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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/22/13
By Nathan Wyatt
Aug 22, 2013 - 11:01:36 PM

August 22, 2013
Norfolk, Virginia
Report by: Nathan Wyatt

We open the show with Bully Ray and Tito Ortiz walking into the building. Bully is on his cell phone and says: "everything is perfect, he's standing with me right now, and he's jacked. Listen I told you, last week was about me, and this week is about us, are you sure you're ready? cause the world is going to be shocked when we tell them the truth, alright baby, I love you too Brookie" Mr. Anderson walks into the picture and Bully Ray introduces Tito and Anderson. Anderson is upset that he didn't know anything about Tito joining Aces and Eights. Bully Ray gets upset and insists, since Tito is with him, he's with the club, and maybe Anderson should be considered with earning his stripes and taking care of business!

Mike Tenay brings us into the show as we hype the show to come. The crowd sounds hot already.

Bobby Roode is out first with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Tenay hypes the impact these three men have had in the BFG series since forming their faction.

Bobby has the microphone. He says first they need to congratulate Bully Ray on becoming a 2 time World Heavyweight Champion last week. Bobby mentions how Bully has "found another friend" along the way and now Bully has the target on his chest because he's the world champion. Bobby says "you're looking at the three men, who will do anything, to get it from you." Bobby says one of them will walk into BFG and become the new heavyweight champion! Bobby continues on how he leaped into 2nd place. Kazarian takes the microphone. Kazarian gives himself props on winning the four way ladder match at Hardcore Justice. Daniels is now on the mic and cuts a solid promo before handing the mic back to Bobby Roode. Roode says "We are 25% of the BFG series, but why would you want to just be 25% when you can be a third." Roode says we need to add 1 more member to this extraordinary group, and that member, that guy is Austin Aries! Roode talks into the camera and tells Aries he can trust him and if he wants a shot to be the World Heavyweight Champion, join us. "Sorry about your damn luck!" James Storm's music hits and out comes Storm and Gunner.

Storm on the mic, Storm talks about trust and he trusted Roode once but "its not a matter of if he turns on ya, its a matter of when." Roode tells Storm he's jealous of him and always has been. Storm back on the mic says "Jealous? The only thing I'm jealous of is a guy that gots a six pack and only got two left!" Storm continues on with Roode and then says he's going to go to the corner, take a drink of cold beer, and then walk back over and punch Roode in his mouth! Storm goes over to the corner and takes his street clothes off, takes a drink of beer. Roode yelling "You don't have the guts!" Storm then jacks Roode right in the jaw. A brawl ensues and Gunner and Storm clean house. Ref out and here we go .. tag team match!

Gunner/Storm Vs Roode/Kazarian

The ref sends Daniels to the back as Storm works on Roode outside and Gunner takes out Kazarian on the opposite side of the ring. Storm pulls Kazarian in the ring, arm wrench and tags Gunner in!

We go to commercial

Back from commercial, Roode enters the ring and slams Gunner's head in the post, runs him to the other side and head first again! Chops from Roode, Gunner comes back with hard forearm and sends Roode off the ropes. Roode reverses with a spinning back elbow. Roode with the cover, barely a 1 count. Roode picks up Gunner and throws him into Kaz's boot. Kazarian in now with forearm shots to Gunner. Whips Gunner off the ropes and hits a spinkick dropping Gunner for a pin attempt. No. Kazarian pulls Gunner up and keeps him in the corner. Kazarian tags in Roode. Kaz and Roode work on Gunner with kicks to the stomach. Roode snaps Gunners neck and goes to stomp Gunner's face. Roode pulls Gunner up and hits a suplex! Roode off the ropes with a knee drop, cover, 2 count. Roode pulls up Gunner and tags Kaz. Kaz in and stomping on Gunner, huge leg drop and pin attempt from Kaz! 2 count. Kazarian "punks out" Gunner, slapping him in the face, talking trash and Gunner fights back with elbow smash to Kaz. Kaz rakes Gunner's eyes, reverses the irish whip attempt and kicks Gunner to the gut! Gunner no sales and picks Kaz up high in the air and drives him down across Gunner's knee! Ouch. Storm and Roode both hot tagged and Storm takes over the action, slamming Roode multiple times. Storm to the corner and hits a boot to the back of the head on Kazarian. Storm to the top, flies down with a big elbow! Pin attempt, 1, 2, Kazarian breaks the pin attempt! Gunner throws Kaz to the outside of the ring and Storm works back on Roode. Storm whips Roode to the ropes, Roode goes for a suplex attempt, Storm hits double knees to the chest and the crowd pops! Storm in the corner for the Last Call, Roode pulls the ref in the way! Kazarian in the ring now to hit Storm but he takes the Last Call! Roode drops down and hits a low blow to Storm while the ref's back is turned. Roode with the pin and the win!

