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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results - 10/04/12
By TheCrow
Oct 4, 2012 - 11:42:45 AM

The show starts with a "Previously on TNA Impact" video package, detailing the feud between Bobby Roode and James Storm, Hogan's ongoing problems with Aces & 8s, and of course the building feud between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. The video package ends, and the camera cuts to Sting and Hogan in Hogan's office.

Hogan tells Sting he's glad that Sting is leading the charge and wishes he could fight by his side, but says he can't because they have to play by the rules. Sting says he's ready to put a bullet in them and that he's going to be watching every match tonight to determine who they should pick as Sting's partner to fight against Aces & 8s. Hogan says they need someone with a killer instinct, and says they need to pick someone by the end of the night. Sting says he's on it and walks out of the office as Hogan tells him he's got his back.

Mike Tenay welcomes everybody to Impact, and we waste no time in getting to the first match of the night.

Mr. Anderson comes out to the stage and grabs the mic as it lowers from the ceiling. He tells Sting and Hogan that he heard they were looking for some help, and says they need not look any further than his match right now.

Mr. Anderson VS Gunner (w/ Kid Kash)

Gunner wastes no time going on the offensive, backing Anderson into the corner with a series of punches. Anderson quickly counters and drops Gunner with a neckbreaker for a 1-count. Gunner kicks out and his Irish Whip attempt is countered. Anderson hits a dropkick, and Gunner rolls out of the ring. Anderson heads to the outside but is distracted by Kash, allowing Gunner to knock him down.

Sting is shown backstage watching the match on a monitor.

Gunner throws Anderson back in the ring and drops him for a 2-count. Anderson counters a submission attempt but gets knocked down again by a punch from Gunner. Anderson counters another Irish whip attempt and hits the Mic Check out of nowhere for the pinfall victory.

Mr. Anderson wins via pinfall (2:31)

Kash jumps in the ring and ambushes Anderson, but Anderson hits another Mic Check out of nowhere. Sting is shown again watching the events transpiring in the ring.

The camera cuts backstage to Tara on the phone with her boyfriend. Gail Kim walks up and tells Tara to wrap up her call because they have a match tonight to prepare for. Tara says they should go out for a celebratory dinner later. She tells Kim to bring her "cable star" boyfriend, and she'll bring her big Hollywood star. Kim tells Tara that she better watch her back, because if Tara wins the Knockouts Championship, she's coming for it next.

We go to commercial break.


Back from commercial and we head back to the ring for tonight's second match.

Gail Kim & Tara VS ODB & Miss Tessmacher

Kim and Tara argue about who's going to start the match, but eventually Tara gives in and lets her partner start.

Kim charges ODB but is quickly knocked down with a chest bump. ODB throws Kim into the corner and attempts a Samoan drop, but Kim counters. ODB knocks her down with an elbow and drags her to the corner to tag in Tessmacher.

Tessmacher dropkicks Kim into the corner and hits her with a stink face. ODB is tagged back in and she charges Kim in the corner to hit a kick, but Kim rolls out of the way and tags in her partner. ODB throws Tara into the corner and jumps on her with the bronco buster. ODB gets distracted by Kim trash-talking from the outside, allowing Tara to hit her from behind. She tags Kim back in, and Kim throws ODB into the corner, choking her with a foot to the throat. Kim throws her across the ring to the other corner and hits a spear.

Kim plays to the crowd and her partner a bit before going back in the ring. As ODB tries to get up, Kim charges her with a flying forearm for a 2-count. Tara tags herself back in and stomps on ODB. She attempts a standing moonsault, but ODB gets her knees up. ODB crawls to the corner and tags in Tessmacher.

Tessmacher drops Tara with a series of clotheslines before hitting a flying headscissors. Tessmacher throws Tara into the corner and hits a facebuster for a 2-count, but Kim runs in and breaks up the pin. ODB charges Kim, but Kim pulls her out of the ring and drops her to the ground. Kim tries to interfere in the ring but almost hits her partner. Tara throws Kim into Tessmacher before hitting the Widows Peak for the win.

