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Posted in: Impact
TNA Impact Wrestling Results - 06/13/13
By TheCrow
Jun 13, 2013 - 11:00:00 PM

Previously, on Impact Wrestling… MMA superstar Rampage Jackson debuted on Impact Wrestling, declaring he wanted to beat the best, with Kurt Angle answering the challenge. With a handful of spots in the BFG Series already claimed, who else will make it into the tournament after tonight's BFG Series Selection Show? And how will Hulk Hogan respond to his daughter getting between him and Bully Ray? Impact Wrestling starts now…

Hulk Hogan's music hits, and out he comes to the ring as Mike Tenay welcomes everybody to Atlanta, Georgia. Hogan starts to talk about last week when he almost smashed Bully Ray's skull in with a hammer. He says that because of everything going on, he ordered Brooke Hogan to stay at home for the night, and that's all he has to say on the matter. Hogan says that tonight's show is all about filling spots in the Bound For Glory Series tournament. Hogan hypes up that Samoa Joe, Hernandez and Jay Bradley have already claimed their spots, as well as the two previous winners of this tournament as Hogan has decided to give them both free passes. Hogan says that he wants to kick off the night by bringing out Jeff Hardy, and Hardy's music hits.

Hardy comes to the ring with a mic in hand. He says that he's tired of hammers, tired of Aces & Eights, and that he's going to win the tournament again this year and go on to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Before he can get anything else out, Bobby Roode's music hits and out comes the 'It Factor'. Roode says that he was the longest reigning and most dominant champion in the history of the company, and that if they're going to talk about the Bound For Glory Series, they should look at him. He says he's going to go 2 for 2 and win again this year. Roode gets in Hardy's face, but Hogan pipes up and says that Open Fight Night will return next week, and the fans will get to vote on which of these two gets the first call-out. Roode says he hopes the fans vote for him, because he'll come out next week and call out Jeff Hardy, and kick his ass. Hardy gets in Roode's face and tells him to kick his ass now, but Aces & Eights' music hits and out they come through the crowd.

Bully Ray wants to know what's going on in the ring, and asks if any of those three men have given the Bound For Glory Series any thought. He says at the end of the day, the winner of the tournament has to face the World Heavyweight Champion, and they all know who that is. Bully Ray says he has a bigger problem to deal with though, and asks Hogan why none of the members of Aces & Eights are in the tournament. Hogan says he's been giving that some thought, and says that he decided to give ONE spot in the tournament to a member of the group. That participant will be decided by a battle royal of Aces & Eights participants tonight. Bully Ray says that is typical Hogan, but it doesn't matter. Whoever makes it into the tournament is going to win. For now though, Bully Ray says that his targets are the two wrestlers in the ring, and sends Briscoe and Bischoff to take out Hardy and Roode. Bischoff and Briscoe are quickly disposed of, but Roode hits Hardy from behind before escaping up the ramp.

Kazarian and Daniels are backstage, talking about the new Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Gunner. Kaz says that Storm seems to have had more partners lately than Taylor Swift and that Gunner's appearance scares children, but not Bad Influence. Daniels says the cards are stacked in their favour, because they have a chance tonight to make it into the Bound For Glory Series tournament by defeating Storm and Gunner. Daniels says he doesn't care which one of them makes it to the end, because that person is going to win it all and become World Heavyweight Champion.

We head off for the first commercial break of the night.


Back from commercial, and we join Christy Hemme in the ring to introduce the first match of the night.

Match 1: BFG Series Qualifier Match: Bad Influence (Daniels & Kazarian) vs James Storm & Gunner

Storm and Daniels kick things off in the ring. Storm backs Daniels into the corner before being separated by the ref. Daniels goes for a clothesline, but Storm counters and throws Daniels into the ropes. Daniels stumbles into the corner and takes a punch from Gunner. Storm backs Daniels back into the corner and tags in his partner. Gunner and Storm nail a double shoulder block for a 2 count, but Daniels manages to escape and tag in Kazarian.

Kazarian lands a couple of quick strikes, but is quickly slammed down by Gunner. Gunner lifts Kaz up for a fireman's carry, but Kaz counters. Daniels trips Gunner from the outside, allowing Kazarian to hit a springboard leg drop. Daniels is tagged back in, and he quickly lands a few strikes on the fallen Gunner. Daniels tags in his partner again, and Kaz hits an elbow drop to the back of Gunner's head, getting a 2-count. Daniels and Kaz attempt a double-team move, but Gunner counters and clotheslines them both before tagging in Storm. Storm whips Kaz into the corner before driving him into the mat for a 1-count, interrupted by Daniels. Gunner is tagged back in and lands a running knee to the jaw of Kaz. Gunner lifts Kaz for a torture rack, but Daniels jumps in the ring and tosses Gunner to the floor.