Winners: Roode/Kazarian

We see Austin Aries talking about the offers from MEM and Kaz/Daniels/Roode. He says they cost him 20 points when they distracted him last week. Aries says he has a lot to think about, but by the end of the night, he'll give his answer.

We go to commercial

Back from commercial, out comes Sonjay Dutt! Then we see his opponent, the X Division Champion, Manik! This should be fun.

Sonjay Dutt Vs Manik

Manik charges to the ring and Sonjay leap frogs out of the ring at him, but then gets hip tossed back in by Manik. Manik is thrown to the ropes, tiltawhirl from Sonjay but Manik stops in mid motion and locks his legs around Sonjay's head! Manik then pulls Sonjay down with a pin attempt, only gets 2. Manik with Sonjay off the ropes, pulls Sonjay down to wrench the shoulder. Sonjay now up and off the ropes, with a hurricanrana to Manik! Sonjay pin attempt, 2. Sonjay picks up Manik and whips him to the ropes, Manik flips over Sonjay and goes for a pin attempt, Sonjay roles through and tries a kick by Manik lays back, Sonjay hits a moonsault! Pin attempt 1..2.No. Sonjay picks up Manik and locks an inside submission lock, pulls Manik down for the pin attempt but only a 2. Sonjay locks Manik up with Manik's own arms crossed around his neck. Manik fights his way up and they break up. Sonjay and Manik to the corner, now both men off the ropes and Manik hangs sideways on the ropes to stop the whip, Sonjay charges at Manik and Manik drops down sending Sonjay diving to the outside. Manik runs up and off the top rope to the outside with a kick to Sonjay's face! Manik picks up Sonjay and throws him into the ring. Manik with a springboard dropkick to the back of Sonjay, 2 count. Manik chicken wing on Sonjay, Sonjay out but takes a powerbomb! 1.. 2.. No! Sonjay goes to pull himself up in the corner as Manik works his way up, Manik charges at Sonjay and takes a boot to the face. Manik falls into the corner, Sonjay runs out and comes back with a big face kick! Sonjay with a t-bone suplex to Manik. Sonjay leaps into the ring with a big splash, 1, 2, no! Sonjay shows frustration. Sonjay hits a front slam on Manik and goes up top for a moonsault. Manik moves out of the way as Sonjay roles back from the moonsault and runs at Manik for a head scissors but Manik stops him and pulls him up on the shoulders to nail a go to sleep variation, then Manik's finisher and 1..2...3! Manik wins this fast paced, X Division singles match!

Winner: Manik

We see the Aces and Eights in the back. Devon asks Anderson if he's talked to "his brother" Bully Ray. Anderson pumps the group saying Bully Ray didn't think they were focused but after a pep talk Devon says he's ready to "Testify to that" and the whole group clanks beers. Now on to showing shots of the next four contestants in a BFG series match. Joseph Park, Jay Bradley, Christopher Daniels, and Hernandez.

We go to commercial

Back from commercial, the MEM are planning their strategy and looking worried for tonight's big match with the A&8.