Tara & Gail Kim win via pinfall (4:45)

Bruce Pritchard and Al Snow are shown backstage looking over a contract. Pritchard says he's got to go show it to D'Lo before they do anything. We cut to commercial.


A video package is shown chronicling the drama between Joey Ryan and Al Snow before cameras cut back to ringside as Snow makes his way to the ring. Tenay asks Taz what's going on with Snow, and Taz says they'll have to wait and see what happens tonight.

Snow introduces Joey Ryan and asks him to come to the ring. Ryan's music hits, and he comes to the ring in his street clothes to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Snow says that several weeks ago, he allowed his emotions to overcome his better judgement, and unfortunately took an action that put TNA in a bad position. He says as a result, and on behalf of TNA, he would like to apologize for his actions when he laid his lands on Ryan. Ryan demands that Snow say he is sorry. He says Snow is an office stooge around here, but he doesn't want to hear an apology on behalf of TNA. He wants Snow to say he's sorry.

Snow extends his hand to Ryan and says he's sorry. Ryan tells him to get that hand away from him, calling Snow pathetic. He says he manipulated Snow just like he manipulated the 87%. Ryan says tonight isn't about Snow, it isn't about the fans, it's about him. Ryan tells Snow to go ahead and share with everybody the other agreement their legal counsel came to. Snow pulls a TNA contract out of his jacket and hands it to Ryan. Ryan says it's not so tough to do the right thing. Snow starts to say something, but Ryan cuts him off and tells him to turn around so he can sign the contract on Snow's back.

Ryan signs the contract and hands it to Snow, demanding that he be introduced as the NEWEST TNA wrestling superstar. Snow smirks and says Ryan should have read the contract more closely, telling him he doesn't have a permanent spot on the roster yet. The contract he just signed is only for one night, Bound For Glory. Snow says Ryan has his chance to be a star and a chance to be a permanent Impact roster member, and says Ryan's opponent is none other than him: Al Snow. Snow heads up the ramp as Ryan is left looking pissed in the ring.

The camera cuts backstage to Angle and Sting talking. Angle says Aces & 8s jumped him too, and he wants the chance to fight with Sting. Sting says he needs someone who has their mind and plate clear, and as great as Angle is, he doesn't want Angle pulling double duty. He says he'll think about it, but makes no promise.

Angle turns around to leave but runs into Bully Ray. Ray walks up to Sting and tells him that he should be in the World Title match at Bound For Glory, but says that he's not because of Aces & 8s. Ray says he wants them more than anybody else does, and asks what he has to do to prove to Sting that he's the right guy to fight them at the PPV. Sting says Ray is the biggest and baddest bully he's ever known, and tells him to go beat someone up tonight. Sting says he needs a bully, and screams for Ray to prove he has what it takes tonight.


Back from commercial, we head right to the ring for the next match of the night.

TNA Television Championship: RVD VS Samoa Joe {c}

RVD and Joe circle the ring a couple times, staring each other down, before meeting in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. RVD rolls Joe up for a quick 1-count and tries to slap on a leg-bar, but fails to do so. Both men stand up and RVD attempts a kick, but Joe drops him with a clothesline. Joe throws RVD into the corner and nails him with an enzuigeri. He picks RVD up, countering a roll-up attempt with an STF submission. RVD makes it to the ropes and rolls out of the ring.

Joe follows him out and is quickly dropped with a kick to the shins. RVD tries to spear Joe into the guardrails, but Joe counters and throws him into the ring steps. Joe rolls RVD back in the ring and throws him into the corner. RVD counters a clothesline attempt with an elbow and dazes Joe with a kick. RVD hits a jumping thrust kick to drop Joe, and nails Rolling Thunder for the 2-count. He hits Joe with another kick in the corner. Joe counters a monkey-flip attempt, but RVD manages to back out of the slam attempt and hits a cross body. RVD drops Joe with another kick and motions for the Frog Splash. Joe jumps up and hits the Muscle Buster out of nowhere for the win.

