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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Results 7/24/14
By lopSLBM
Jul 25, 2014 - 12:01:38 AM

TNA Impact Results
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Report by lopSLBM

The show opens with Austin Aries arriving to the Manhattan Center.

Falls Count Anywhere
Bobby Roode vs MVP

Kurt Angle is shown asking MVP why he is not going to the ring for the FCA match. MVP tries to play the injured card but Angle does not buy it and orders him to the ring. Roode leaves the ring and goes to the back and beats MVP with his crutch. MVP fights back. Both men trade blows. Roode shoves MVP face-first into a wall. The fight comes back into the arena in the stands. Roode clears out a section of fans and sens MVP into the empty chairs. Low blow by MVP. MVP throws beer in Roode's face. MVP hits Roode with a chair. MVP misses his kick and crotches himself on the guardrail. Roode shakes the guardrail up and down and knocks MVP off with a fist to the face. Another low-blow by MVP. MVP sends Roode shoulder first into the ring post for a two count. Roode suplexes MVP on the ramp for an attempted pin, but Kenny King comes down and breaks the count. Eric Young evens the odds and clotheslines King from behind. Young and King fight to the back. Back at ringside, Roode clotheslines MVP. MVP sends Roode into the steps. Back in the ring, MVP hits Roode with a steel chair multiple times and chokes him with it. MVP misses a kick and hits the chair. Roode counters with a kick, sending MVP into the mat in pain. Roode hits MVP in the injured knee with a chair. Roode locks in a sharp-shooter and MVP taps.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Highlights from last week's Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley match is shown.

Jeff Hardy is shown "limping" to the Manhattan Center


Highlights are shown from last week of Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer battling EC3, Rhyno, and Dixie Carter with Dvon returning at the end to help put EC3 through a table.

Backstage, Dixie is asked why she is here tonight. While putting on makeup she says she is here to support her nephew, Ethan, in his match tonight. Dixie promises that by the end of the night she will be the one standing over Bully's dead body.

Jeff Hardy come to the ring and grabs the mic. Hardy says the people wanted Jeff Hardy back and Willow heard. Now Jeff Hardy is back. You haven't seen the end of Willow. Jeff says a person he brought with him tonight will be apart of TNA's future. Jeff introduces his brother, Matt. Matt comes to the ring. A welcome back chant from the fans. Matt says he loves the crazy and passionate NYC fans. Matt thanks Jeff for calling him and inviting him back. Matt says he took off the last couple of years to get healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Matt says he feels like he let the wrestling fans down. A thank you chant ensues. Matt says it's time for the Hardy's to be the World Tag Team Champions one more time, and what better place than at Destination X. Hardy takes a line from Ric Flair and says to be the best you have to beat the best. Right now the best are the Wolves. Matt calls the Wolves to the ring and they come out. The Wolves say they have nothing but respect for what the Hardy's have done to the world of tag team wrestling. The Wolves want to prove they are the greatest tag team of all time and to do that they have to beat the Hardy's. The Wolves accept the Hardy's challenge for the tag team titles at Destination X. They shake hands and leave the ring.

Backstage, Austin Aries is asked if he has made a decision. he says we will find out later tonight.


Back from commercial, Robbie E, Jesse Godderz & DJ Z are in the ring. Robbie grabs the mic and says the Bro Mans are back. Jessie grabs the mic and says that Robbie is no longer afraid of clowns.

DJ Z gets on the mic and says he is better than everybody in the X Division and everyone in NYC. Z says that Destination X will be his time to shine.

Low Ki vs DJ Z w/ Robbie E & Jessie Godderz
Z drops Ki face-first into the corner for a two count. Ki chops Z. Ki baseball slide drop-kicks Godderz through the ropes. Ki sunset flips back into the ring and follows up with a foot stomp to the face of Z. Flying forearm by Ki. Multiple elbow shots by Ki in the corner. Jawbreaker by Z. Dropkick by Ki, followed by a cradle driver for the pin.
Winner: Low Ki

Backstage, Mr. Anderson confirms with Gunner that they have a tag match tonight and to leave his pet project, Samuel Shaw, in the back and not interfere in their match. Shaw tells Anderson that someday he will trust him.


Backstage, Dixie introduces King Mo to EC3, Rhyno, and Rockstar Spud. Dixie tells them that there is no option. they have to take out Bully Ray tonight.

Bram & Magnus vs Gunner & Mr. Anderson
Match starts off with Bram and Gunner trading blows. Big knee to the face by Gunner. Both men bump heads and fall into the mat. Anderson and Magnus tagged in. Neck-breaker by Anderson on Magnus. High back body drop by Anderson on Magnus. Anderson with a roll through slam on Magnus. Magnus counters the mic check and rolls out of the ring. Anderson follows out, but gets slammed head first into the ring post by Bram from behind. Back in the ring, Magnus hits Anderson with the spine-shaker for the pin. After the match, the fight continues between all four. Samuel Shaw comes to the ring and gets in Bram's face, but gets beat down with a pipe that was intended for Gunner. Abyss comes to the ring and starts fighting with Bram. Multiple clotheslines by Abyss on Bram. Abyss throws Bram out of the ring. Magnus hold Bram back to end the segment.
Winners: Bram & Magnus

Backstage, Austin Aries is shown coming to the ring.