BFG Series Streetfight: 20 Points - Christopher Daniels Vs Joseph Park Vs Jay Bradley Vs Hernandez

Hernandez and Jay Bradley come out during the commercial break. Daniels out next followed by Joseph Park who is accompanied by Eric Young. And into the action we go with all four men brawling in their respective corners. Bradley goes after Park and Hernandez and Daniels brawl on the opposite side. Hernandez throws Daniels to the corner and hits a huge splash! Follows up with a belly to belly and works Daniels in the corner again. Bradley still beating Park and now turns his attention to Hernandez with elbow shots to the back of Super Mex's head and neck. Bradley runs off the ropes and takes a clothesline from Super Mex. Eric Young is in the bottom corner trying to wake up Park by waving a towel at him, classic. Bradley now gets clotheslined over the top rope by Hernandez! Daniels with the roll up pin attempt on Super Mex! Only 2. Daniels tries to roll up Super Mex again, again 2. They begin to trade hands and Daniels off the ropes but gets caught by Super Mex, who drops Daniels down with a back breaker! Bradley in with a steel chair shot across the back of Super Mex to stops the pin attempt. Bradley sets the chair up in the ring and then puts it around Super Mex's neck and throws him to the corner. Then Bradley takes the chair off and hits him in the back with it. Bradley picks up Super Mex and goes for a whip but is reversed and takes a back elbow from Park out of the corner. Park now takes chops from Daniels, Daniels off the ropes and takes a big hip toss from Park. Super Mex and Park double team Daniels, throwing him into Bradley in the corner to stack the two. Super Mex with a big running splash against both men in the corner! Park now runs and hits a splash too!

We go to commercial

Roode and Kazarian come out to the ramp during the break.

Back from the commercial, Daniels is swinging the kendo stick and ready to hit Super Mex but takes a stomp to the gut. Hernandez now drills Daniels with the kendo stick and goes for a powerbomb on the ramp but is reversed by Daniels and takes a nasty back body drop! In the ring Bradley is working on Park with a splash to the corner, misses the boot and Park hits a shoulder block. Park takes a rake to the eyes from Bradley who goes for a chair. Bradley waits for Park to get to a knee and then tries to hit him but Park with a quick double leg! Park boston crab on Bradley but lets go with Kazarian gets on the apron to attack him. Roode and Kaz now brawl on the outside with Eric Young. Roode beats the hell out of Young. Back in the ring Bradley working on Daniels and hits a big boot to the side of the head in the corner! Bradley with a nasty kick between the legs while Daniels was tied up in the corner. BRadley grabs the steel chair and hits Daniels on the back and then positions the chair and hits a back drop on Daniels! Bradley goes to the ropes but is tripped by Kazarian and then gets stomped down outside of the ring by Roode and Kaz. Out of no where Air Mexico from Super Mex on Daniels! Hernandez throws Daniels to the corner, big splash, goes back to the corner and is cut off by Daniels with a knee to the stomach. Super Mex pounces Daniels sending him across the ring! Super Mex lifts up Daniels for the Border Toss, Daniels falls off the back of Hernandez. Austin Aries hits the ring and distracts Super Mex as Daniels hits a running clothesline on him! Aries acts like he's joined the faction, highfiving Roode and Kaz but turns around to highfive Daniels and gives him a brain buster in the middle of the ring! Aries then runs to the back from Roode and Kaz. Bradley drags Park into the ring and pulls out brass knuckles, hits Park across the face and lays him down! Park then sees his blood on his face and freaks out Abyss style, Park with the Black Hole Slam, 1..2..3! Your winner, Joseph Park!

Winner: Joseph Park

Back from the break we see the MEM, Sting is talking about how last week was a bad week and how they're one man short. Rampage gets enraged and says he wants to break Tito's face. Sting says no one will step up and Magnus says "So what?" Magnus goes on to say they don't need anyone else, they will step up. Joe agrees they don't need anyone else, they have all they need right there.

Video package of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan's relationship is shown.

Out comes Bully Ray with Tito Ortiz. Bully says it sounds like the fans are really happy to see him, this of course gets solid heel heat. Bully asks "What are you mad? Are you pissed off? How does it feel, to have the wool pulled over your eyes, again?" Bully says he has one question for everybody, "Do you know who I am?" Huge boos from this crowd. Bully still at it on the mic and gives a rundown of who he is for us. Bully says everything is right in TNA now, which brings him to his new friend, and begins to talk introduce Tito. Ortiz takes the mic and cuts a promo on Rampage Jackson, the crowd chants "You sold out" at Ortiz. Bully takes the mic back and tells us how no one can surprise like him, and if we thought that was a big surprise with Ortiz, we'll all be shocked. "Now I'll expose the secret, that me and my girl been hiding for a long, long time, it's time for the world to know about us, get ready for the love of my life, Brooke honey, get down here right now."