Samoa Joe retains via pinfall (4:36)

AJ Styles is shown backstage talking to Hernandez and Chavo about the whole Aces & 8s situation. Chavo cuts him off and tells him not to change the subject, he wants to talk about AJ interfering in his match last week. Daniels and Kazarian walk in and tell the other 3 that they caught Angle talking to Sting, and they say Angle doesn't even want to be in the title match at the PPV because he'd rather team up with Sting. They walk out as Chavo tells AJ to go see whats up with Angle.


Back from commercial, a video of King Mo arriving to the stadium earlier in the night is shown, and Tenay says we should be hearing more from him later on tonight.

The camera cuts to Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talking in the parking lot. Aries says he knows there was some drama between them last week, but they managed to get the win anyways. He says they're cool now, and he's just looking forward to their match at the PPV. Bully Ray walks up to them and says he has good news and bad news. The good news is he's not going to punch both of them in the face right now, but the bad news is he's going to punch one of them in the face later on tonight. He says that Sting told him to prove himself, and what better way to do that than to beat the #1 Contender. Aries interrupts and says that the better challenge would be to beat the World Champion. Ray says that Aries is lucky he isn't facing him at Bound For Glory because Aries knows that Ray would walk away victorious. They begin to argue, but Jeff interrupts and suggests a triple threat match for tonight's main event. Ray likes the idea and walks off as Aries looks pissed that Hardy volunteered him for the match.

We head back to ringside for the next match of the night.

Chavo Guerrero (w/ Hernandez) VS Kurt Angle (w/ AJ Styles)

Chavo and Angle meet in the middle of the ring, and Chavo slaps on a side headlock. Angle manages to toss Chavo into the ropes, but Chavo counters with a shoulder block. He slaps the side headlock back on, but Angle manages to lift him up for a suplex. Chavo doesn't let go of the submission, but Angle manages to stand up again and back Chavo into the corner. He gets out of the submission and stomps on Chavo in the corner. Chavo counters and hits a few punches to the head. He goes for a clothesline, but Angle manages to hit a back body drop counter.

Angle chokes Chavo on the ropes, but breaks the hold before the DQ. He stomps Chavo in the corner and chokes him with a boot. Chavo gets up and hits a couple of punches, but Angle drops him with a massive clothesline. Angle picks him up and hits a vertical suplex for a quick 2-count. He locks on a gut wrench submission, but Chavo gets up and hits Angle with a couple of elbows. He hits the ropes, but Angle counters with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a 1-count. Angle stomps on Chavo and picks him up, but Chavo counters with a series of punches. Chavo counters an Irish whip attempt with a head scissors takedown, and drops Angle with a dropkick for a 1-count. Angle backs himself into the corner, and Chavo meets him there with punches. Angle counters a clothesline attempt with a release belly-to-belly suplex and sets Chavo up for the Angle slam.

Chavo counters the finisher attempt and rolls Angle up for a 2-count. Chavo picks Angle up and goes for the Three Amigos, but Angle counters after the first one and hits his triple German suplex combo. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock, but Chavo counters and hits the Three Amigos successfully. Chavo motions for the Frog Splash and climbs the turnbuckles. Angle rolls out of the way, and hits Chavo with the Angle Slam. Hernandez distracts Angle before he can lock on the Ankle Lock, allowing Chavo to sneak up from behind with the roll-up for the win.

Chavo Guerrero wins via pinfall (6:41)

All four men meet in the ring and begin arguing as Daniels and Kazarian appear on the ramp. Chavo tells them to come down to the ring and talk tough, but the tag champions remain on the ramp and hold up their belts. A replay of the match's finish is shown as we head to commercial.