Daniels and Kaz attempt to double-team Storm, but Storm manages to counter and toss Daniels to the outside. He drives Kaz to the mat and sets him up for the Last Call. Daniels climbs to the ring apron and smashes Storm over the head with a title belt, allowing Kaz to steal the win, gaining both men entry into the Bound For Glory Series.

Winners: Bad Influence

Still to come…

Sting will make an appearance to talk about his future in the company. Also, will it be AJ Styles or Kurt Angle who make it into the Bound For Glory Series?

Crimson is walking backstage, and the cameraman asks him where he's been. Crimson says that he's been away for 12 months, and says that the cameraman wants to know what he's doing there? Crimson says he doesn't think so, and walks off.


Back from the break, we join Velvet Sky backstage, and she's holding up a big envelope. She says that inside the envelope is something that's going to make Mickie James very happy, and she'll be out at the ring soon to share the great news with everybody.

Mike Tenay brings us back ringside for another Bound For Glory Series Qualifier match.

Match 2: BFG Series Qualifier Match: Crimson vs Joseph Park

Crimson quickly drops Park to the mat with a kick to the gut. Crimson turns to yell at the crowd, and turns around to a fist from Park. Park drops Crimson with an arm drag, but Crimson quickly comes back with an explosive clothesline. Crimson throws Park into the corner, and Park rolls to the outside. Crimson joins him on the floor and drives Park face-first into the ring apron. Crimson tosses Park back into the ring. Park is dropped with a big neckbreaker. Crimson plays to the crowd again, and turns around to a punch to the gut from Park. Park lands a couple more strikes, but Crimson recovers and levels Park with a massive spinebuster. Crimson lines up to crush Park in the corner, but Park jumps out of the way. Crimson hits the turnbuckles hard, and Park rolls him up for the quick win.

Winner: Joseph Park

Mickie James is in her locker room backstage, saying that it's really sweet of Velvet to get her something. Mickie asks her reflection in the mirror if she's ready, and answers that yes, she is as we head to commercial.


Back from the break, and Velvet Sky is making her way out to the ring with that envelope. She grabs a mic, and says that she needs to clear the air about something that's been on her mind. Velvet says that ever since she lost her belt to Mickie, it seems like their friendship has been up in the air. She says that she has the answer to their problems in the envelope, and asks Mickie to join her in the ring. Mickie's music hits, and out comes the Knockouts Champion.

Mickie says that she might be the Knockouts Champion, but Velvet is the Knockout of the month. She says that maybe she should have gotten Velvet something instead. Velvet opens the envelope and hands Mickie a piece of paper. She says that it's official clearance from her doctor, clearing her to wrestle, and that means that it's time for a rematch! Mickie says that it could very well be a fake, which Velvet assures her it is not. Mickie says that may be, but the paper says that Velvet was cleared yesterday, and that from what she can see Velvet is still hurt. Before Velvet can say anything, Mickie drops her with a big kick to the knee and locks in a submission, forcing a group of referees to the ring to break them up. Mickie looks on as Velvet struggles to get up, laughing as she backs up the ramp.

Matt Morgan is backstage, saying that we are looking at the man who Sting couldn't pin, submit or beat, but he still has to qualify for the BFG Series? Morgan says that just like Sting couldn't beat him, his opponents won't be able to tonight either, and he's going to go on to become the World Heavyweight Champion.


Back from the break, and the entrances for the next match have already begun.

Match 3: BFG Series Qualifier Match: Magnus vs Kenny King vs Rob Terry vs Matt Morgan

Morgan and King start things off in the ring, but King tags in Rob Terry before the action starts. Morgan and Terry take turns trying to clothesline the other, with neither man able to knock the other down. King distracts Terry from the ring apron, allowing Morgan to drop Terry with a clothesline to the back of the head. Morgan backs Terry into the corner and nails a series of headbutts before choking him out with his boot. King hops in the ring and stomps on Terry. Terry doesn't seem too affected by any of Kings attempted offence, so King tags Morgan back in. Morgan drops Terry with a big fist and starts to talk some trash. Morgan with a big kick to the gut and runs into the ropes for a clothesline, but King distracts him and jumps into the ring. King and Terry tie up in the middle of the ring, but Terry is able to power out and drive King to the mat before tagging in Magnus.

Magnus quickly drops King with a clothesline and runs to attack Morgan as well, but Morgan drops down to the outside. King attempts a cross body from the top rope, but is caught by Magnus and driven to the mat. Morgan climbs to the top rope and nails a massive elbow drop for a 2-count, which is broken up by Morgan. Terry jumps back in the ring as well and backs Morgan into the corner with a series of punches. King drops Magnus with a spinning leg lariat, but turns around into a chokeslam from Terry. Morgan nails the Carbon Footprint on Terry, but is tossed outside by Magnus. Magnus drives King to the mat with his finisher for the win.

