and the Knockouts are shown backstage to continue the deliberations on who should get tonight's title shot. Brooke says that it comes down to Velvet and Mickie, telling Tessmacher that she won't be getting the match tonight. Tessmacher wishes Mickie and Velvet luck before walking out.

Kaz is shown walking towards the ring holding a couple of Christmas presents as Keneley sends us to commercial.

Back from the break, Kaz comes out to the ring, still holding the Christmas presents. Kaz says that not even the ass-goblins in the Impact Zone can ruin his mood, because it's almost Christmas. He says that it's time to bring out the "man of the hour", the man who made AJ Styles walk away and "lose his smiles", Christopher Daniels. Daniels makes his way to the ring.

Daniels sits down on the throne in the middle of the ring. Kaz says that because Daniels has been such a dear friend and is such a trustworthy, virtuous, honest saint of a man, he took it upon himself to arrange for a very special visitor to come see Daniels. Kaz says that this man has the "biggest sack he's ever seen", and calls out Christopher Cornelius Cringle himself, Santa Claus!

Santa makes his way to the ring, handing out candy canes to the kids at ringside. Daniels looks shocked in the ring as Santa climbs in. Santa takes his seat in the throne as Kaz gets back on the mic. Kaz says that Santa is always so generous, that he and Daniels decided to get him a gift. Santa opens the box, and it's a pair of the pink tights that Kaz and Daniels wore in recent matches. Kaz says that Santa probably has a question for Daniels, and Daniels sits down on Santa's lap. Santa asks if Daniels has been a good boy this year, and Daniels says that he has been. He says that he got rid of the biggest loser in Impact Wrestling history.

Santa says that because Kaz and Daniels have given the Impact fans everything they want this year, he will grant Daniels' holiday wish. Daniels says it's not about the gifts we get, but the gifts we give, so he says he wants to give his wish to someone who needs it. Daniels asks Santa to give anything he can to AJ Styles' kids, because Styles is such a loser he won't be able to provide anything for them. Before he can continue, James Storm's music hits and he comes out to the stage.

Storm says that he was sitting in the back, making a mockery out of a day that so many people work hard to make special for their children. Storm says they can sit out here and talk about Styles, that's their business, but he won't let them talk trash about Christmas. Daniels tells Santa that Storm is the reason AJ Styles can't wrestle for the World Title for a year, and says that because of that Storm deserves to be on the naughty list. Storm says he should just get in the ring and give them something that would make him deserve to be on that list.

Santa stops Storm from beating Daniels and Kaz, but Storm gets suspicious of the man in the suit and says he has a bone to pick with Santa. Storm goes through a few gifts he asked for as a kid that he didn't get, and says that he understands Santa is a busy guy, but says that if he is the real Santa Claus, he should be able to answer a simple question: what did Storm ask for for Christmas last year. Santa says it must have been something "country", perhaps a Travis Tritt CD. Storm says it was close, but that he asked for a case of beer, and kicks Santa in the face. Kaz and Daniels retreat up the ramp as Storm goes into Santa's sack and throws out some Impact Wrestling action figures to kids in the crowd.

The camera cuts to Austin Aries backstage, talking about his title match later on tonight. He says that Hardy made a mistake in challenging him, because this isn't a ladder match, it's a wrestling match. Aries says he will prove tonight why he is the greatest wrestler in the world.

Brooke Hogan is shown walking backstage as Keneley sends us to commercial.

A video package is shown, hyping the return of Sting on January 3rd. Sting says he's going to get rid of Aces & 8s, once and for all.

Aces & 8s are in their clubhouse, talking about what they need to do, perhaps bring in some new blood. Devon says he knows a guy that might be bitter enough to join, and the club votes to let him do it.

Brooke is backstage with Mickie and Velvet, and she says both women have been working hard since they both returned. Brooke says that she's going to do Velvet a favour and let her sit back and watch this title match, and says Mickie should head out to the ring for her match. Velvet looks upset and rolls her eyes, wishing Mickie good luck.

Match #3: TNA Knockouts Championship: Mickie James VS Tara {c} (w/ Jessie Godderz)

Mickie takes control early in the match, getting a quick 2-count. Tara bridges out of the pin and tries to backslide Mickie into a pin of her own, but Mickie counters and manages to roll up the champ. Tara gets up first and drops Mickie with a stiff kick to the gut. Tara attempts a clothesline, but Mickie counters and drops Tara with a shot. Mickie runs to the ropes, but Jessie trips her from the outside. Tara dominates and gets a couple of quick 2-counts.

Tara pulls Mickie to her feet by her hair before dropping her again and rubbing her face into the mat. Tara gets another 2-count, dragging Mickie into the corner and hitting her with a couple of shoulders to the gut. Tara tosses Mickie across the ring into the corner, and Mickie falls to the ground. Tara attempts another pin, but Mickie kicks out. Tara pulls Mickie's arms back into a submission, but Mickie manages to spin around and stand up. Tara lifts her up on to her shoulders, going for a Spider Web, but Mickie counters into a crucifix pin. Tara gets up after the ref gets distracted by Jessie and drops Mickie with a power slam. Tara attempts a standing moonsault, but Mickie gets her knees up in time. Both Knockouts are down on the mat.