Once again, we head right to the ring for the next match of the night. Douglas Williams is already in the ring as he awaits his opponent.

TNA X-Division Championship: Douglas Williams VS Zema Ion {c}

Zema wastes no time and slaps Williams in the face before kicking him in the gut. Zema turns around to take off his vest, allowing Williams the chance to mount an offence. He clotheslines Zema right out of the ring. Zema tries to crawl up the ramp, but Williams grabs him and hits him with a couple of punches. Zema throws Williams into the ring post before rolling him back in the ring.

Williams catches Zema with an elbow, but Zema snaps on a unique armbar submission for the quick victory.

Zema Ion retains via submission (1:17)

The ref tries to get Zema to break the hold, but he refuses. The ref reverses his decision, awarding Williams the win, but Zema still retains.

Douglas Williams wins via DQ

Zema Ion grabs a mic and tells Hogan and Sting to not even consider him as a partner for the match against Aces & 8s because there's no way he's putting his good looks at risk. He backs up the ramp with his belt held high as Tenay and Taz hype up tonight's main event. They say that we're going to hear more from King Mo tonight, and they cut to a video package about what events led to this signing. After the video, King Mo is shown heading to the ring as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see Bruce Pritchard and D'Lo Brown watching a match from a recent house show on his iPad. It shows Matt Morgan jumping in the ring and kicking the referee in the face. Pritchard yells at D'Lo for letting it happen, and D'Lo vows that it will never happen again. We head back ringside.

James Storm's music hits and he makes his way to the ring in his street clothes. He grabs a mic as he heads in the ring. Storm says they're only 10 days away from the biggest PPV of the year, Bound For Glory, and 10 days away from the biggest night of his life. He says that he's not going to the PPV to prove he's a better wrestler or fighter, he's going to prove that he's the better man. Storm says that Hogan doesn't like his officials being pushed around, so he appointed a special enforcer in the match. Storm goes on talking about King Mo, but is interrupted by Bobby Roode's music, and Roode makes his way to the stage with a mic in his hand.

Roode says he doesn't give a damn about some Bellator fighter called King Mo, and quite frankly neither should Storm. He says the only thing that should be on his mind is that he has to step in the ring with Roode. He says Storm has never beaten him and rode his coattails during their time in Beer Money. Roode says that Storm got one thing right, this feud has been brewing for a year now, and at the PPV it's going to explode. Roode says that this isn't just a match, it's going to be a fight, and he won't stop until he is standing over Storm's bloody carcass, knowing that he ended Storm's career. Roode says no one can stop him, and he calls King Mo out to the ring. Roode says he is the It Factor of professional wrestling, and there's not a thing that Mo can do to change that.

Sure enough, King Mo's music hits, and he makes his way out to the stage. Roode drops the mic and turns around to confront him. Roode makes fun of Mo's attire and pushes him back. Roode takes off his jacket, but Mo pushes him down to the ground. Mo heads down to the ring as Roode makes his way backstage. Mo gets in the ring and gets right in Storm's face, but Storm raises his arm in the air to loud cheers from the crowd. Storm hands Mo a beer and they celebrate in the ring.

Camera cuts backstage to Hogan and Sting in the office again. Hogan says he's already made his pick, and wrote it down on a piece of paper. Sting says they should wait until after Bully Ray's match tonight, because he saw something in Ray's eyes tonight and wants to see what's going to happen. Hogan says he'll watch the match with Sting. We cut to commercial break.


A shot of Aces & 8s is shown, and they have Joseph Parks tied to a chair and gagged. One of the thugs turns to the camera and says he looks forward to hearing who is going to face his two picks from the gang at Bound For Glory. He says all of his men are willing to die for the brotherhood, and asks Hogan if he can say the same thing about his allies. One of the other thugs sparks a set of jumper cables as the camera fades to black.

Tenay and Taz run down the card for Bound For Glory, and announce that Magnus and Samoa Joe will meet at the PPV to fight for the TNA Television Championship.