Brooke Hogan's music hits and out comes Brooke Tessmacher! Brooke enters the ring and kisses Bully Ray. The crowd boos loudly. Bully says now that he has the hot Brooke with him, Tito with him, and Taz with him, can anyone doubt that Bully Ray can ever be stopped. Bully says there's only one thing left to do, Brooke then sucks the wedding ring off of Bully's finger and spits it out. Bully holds the title high and they celebrate in the ring.

We see the knockouts on their way out next!

We go to commercial

We're back! We see what went down moments ago with Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher.

Gail Kim Vs ODB

Gail Kim is out first and next out is ODB. ODB and Gail circle each other as the fans chant "ODB" They lock up and ODB throws Gail Kim to her back. Kim and ODB circle and lock up again, again Kim thrown to her back. Kim is angry. Kim goes around ODB and hooks her around the waist, ODB thrusts back and knocks Kim down! ODB runs to the corner at Kim but Kim moves out of the way, ODB catches Kim and runs her head into the turnbuckle. Kim now down in the and takes a running splash from ODB. ODB runs back and gives a bronco buster to Kim! ODB with a pin attempt but only 2. ODB throws Kim to the corner, Kim springs back and over the shoulder of ODB and slides down. Kim off the ropes and takes a shoulder block from ODB. ODB picks up Kim and hits a fallaway slam! Kim rolls out of the ring. ODB is running outside after Kim, Kim back in and ODB follows. Kim ducks ODB and hits her with a flying armbar. Kim now stomping on ODB and works the injured arm of ODB. Kim throws ODB shoudler first into the corner and goes outside onto the apron while holding the arm of ODB. Kim drops down on ODBs arm. Back in the ring ODB kicks Kim to the stomach, then to the face, ODB to the top rope but is reversed by Kim. Kim pulls her down and hits a nasty shoulder breaker! Kim with a the cover, only 2. Kim with a hammer lock on ODB.ODB uses her free arm to fight back but Kim takes her to the mat. Kim to the outside and again goes to drop down on the arm but ODB hits Kim down low with an Uppercut! ODB clothesline on Kim, shoulder block, and then throws Kim to the corner. Gail turns her around and shoots ODB to the corner! ODB hits the boot and climbs to the top. ODB takes Gail's face and rams it in the turnbuckle and her crotch multiple times. ODB lets go and goes to the top rope, hops off with a splash. ODB with the pin attempt but only 2. Both ladies sell the match as Gail works her way up first and goes to the top rope! ODB drops down on the ropes and crashes Gail down in the corner. ODB climbs up the ropes with Gail and hits a huge Superplex! ODB goes for the pin, only 2. ODB picks up Gail on her shoulders but Gail reverses with a Crucifix Pin attempt, 1.. 2.. 3. Winner of this match, Gail Kim!

Winner: Gail Kim

We see up next the MEM and Aces and Eights are getting ready to come out to the ring!

A video package highlighting Jeff Hardy's BFG series last year is shown and Hardy talking about this year.

We see earlier tonight, Austin Aries tricking Bad Influence and Roode. Aries is interviewed backstage. Aries talked about how he doesn't need any help or Dixie Carter liking him and thinking he's gorgeous. All he needs is his God given ability. Great promo from Aries.

Main Event Mafia (Rampage Jackson, Magnus, Samoa Joe, & Sting) and “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson, Knux, Devon, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco)

The loser leaves TNA forever. MEM cleans house on the A&8 to kick off the match and AJ drags Anderson to ringside. AJ slams Anderson into the apron as another “AJ” chant breaks out. Sting slams Knux into the ring steps. Back in the ring AJ whips Anderson into the ropes. AJ leapfrogs him and connects with a huge dropkick! Magnus throws Wes into the ring and whips him into the ropes and catches him with the Tormentum! Magnus tosses Wes into the MEM corner and tags in Joe. Joe beats down Wes in the corner before tossing him to the oppostite corner. Joe runs in with a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri. Pin attempt, no. Wes rakes Joe’s eyes and tags Garett into the match. AJ tags into the match and hits a Fireman’s Carry Back breaker on Garett!

