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Posted in: Impact
TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 6/21/12
By TheCrow
Jun 21, 2012 - 8:10:47 PM

Tonight's iMPACT kicks off with a video package looking at James Storm's return to TNA, as well as Hulk Hogan giving Aries the choice to drop his X-Division Championship for a shot at Bobby Roode at Destination X.

Mike Tenay welcomes everybody to iMPACT as Hulk Hogan's music hits.

Hogan makes his way to the ring to a loud chorus of cheers. He grabs a mic and tells the fans that when you ask for change, you have to be ready for it. He says that what happened to Sting last week was not right, but he's not going to give those thugs any more exposure on TV. Hogan says they'll find out who was behind the attack eventually, and those responsible will be dealt with. He moves on to saying that both "Open Fight Night" and the "Bound For Glory Series" are going to see some action tonight, but first he had some business to take care of. Hogan says it's a little after 8:00, and he wants Aries to come to the ring and make a decision.

Aries' music hits and he comes out to the ring, grabbing a mic will he's at ringside. Aries asks the crowd to quiet down since he has something important to say. He says that last week, Hogan gave him a great opportunity by offering him a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, but he had to relinquish the X-Division Championship first. Aries says that Option A was to hand over his belt and take the shot at Bobby Roode and Option B was to continue his reign as X-Division champion. He says that everyone wants to be the man, and to be the man you have to be World Heavyweight Championship. But, Aries said, the X-DIvision belt is the championship that TNA was built on, showcasing some of the best wrestlers the company has ever seen. Aries says that he's afraid that if he hands over the belt it won't mean anything, and that he wants to take Option C.

Hogan cuts Aries off and says that this isn't like it used to be, he's not going to let one man hold the belt of two divisions. Aries says that he doesn't play games, and that he's willing to hand over the belt under one condition: every year around Destination X, whoever is holding the X-Division Championship gets the same opportunity he did. They get to trade in the X-Division belt for a shot at the World Championship. Hogan says that he thinks Aries is a true visionary, and he agrees to the terms of Option C.

Bobby Roode's music hits, and here comes the World Heavyweight Championship. Roode says he told Hogan to stay in his GM office, and asks Aries who the hell he thinks he is. Roode says the X-Division Championship means nothing to him and that he holds the only true championship. Roode says Aries has just made the biggest mistake of his life. He says he's the best wrestler alive, and that at Destination X he is going to embarrass Aries. Aries says that it's "Open Fight Night", and if Roode is so sure he can beat him he should get his ass to the ring and prove it. Roode runs to the ring and he and Aries brawl around ringside before security breaks it up. Aries is backed up the ramp as Roode throws a tantrum.

Mr. Anderson's music hits and he appears on stage, grabbing a mic as it lowers from the ceiling. He says that he could sit and watch Aries and Roode fight it out all day, and they can continue when he's done talking. Anderson says that it doesn't matter who wins at Destination X, because he's coming for the title. Mike Tenay announces that Anderson is the first "Open Fight Night" competitor tonight, and says we'll find out who he's challenging after this commercial break.


Back from commercial, and Tenay gives us a brief explanation of how the "Bound For Glory Series" point system works. Up next is tonight's first match. Anderson is in the ring with a mic and welcomes the fans to Open Fight Night. Anderson says that there's a guy backstage who has intentionally tried to destroy a guy's family, and that man is Christopher Daniels. Daniels is shown backstage with a martini in hand and looks shocked as he walks down to the ring, still sipping his drink

Match 1: Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels

Tenay informs everybody that every match in the "Bound For Glory Series" is going to have a 10 minute time limit, regardless of whether it was on iMPACT or a PPV event.

Daniels takes control early with a body stretch submission hold. Anderson counters with an arm drag and throws a big clothesline to knock down Daniels. Both men exchange punches in the centre of the ring. Daniels tries to throw Anderson into the corner, but Anderson counters with another big clothesline. Anderson goes for a Mic Check, but Daniels counters and slams Anderson to the mat. Daniels plays to the crowd, and Anderson surprises him with a rollup for a quick 2 count. Daniels goes to grab Anderson again, but Anderson counters with a Mic Check for the win, and 7 points.

Winner: Mr. Anderson (3:06)

The camera cuts backstage to AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. Styles says that the more he thinks about what they're doing, the more he thinks it's a bad idea. Dixie pleads with Styles to reconsider. Styles says that maybe there's another way, looking reluctant.

The Knockouts are shown backstage as Tenay wonders who is going to challenge the reigning Knockouts champion Miss Tessmacher tonight. We go to commercial.


The Knockouts are shown again and Brooke Hogan is talking about the premiere of Montgomery Gentry's music video tonight. Madison Rayne interrupts and asks Brooke why she called this meeting. Brooke says she wants to know why these Knockouts want the title, and she asks ODB to start.