Tara and Mickie exchange punches on the mat before getting to their feet. Tara hits Mickie with a few kicks to the gut, but Mickie counters and hits Tara with a couple of flying forearm shots before dropping her with a neckbreaker for the 2-count. Tara gets up and goes for a Widow's Peak, but Mickie manages to get down and drop Tara with a DDT. Mickie goes for a cover, but Jessie pulls Tara out of the ring. Jessie attempts to pull Tara up the ramp, but Mickie climbs up to the top rope and dives to the outside to take Jessie out. Mickie rolls Tara back in the ring, but Jessie gets up to distract Mickie briefly, allowing Tara to level Mickie and get the pin.

Winner: Tara

Aries and Hardy are shown walking backstage, headed to the ring for their title match, and Keneley says we'll see what happens after another commercial break.

Match #4: TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries VS Jeff Hardy {c}

Hardy and Aries struggle for control in a tie-up, eventually separating and going to opposite corners. Taz mentions Hardy's stitches, courtesy of the assault from Aces & 8s, and speculates on whether they could bust open at some point in this match. Hardy takes control and runs Aries into the corners, going for a pin, but Aries kicks out immediately. Aries gets up and hits Hardy with a scoop-slam. Hardy counters a senton attempt with his knees and gets a quick 1-count. Hardy backs Aries into the corner and hits him with a series of punches.

Aries is groggy on the ropes, and Hardy knocks him to the floor with a punch. Aries gets up and motions for a timeout, circling to the other side of the ring. Hardy and Aries circle each other in the ring again, but Aries takes control with a kick to the gut and a quick flying elbow for a 2-count. Aries lifts Hardy up and attempts a Brainbuster, but Hardy gets out of it and once again sends Aries to the outside with a clothesline over the ropes.

Hardy goes outside and charges at Aries, but Aries gets out of the way and sends Hardy flying into the barricade. Aries rolls back into the ring as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and Aries is in control, hitting Hardy with Paydirt for a 2-count. Aries chokes Hardy with his boot, releasing at the 4-count and getting another close pinfall. Aries locks Hardy in a chokehold, but Hardy manages to counter briefly before Aries drops him with another cheap shot. Aries drops a fist on Hardy for another 2-count. Aries goes for another chokehold, but Hardy makes it to the ropes. Aries hits Hardy in the back with a few forearm smashes, and Hardy drops in the corner.

Hardy struggles to get up in the corner, but Aries lifts him to a standing position and hits him with a couple of shots to the head. Aries whips Hardy to the other corner, but Hardy flips over him, causing Aries to hit his face on the turnbuckle. Aries charges at Hardy in the corner, but Hardy drops him with a kick before hitting a splash for a 2-count. Aries gets up and attempts another Brainbuster, but Hardy counters with a front-suplex. Both men are slow to get up, but Hardy gains the advantage with a couple of quick clotheslines. Hardy climbs to the top and hits the splash for another 2-count, before getting up and motioning for the Twist of Fate. Aries counters and charges at Hardy in the corner. Hardy attempts to flip over Aries again, but Aries catches Hardy's legs and drops him down on the ropes. Aries hits a big clothesline for a 2-count.

Aries attempts another Brainbuster, but Hardy counters it again and tosses Aries across the ring. The men trade blows in the corner. Hardy attempts Whisper in the Wind, but Aries dodges and causes Hardy to crash down to the mat. Aries picks Hardy up for a Brainbuster, but Hardy counters again with a knee and slams Aries' head off of the turnbuckle. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but Aries manages to get up before Hardy can capitalize. Hardy gets caught with an elbow as Aries climbs to the top rope. Aries dives, but Hardy counters into an atomic drop. Hardy goes for a leg drop, but Aries kicks him off and sends him flying into the referee. All three men are now down in the ring as Hardy and Aries struggle to get to their feet. Hardy checks on the ref, but Aries comes from behind and hits a big low blow. Aries picks Hardy up and finally manages to hit his Brainbuster finisher, but the ref is still down and can't make the count. Aries calls for another official and goes for the pin.

A new referee comes down, but Bobby Roode pulls him out of the ring before he can finish the count. Aries turns around, and Roode drops him with a big spinebuster. Aries struggles to get up as hardy and the original referee get to their feet, and Hardy drops Aries with a Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs to the top rope for a Swanton and hits it, getting the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Bobby Roode looks on from the stage, laughing that he cost Aries the title. Taz takes us through a replay of what just happened.

Hulk Hogan is shown backstage walking. He says that the title picture is too chaotic right now, and he hopes to change it heading into 2013. Hogan sees Brooke and Bully Ray making out against her car and gets into his limo without answering the interviewer's next question. The camera cuts back to Brooke and Bully kissing as Impact goes off the air.

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