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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Results 9/3/14
By lopSLBM
Sep 3, 2014 - 11:33:07 PM

TNA Impact
Wednesday, September 3rd
Manhattan Center, New York City
Report by lopSLBM

Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King head toward the ring. MVP gets the mic and says there is no one tougher than Lashley. When Samoa Joe walks out, the crowd chants, "Joe is gonna kill you". Joe says Lashley is not the toughest man on the planet, in the city, or the toughest man standing in the ring right now. Joe tells Lashley, if he is really the toughest man, then he will fight Joe tonight. Joe attacks Lashley. Lashley then accepts Joe's offer, saying he will fight him tonight.


Gail Kim (c) vs Taryn Terrell
During the match, Gail drops Taryn with a neck-breaker on the steel steps that got multiple replays. The ending came when Taryn hit a top rope cross-body, but Gail rolled through for the pin.
Winner: Gail Kim
After the match, Havok walks to the ring and attacks Gail and Taryn.

Backstage, MVP reminds Eric Young that Bobby Roode is an out for himself kind of guy. He reminds Eric Young of when Young used to carry Bobby Roode's bags. Eric Young sarcastically says, so this is when I trust you now?


EC3 and Rockstar Spud walk to the ring. EC3 says he is sick of everyone who gets pleasure over his Aunt Dixie going through a table. He says they are cheering for an innocent woman having her back broken by a lunatic. Dixie Carter is a saint and charitable, but the charity ends. The first victim is Rhyno. EC3 says he will hand Rhyno beating after beating after beating for what he is responsible for. EC3 says his violence will continue until his list of commands is met. He says he wants respect, and the crowd responds with "You can't wrestle". Rhino enters the ring and attacks EC3. EC3 is pulled to safety by Rockstar spud. Rhino says he wants EC3 in the ring so he can beat the hell out of him. EC3 responds saying that Rhino will face Rockstar Spud tonight.

Backstage, Brittany stares at Sam Shaw, seductively trying to get his attention. Gunner approaches Sam and says we need to talk about last week. Sam apologizes, and says he just wanted to know what it felt like to be a hero, like Gunner. Gunner forgives him. He says let's go, let's prove ourselves in this match tonight.


Gunner & Sam Shaw vs Magnus & Bram
The ending came when Gunner jumped off the top rope, but he buckled his knee on the landing and was temporarily injured. Bram comes from behind and knocks him down for the pin.

Backstage, Bobby Roode is shown exercising when MVP walks up. MVP asks Bobby if he feels confident that Eric Young won't try to cheat to win. Bobby says he won't do that because they respect each other. MVP argues with Bobby saying that Eric has not forgotten about how Bobby used to make Eric carry his bags.


The Bro Mans are arguing amongst themselves about who their online dates are, when the Beautiful People walk up, as their dates. The Bro Mans admit to the Beautiful People that they hadn't told each other who their dates were. The Beautiful People say that there is no need for competition, and "As long as you keep us happy, we will keep you happy."

Eric Young vs Bobby Roode
Several two-counts from both Eric and Bobby. The finish came when Bobby hit the Roode Bomb.
Winner: Bobby Roode


Backstage, Bobby says he is exhausted, but excited. He is finally back in the World Heavyweight Title picture after seven weeks. Lashley walks up and stares Bobby in the face.
Bully Ray and Devon are shown with Jeremy Borash. Jeremey tells Team 3D that after the first match in the tag team title series, they now get to choose the stipulations. They choose a tables match. Bully ray says that him and Devon have perfected the tables match over the years. He says that all they need is one more match to go into the Hall of Fame as the World Tag Team Champions.

Tigre Uno vs DJ Z vs Crazy Steve vs Manik vs Homicide vs Low Ki
Homicide wins the match with the Gringo Killer.
Winner: Homicide
After the match, James Storm and Senada walk to the ring. Storm gives a thumbs down. Senada attacks Manik, and Senada and Storm drag him out of the arena.


Austin Aries is in the ring, and says that last week Senada spit green mist in his face and Storm interjected as well. Austin Aries challenges Senada and Storm to come out right now so he can fight them two on one. Storm says This is the Great Senada. This is a man who has walked toward the light, and i was able to welcome him with open arms, just like I will do with Manik. He says he instills into them a vision of winning and championships. He says Senada will be the greatest man to ever come out of Japan. Austin replies saying when the crowd thinks of the word, "great", they think of Austin Aries. Austin says Storm has been pissing people off in this company since day one. Austin says Senada turned his back on all of Japan when he turned his back on the Great Muta. Tajiri walks out to the ring and a fight breaks out between them all.

Backstage, Spud asks EC3 why he is facing Rhino. EC3 responds saying it is because he has done nothing. "If you still want your job, there's the ring."


Rockstar Spud vs Rhino
As the match is ending, Spud goes under the ring and grabs a trash can. When Spud is not looking, Rhino knocks Spud down. He hits him with the Gore for the pin.
After the match, EC3 turns his back on Spud and exits the arena.


Main event
Samoa Joe vs Lashley (c)

Joe has Lashley in a rear naked choke when Kenny King comes to the ring and breaks them up. Joe knocks King out of the ring. Lashley spears Joe for the pin. Kenny King joins Lashley as the referee announces him as the winner.

Winner: Lashley

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