ODB says that she wants the belt because she's different than any other Knockout. Madison says she deserves it because she was champion for a very long time. Velvet Sky says she deserves it because she never got her rematch. Mickie James says she is the best female wrestler alive today, and says that she deserves it more than anybody. Madison interrupts again and says aside from Gail Kim, she is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history. Brooke Hogan says she doesn't care and that Madison isn't focused enough on winning the belt. She says Madison needs to get her head back in the game before she'll get a shot at the championship. Brooke says she has one more elimination to make later on.

Robbie E. and Rob Terry are in the ring. Robbie E. has a mic and says he isn't afraid of anybody in the "Bound For Glory Series", and says that he challenges anybody that wants to come fight to come to the ring. Angle rips off his shirt and makes his way to the ring.

Match 2: Robbie E. vs. Kurt Angle

Angle hits Robbie with 3 quick German Suplexes before hitting the Angle Slam. Angle drops the straps of his singlet and puts Robbie E. in an ankle lock for a quick submission win, as well as 10 points.

Winner: Kurt Angle (0:33)

Taeler Hendrix is tonight's Gut Check competitor. A video package is shown of some of her matches, and she says that this is all she's wanted to do for a long time. She says that she was diagnosed with cancer at 21 and had to overcome that massive obstacle to make it where she is now. Hendrix says she's not going to stop until she's held every female championship in TNA.

Magnus makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand. He says that this "Bound For Glory Series" means everything to him. He says he has a challenge to make, and we'll find out who his opponent will be after a commercial break.


Back from commercial, we go back to Magnus in the ring. He says he's going to call somebody out who's head isn't in the game. He says he knows what it's like to have women troubles, but he doesn't screw around with another man's wife, especially when she's the one who signs the cheques. Magnus announces that he's calling out the home wrecker, AJ Styles.

Match 3: Magnus vs. AJ Styles

Styles looks pissed off as he runs to the ring and unleashes a series of punches and kicks on Magnus. Styles slams Magnus down and climbs to the top rope to hit a big cross body. Magnus catches him in midair and hits a big vertical suplex. Magnus goes for the cover but Styles kicks out at 1. Styles counters a clothesline attempt with a big dropkick. Styles goes for the Pele Kick but Magnus moves out of the way and snaps on a sleeper hold. Styles gets up and backs Magnus into the corner, hitting a big splash.

Styles drags Magnus into the centre of the ring for the Styles Clash, but Magnus counters again. Styles hits a big kick to the head of Magnus and climbs to the top rope again. Before he can hit anything, Daniels and Kazarian come to ringside holding a piece of paper and distract him. Magnus takes advantage and slams Styles down for the win, and 7 points.

Winner: Magnus (2:27)

Taeler Hendrix is shown stretching backstage, and Tenay announces that her Gut Check segment will be up after this commercial break.


Back from commercial, Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he announces that it's time for Gut Check. He introduces Taeler Hendrix to the crowd. Her opponent for tonight will be Tara.

Match 4: Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara

Hendrix offers her hand for a shake but Tara slaps it away. Tara slams Hendrix to the ground and pulls up her head by her hair, screaming "YOU WANNA BE A KNOCKOUT?" in her face. Hendrix quickly rolls Tara up, but she kicks out. Tara grabs Hendrix's hair again and drags her into the corner, climbing to the top rope. Hendrix kicks Tara in the head and throws her down with a big head scissors. Tara goes for a clothesline, but Hendrix kicks her in the gut, hitting a couple of quick neck breakers. Hendrix grabs Tara by the hair and slams her face into the mat. Tara counters another clothesline attempt and hits the Widow's Peak for the win.

Winner: Tara (2:32)

Tenay and Taz recap the match. Tara raises Hendrix's hand in the middle of the ring in a show of respect.

The remaining group of Open Fight Night competitors are shown backstage as Tenay announces the next match is coming up right after a commercial break.


Joseph Park is shown backstage being escorted by security. Bully Ray approaches and tells the security guard to get lost. He gets in Park's face and says he can smell the fear coming off of him. Park admits he was scared, but not as scared as Ray was when Abyss took him out in the ring last week. Ray pushed Park away and says that if he sees Park or Abyss around again, it will be the last time either one of them are seen. Ray calls Park a stupid bastard and storms off.

Camera go to ringside with Tenay and Taz as they recap the Aries segment from earlier tonight. As they are heaping praise on Aries, they are cut off by Samoa Joe's music, and the cameras cut to Joe on his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and says that since no one in the back has the guts to challenge him, he decided to come out and kick things off. He says that James Storm got lucky last week and dodged a bullet, so he wants to find out just how lucky Storm is. Joe calls Storm to the ring.

Storm looks a bit shocked, but makes his way down as his music hits.

Match 5: Samoa Joe vs. James Storm

Storm goes right for Joe, but Joe knocks him down and backs him into the corner with a series of punches. Joe hits a big enzuigeri in the corner and goes to slap on an arm bar, but Storm makes it to the ropes. Joe backs Storm into the corner again and applies some pressure on his shoulder. Joe flips Storm back to the mat and slaps on a shoulder submission. Storm battles out and goes to hit a clothesline, but Joe counters with a quick snap slam. Joe goes for the pin, but Storm makes it to the ropes again.