Winner: Magnus

Tenay says that Sting will be out to talk about his future next, right after the commercial break.


Back from the break, and Eric Young is backstage in the locker room. He says that he's going to try to make it into the BFG Series by reeling in Austin Aries. He says he's nervous and excited, but he's going to try to get it done.

A video package airs, highlighting the encounter between Rampage and Kurt Angle last week. Rampage is shown in the locker room backstage, and Tenay wonders what he's going to say tonight.

Another video package airs, highlighting the World Championship match between Bully Ray and Sting from Slammiversary. After the video, we return ringside as Sting's music hits, and out comes The Icon, looking none too pleased. He slowly makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Sting says that it's good to be back in Atlanta. He says that one year ago, he became the first member of the TNA Hall of Fame, and that a lot has happened since then. Sting says that at Slammiversary, he got what he wanted: one, and only one, title shot against Bully Ray, which he lost. Sting says that he knows he can never challenge for the belt ever again. Sting says that there's one thing about that match that he's never going to forget, and that's the fact that there wasn't a single wrestler that came out to help him when he was getting beaten by Aces & Eights. Sting says that Aces & Eights is like a fine-tuned machine, always having each others' backs, just like family. Sting says that he's realized he has to go back to a place he never thought he'd have to go back to again, and he's going to create his own family, a group he can trust, his own new….mafia. His own new MAIN EVENT MAFIA! Sting says that the new Main Event Mafia will rise, and that Aces & Eights will fall. Sting drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd as Tenay and Taz try to come to grips with what they just heard as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, and a quick recap airs of Sting's promo. Tenay says that still to come, we have the main event of AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle, but for now we join Christy Hemme in the ring for another BFG Series Qualifier match.

Match 4: BFG Series Qualifier Match: Eric Young (w/ ODB) vs Austin Aries

Aries and Young tie up in the middle of the ring and exchange wrestling throws and holds, with neither man able to gain the upper hand. Aries finally manages to take Young down, before laying down across the top ropes in the corner in his signature pose. ODB climbs in the ring to pose with her husband, but Young drops her with a suplex. Aries looks on confused as Young lies across the ropes and ODB rolls out of the ring. Young takes control in the ring, but Aries manages to dodge a clothesline attempt and roll to the outside. Aries gets in ODB's face, but sees Young charging at him and slams his neck down on the ropes. Aries climbs back in the ring and chokes Young against the ropes before being separated by the ref. Aries gets a quick 2-count, getting up and cranking back the head of Young into a submission. Aries lets him up and throws Young into the corner, landing a few big chops to Young's chest.

Aries tosses Young to the corner again, but Young manages to roll out of the ring before coming back in to clothesline Aries. Aries tries to escape to the ring apron but is knocked down by Young. Young runs the ropes and nails a big cross body to the outside, dropping Aries to the floor. Both men make it back to the ring, but Aries gets dropped by a belly-to-belly suplex. Young climbs to the top rope after a kiss from ODB, but Aries recovers enough to knock him down. Aries lifts Young in the air for a massive brain buster, pinning him for a 3-count.

Winner: Austin Aries

Aces & Eights is shown backstage. Bully Ray says that Hogan thinks he has the club right where he wants them, but that they're just fine. They drew cards to determine who would win the Aces & Eights battle royal tonight, and everyone agrees (some reluctantly) that that's the plan they're going with. The crew heads out to the ring as we head to commercial.


Back from the break, and Chris Sabin is backstage talking about the struggles he's had to go through to get back to the ring. He said that when he came back a year ago, he was only back for seven matches. He says that he's thought about that time a lot, and wonders if he could have been the one who got the World Heavyweight Championship, but that it's all in the past now. He says that he doesn't know if he's going to trade in the belt he's worked so hard for.

Match 5: BFG Series Qualifier Battle Royal: Devon vs Ken Anderson vs Wes Brisco vs D.O.C. vs Garrett Bischoff vs Mike Knox

All six men circle around the ring, none wanting to make a move on one of his brothers. Anderson walks into the middle of the circle and pretends to shoot Brisco, who then jumps over the top rope to eliminate himself. Anderson turns his attention to Bischoff while imitating Hulk Hogan, jokingly throwing him out of the ring. Knox is next, and he feigns being terrified of Anderson, before getting hit by the "deadly finger poke" and jumping over the top. Anderson tells Devon to get the tables, and Devon jumps over the top, eliminating himself and mocking disappointment. Only D.O.C. and Anderson remain in the ring, and D.O.C. looks pissed. Anderson motions for D.O.C. to go over the top, but he just stands in the middle of the ring as his club mates urge him to cooperate. D.O.C. slowly walks towards the ropes and takes one step over before hesitating and turning back towards Anderson. Anderson gets in his face and starts yelling at him, saying that their president told him to go along with the plan. D.O.C. drops Anderson with a big punch and stomps him into the ground. Anderson manages to recover long enough to throw D.O.C. over the top, winning the spot in the tournament.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

D.O.C. walks towards the back, followed by a very confused Aces & Eights.