We go to commercial

We're back from the break, MEM are beating on Magnus in their corner. Magnus tires to fight out of the corner and takes huge Cross Body from Knux! 1...2..No. Knux hits a back suplex on Magnus and then tags Devon. Devon hits a Diving Headbutt on Magnus and then chokes him in the ropes. Devon tags Garett back into the match and he stomps Magnus. Garett chokes Magnus on the ropes and then hits a Flapjack for a nearfall. Wes is tagged in and they whip Magnus into their corner. Wes then whips Garett into a running forearm from Garett and Garett whips Magnus into a clothesline from Wes for a nearfall before Joe breaks it up. Anderson is in the match and punches Magnus in the ribs. Anderson slams Magnus and then covers him for a nearfall. Anderson hits the ropes and goes for a cross body but Magnus catches him in the air! Anderson pokes Magnus to the eyes. Anderson tags Devon and then holds Magnus as Devon beats on him. Devon hits a snapmare takeover followed by a leg drop and then a taunt to the crowd. Devon puts Magnus in a chinlock and then he hits the ropes and connects with a shoulder block. Knux tags in scoop slams Magnus. Knux climbs up top and dives off with a guillotine leg drop for a pin attempt, but no. Knux covers Magnus multiple times but Magnus kicks out! Knux goes for a Suplex but Magnus counters into a nasty DDT! Magnus rolls to his corner and gets the hot tag to Sting! Sting with a dropkick to Knux and then the Stinger Splash twice! Sting with the Scorpion but A&8 stop it and MEM jumps in the ring as they begin to all brawl. Rampage rolls into the ring and lays each member of A&8 out with clotheslines and forearms. Rampage hits a big scoop slam on Wes! Knux hits Rampage from behind but then Sting hits the Stinger Death Drop on Knux! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Devon takes out Sting’s knee and puts Knux on top of him, 1...2.. Sting kicks out! Devon tags into the match and beats on Sting in the corner. Devon hits a Scoop Slam on Sting and then climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Headbutt, but Sting rolls out of the way and tags AJ into the match! AJ hits the springboard forearm on Devon and then takes all of A&8 off the ramp! AJ hits a big series of strikes and ends the series with a spinning backfist! AJ hits a Leaping Enziguri on Devon! 1...2...No, Devon's out! Anderson hits AJ from behind and lays kicks to AJ but MEM hits the ring again and cleans house on A&8 as the brawl ensues outside of the ring. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Garett runs in with a clothesline attempt. AJ ducks it and smashes him with the Pele! AJ with a Clothesline on Devon but Devon ducks and Spears AJ, breaking him in half! Devon goes for a slam but AJ blocks it and AJ nails his Styles Clash, 1..2..3!

Winner: MEM & Styles

Bully Ray is in shock as AJ and MEM stand over Devon in the ring. A&8 freak out at ringside as AJ celebrates in the corner. AJ stares Ray down to end the show!


1 - Bobby Roode & Kazarian def. Gunner & James Storm
2 - Manik def. Sonjay Dutt
3 - BFG Series Street Fight: Joseph Park def. Daniels, Hernandez, & Jay Bradley via pinfall (20 points)
4 - Gail Kim def. ODB
5 - 10-Man Loser Leaves TNA Match: MEM & AJ Styles def. Aces & Eights

BFG Series Standings

1 - Magnus (39 points)
2 - Bobby Roode (34 points)
3 - Christopher Daniels (30 points)
4 - Austin Aries (28 points)
5 - Samoa Joe (26 points)
6 - Jeff Hardy (24 points)
Mr. Anderson (24 points)
7 - AJ Styles (22 points)
- Kazarian (22 points)
8 - Joseph Park (17 points)
9 - Hernandez (7 points)
10 - Jay Bradley (0 points)

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