We join Christy in the ring to welcome the competitors in tonight's main event.


Bully Ray VS Jeff Hardy VS Austin Aries

Back from commercial and we join the match in progress as Bully Ray drops Hardy down. Aries is shown on the outside, and he climbs in the ring as Ray leaves. Aries and Hardy get the crowd hyped up, but Ray pulls him out of the ring and throws him into the ring post. He charges Aries in the corner but gets caught with a boot and a cross body. Aries charges Ray in the corner, but gets dropped with a boot to the face. Hardy comes out of nowhere and hits Poetry in Motion on Ray. Hardy nails a couple of dropkicks as Ray sits up, and then drops him with a Twist of Fate. He climbs to the top rope and hits a Swanton for a 2-count, but Aries breaks the pin up and throws him to the floor.

Aries locks on a submission, but Hardy comes back in the ring and breaks it up. Aries and Hardy argue, and turn around to get hit with a double clothesline from Ray. Ray throws Hardy out to the floor again, and back-drops Aries outside as well. Ray grabs Aries and attempts to suplex him back in the ring, but Aries drops down and smashes Ray's throat into the ropes. He climbs up top and hits a dropkick on Ray. Aries sets him up for a Brainbuster, but Ray counters. He goes to the corner and looks for his chain, but can't find it (it's around his neck). He grabs the title belt from ringside and hits Aries.

Ray hits the Bubba Bomb on Hardy for the pinfall.

Bully Ray wins via pinfall (4:05)

Ray makes his way up the ramp, screaming into the camera and asking if Sting was watching. Aries is shown in the ring yelling at Hardy for costing him the match. The crowd chants loudly for Hardy as Aries continues to berate him. Hardy dances around in the ring to more cheers as Aries leaves.

Hogan and Sting are shown leaving the office backstage, making their way ringside as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial, Sting's music hits and he and Hogan make their way to the ring as Tenay hypes up the decision they have to make regarding who will join Sting at Bound For Glory. Both men look serious as they climb into the ring and get ready to make the revelation.

Hogan says that Aces & 8s has been running roughshod around the Impact Zone, and says how personal this problem is getting now. Hogan says that he's going to be watching, but it's the man in the trenches they have to worry about: Sting. Hogan says Sting will do whatever he has to do to get Aces & 8s out of TNA for good, but he needs a good partner. Hogan says they've talked to a lot of talent tonight and considered a lot of names for the part, including Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. Hogan says that even Bully Ray wants in. But at the end of the day, Hogan says they need someone who can get the job done. He says that they've made an agreement on who their partner will be, and it is none other than Ken Anderson. Hogan asks Anderson to make his way to the ring, and Anderson's music hits.

Anderson doesn't make his way to the ring however, and the video screen lights up showing Anderson getting beat down by Aces & 8s backstage. Hogan screams for somebody to go and help Anderson. Bully Ray runs down to the ring and grabs the mic from Hogan.

Ray says that Hogan made a mistake picking Anderson over him, and asks Sting to talk some sense into Hogan. He asks if Anderson is really the guy Sting wants by his side when he goes to war. Ray says that Sting needs to go to war with a fellow warrior, and says that no one has proven to be more of a warrior than he has. Ray says Sting needs to convince Hogan of the same thing, and says he wants Aces & 8s gone more than anybody. Ray says Sting needs him to fight, and the fans need him to fight for the company. Ray asks Sting if he knows who he is. Ray says that he is Bully Ray, and he's the guy who will go to war with Sting. Hogan and Sting consider it for a minute, and Sting looks like he's on board. Hogan looks hesitant though. Ray offers his hand to Hogan and says once again that he is Hogan's guy, and he's standing by his brother's (Sting's) side. Sting continues to hype Ray up, and Hogan eventually shakes Ray's hand. Hogan says that Ray is fighting for everybody here, and Ray tells him he's got it as the show goes off the air.

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