Kurt Angle is backstage, and Rampage comes up and asks him if he has a minute. Rampage wants to know what Angle meant last week when he said "come find me when you're ready." Angle says he meant no offence, and that Rampage may be a world class athlete, but he's not ready to face him yet. Angle says it would be like him going to Bellator and challenging Rampage to a fight. Rampage says he gets it, and wishes Angle luck in his match against AJ Styles tonight. They bump fists, and go their separate ways as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, and Aces & Eights are back in the clubhouse, yelling at D.O.C. for not sticking to the plan. Bully Ray demands silence, and says that all D.O.C. had to do was play along. He says he likes D.O.C.'s passion, but that they should have stuck to the plan, and that the in-fighting wasn't going to go well with him. D.O.C. says that he gets that and that it's his bad, and that tonight he's going to step up and take out AJ Styles. Bully Ray tells him to get the job done.

Back to ringside, and Tenay is hyping up the Open Fight Night next week, as well as the starting of the Bound For Glory Series. For now though, we join Christy Hemme in the ring for the introductions of tonight's main event.

Match 6: BFG Series Qualifier Match: Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

Angle backs Styles into the corner, but is backed off by the ref. Styles and Angle exchange holds in the middle of the ring, before Styles finally manages to drop Angle with a big dropkick. Styles nails Angle with an elbow on the ground before tossing him into the corner and hitting a big splash. Styles lifts Angle up and slams Angle's back down across his knee. Angle recovers and drops Styles in the corner with a series of kicks and stomps before being forced back by the ref. Styles takes advantage of the distraction and lands a couple of strikes before dropping Angle with a quick snap suplex. He lifts Angle up and attempts another suplex, but is blocked by Angle. Before Angle can take control, Styles hits a snap suplex into the turnbuckle, leaving Angle flat on the mat. Rampage is shown backstage watching the match on a monitor as we head to commercial.

Back from the break, and Styles has taken control with Angle down in a headlock. Angle tries to fight back, but gets thrown to the outside. Styles charges and leaps over the rope, knocking Angle right into the announce table. Styles lands a big forearm strike on Angle before climbing back in the ring to break the count. Styles comes back to the outside and charges at Angle, but Angle counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle rolls Styles back in the ring for a quick 1-count. He locks on a choke submission, driving a knee into Styles' back. Styles manages to get up to his feet and punches Angle to get out of the hold. Styles attempts a clothesline, but is caught in a backbreaker by Angle. Styles fights out of another pin, but Angle locks on a gut wrench submission. Styles manages to fight out of it, and both men exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Styles speeds things up and lands a series of punches and kicks, finally dropping Angle with a big clothesline. Both men are down, but make it to their feet before the count of ten. Styles lands a big boot to the side of Angle's head before a big springboard forearm for the 2-count. Angle struggles to get to his feet, but quickly manages to get behind Styles for the triple German suplex.

Angle lifts Styles for the Angle Slam, but Styles manages to counter it into a big DDT. Styles goes for the pin, but Angle kicks out just in time. Angle backs into a corner and Styles charges at him for a splash, but Angle manages to roll out of the way. Angle hits the Angle Slam and goes for the pin, but Styles somehow kicks out at 2. Angle drops the straps and locks in the ankle lock. Styles struggles, reaching for the ropes, but manages to roll over and reverse the lock back on to Angle. Angle reverses it again, locking it back in, but Styles manages to get up and drop Angle with a slam. Styles with a big kick to Angle's face, and he's headed to the top rope. Before he can turn around, Angle slams Styles down. Angle tries to take control, but Styles hits a massive DDT in the corner. Angle is down for the count as Styles lifts him up. Before he can do anything, D.O.C. and Knox charge into the ring while the ref is distracted. Angle manages to fight them off, but Styles takes the opportunity to roll him up for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

D.O.C., Knox and Anderson get back in the ring and proceed to beat the hell out of Angle. Rampage charges down to the ring and Knox and Anderson run away. Rampage swings a steel chain at D.O.C., but he manages to dodge the blow and escape the ring. Aces & Eights circles the ring as Angle and Rampage stand tall in the middle of the ring, eventually deciding to leave as Angle's music plays to end the show.

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