Earlier today, Bully Ray is telling Dvon and Dreamer how bad he wants to put Dixie through a table. Dreamer says there is no two other guys he would rather be in the ring with. Dvon: Oh my brother, testify.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring. Angle calls Aries out to the ring. Angle says that ever since Aries created Option C, everybody that has cashed in has went on to become champion. Angle says that Aries has a winning lottery ticket in his hands right now. Bobby Lashley's music interrupts and he heads to the ring with MVP in tow. MVP asks Aries if he has put much thought in the decision he's about to make. MVP tells Aries that Option C worked for him once but he won't catch lighting in a bottle twice. Aries tells MVP that he could do things in this ring that MVP couldn't do with four good legs. Aries hands his X Division title belt to Angle and chooses Option C. Aries tells Lashley, when he beats him next week at Destination X he will create Option D. Option D means he will give the X Division champion a title shot at any event, not just once a year. Lashley says that Aries just made the biggest mistake of his life. Kurt Angle confirms the decision official.


TNA Knockout Championship
Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim (c)

Kim with a flying forearm. Kim misses a dropkick. Roll up by Taryn for a two count. Sunset flip by Taryn for a two count. Monkey Flip by Taryn. Top rope clothesline by Taryn for a two count. Kim catches an elbow to the face. Taryn goes up top. Kim follows up and throws her to the mat for a two count. Kim off the top with a missile drop kick for a two count. Both hit cross bodies at the same time. Clothesline by Taryn followed by a suplex and then a swinging neck breaker. Taryn goes up top. The beautiful people hit the ring. Velvet knocks Taryn off the top. Angelina gives Kim the botox injection. Velvet plants Taryn. The Beautiful people leave the ring.
No Contest

Backstage, The Great Muta is shown walking to the ring.


Backstage, Dixie Carter is shown talking on the phone, telling someone to wait in the car until she tells her guys to come get him. Dixie turns around and tells King Mo, "Let's go find our seats".

Robbie E vs The Great Muta
The match starts off with Robbie in control. Robbie pushes the ref down for breaking a five count. Robbie turns around and gets green mist in the eyes. Corkscrew elbow by Muta. Dragon screw leg whip by Muta followed by the shining wizard for the pin.
Winner: The Great Muta

After the match, Cowboy James Storm walks to the ring with a mic in hand. Storm calls Muta a great fraud. Storm spits beer in Muta's face and begins attacking him. Sanada comes to the ring with a chair to make the save and Storm escapes. Storm walks up the ramp. Muta gets to his feet and spits red mist into the air. Sanada hits Muta with a chair from behind. Sanada sprays red mist and hits Muta with a top rope moonsault. Sanada leaves the ring and bows to Storm as the two head to the back.


NYC Street Fight
Rockstar Spud, Rhyno, and Ethan Carter III vs Tommy Dreamer, Dvon, and Bully Ray

The match starts off with team 3D. Dreamer nails Rhyno in the head with a cookie sheet.


Back from commercial and Bully Ray drops EC3 with a big elbow to the head. Dreamer throws a trash can full of weapons into the ring. Bully ray picks up the cheese grater and rubs it across EC3's chest. Dvon places trash can lid across EC3's crotch, and he and dreamer take turns hitting it. Rhyno enters the ring and nails Dreamer with a cookie sheet. Rhyno clotheslines Dvon. Rhyno wedges a trash can in the corner. Dvon counters a kick from Rhyno and sends him face-first into the wedges trash can. Rockstar Spud mounts Dvon in the corner for ten shots to the head, which does not phase Dvon. Bully puts Spud on his shoulders and Dvon goes up top and hits the doomsday clothesline. Team 3D double drop EC3. Dreamer puts Ec3 in the tree of woe. Bully places a trash can in front of EC3's face. Dreamer hits the baseball slide dropkick on the trash can/EC3. Bully slams Rhyno and tells Dvon to go up top. Bully and Dreamer spread Rhyno's legs apart, and Dvon comes off the top with a headbutt to the crotch. Team 3D and Dreamer all slap each other's chest and Dreamer says, "Get the tables". As Dvon reaches for the tables, a hooded character attacks him from behind. Security grabs the hooded man and Bully pulls him over the guardrail. In the ring, Dreamer hits Spud with a pile driver. dreamer hits EC3 with a Russian leg sweep and a Singapore cane. Dreamer starts beating EC3 with a cane. Dreamer sets EC3 up for a pile-driver on a chair, but another hooded character who is revealed to be Ezekiel Jackson clotheslines Dreamer. EC3 drives Dreamer into the chair for the pin.
Winners: Rockstar Spud, Rhyno, and Ethan Carter III

Dixie Carter and King Mo come to the ring. Dixie orders the security to let the first hooded character go, who is revealed to be Gene Snitsky. In the ring, Rhyno hits Dvon with the gore. Rhyno, Ezekial, EC3, and Snitsky beat down Bully. Ezekiel drives Dreamer to the mat. Snitsky choke slams Bully Ray. Everyone stands over Team 3D and Dreamer as the show goes off the air.

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