Joe hits some punches before slamming his forearm into Storm's shoulder. Storm gets up and the two men exchange punches before Joe hits a big arm breaker. Joe tries to apply another submission, but Storm battles out of it and hits a few big punches. Joe goes for a clothesline but Storm dodges and hits an inverted atomic drop. Storm hits a flying shoulderblock to knock Joe down. Storm brings Joe to the corner and climbs up top. Joe counters with a big kick and slams Storm down. Joe goes to hit a clothesline, but Storm hits a quick Last Call for the win, and 7 more points.

Winner: James Storm (3:53)

Joe grabs Storm's beer bottle from ringside and climbs back in the ring. Instead of smashing it, Joe hands it to Storm and exits the ring to go back to the locker room. Storm now leads the "Bound For Glory Series" with 27 points.

A video package is shown recapping the whole AJ Styles and Dixie Carter situation. After it ends, Styles and Carter are shown backstage. Styles says he can't focus anymore, and that he has to get this situation out of his head. He says something has to be done tonight.


Back from commercial, we're back with the Knockouts. Brooke Hogan apologizes for the commotion earlier. Velvet Sky says that she wants revenge on Gail Kim for screwing her when she came back to TNA. Brooke says that she wants the girls to focus more so the division can be brought back to glory, and that's why ODB is the next elimination.

Bully Ray is on his way to the ring to make the next Open Fight Night challenge. Ray asks the fans if they know who he is. He says he is the most hated bully in the world. He asks where Joseph Park is, and says that he isn't here because he realized what's good for him. Ray runs down the list of names still available for challenge tonight, and says he's going to take the easy win tonight. Ray calls "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero out to the ring and says he's going to get his 10 points tonight and get one step closer to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 6: Bully Ray vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

Ray ambushes Pope as he is taking off his jacket. Tenay questions whether or not Pope is suffering from some ring rust due to his time away as Ray continues his assault. Ray rakes the eyes and knocks Pope down to the mat. Ray backs him into the corner and whips Pope across the ring. Pope gets up and they exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Pope hits a big shoulderblock to knock Ray down, following it up with some elbow shots to the head. Pope hits a big kick as Ray is down on the ropes.

Pope climbs to the top rope, but Ray knocks him down. As Pope struggles to get up Ray is stalking him from the other side of the ring, hitting a big splash on Pope in the corner. Ray hits some big punches in the corner, but the camera cuts to Abyss coming through the crowd to ringside. Pope takes advantage and dropkicks Ray outside the ring. Abyss grabs Ray from the other side of the barricade, but is pushed away. Ray climbs back in the ring as the referee tries to stop Abyss. Pope hits his finisher for the win and 7 points.

Winner: "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero (3:46)

Ray gets out of the ring and runs away from Abyss through the crowd. Pope poses in the ring for a moment.

The camera cuts backstage to Hogan, RVD, and Jeff Hardy. Hogan says that his two biggest stars are left to battle it out tonight, and he says they'll do it in the main event. Hardy and RVD shake hands, and Hardy walks away.

Brooke Hogan is shown backstage looking at some pictures of the Knockouts, trying to decide who will get the Knockouts Championship shot. Tenay says her decision is coming up next.


Back from commercial, and it's time for the premiere of Montgomery Gentry's music video, starring Velvet Sky.

After the music video clip, Tenay announces it's time for the Knockouts Championship match. Miss Tessmacher makes her way to the ring. Brooke Hogan is shown backstage with Velvet Sky and Mickie James. She says both women are amazing and deserve the match, but she's going to give the title match to Mickie James tonight. Velvet Sky gives her a hug as Mickie makes her way to the ring.

Match 7: TNA Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James

Both women circle around the ring before Tessmacher charges James with a big forearm shot. Tessmacher throws on a hammerlock, but James flips out of it and reverses the hold, bringing Tessmacher to the ground. James switches into a chokehold. Tessmacher gets up and applies a hammerlock of her own. James counters out of it and hits Tessmacher with some big shoulder hits. Tessmacher slams James down with a shoulder toss, pushing James into the ropes.

James pushes Tessmacher down and goes for the pin, but Tessmacher kicks out. James hits a dropkick and goes for another pin, looking very frustrated when Tessmacher kicks out again. James throws Tessmacher to the mat again, causing the referee to reprimand her for using cheap shots. Tessmacher tries to climb to her feet, but Mickie flips her on to the mat again, applying a big submission from behind. Tessmacher tries to fight out of it, but James throws her into the ropes. Tessmacher kicks James in the face. James tries for a cross body but Tessmacher moves, hitting a series of explosive clotheslines on the challenger. James gets up and is thrown into the corner, countering a clothesline attempt with an elbow. Tessmacher kicks James in the gut and slams James' face into the ground. Tessmacher goes for the pin, but James kicks out at 2.

Tessmacher hits a hip toss. James with a counter and goes for the pin, but Tessmacher makes it to the ropes. She counters a finisher attempt with a rollup for the win.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher (5:29)

James is left in the ring looking shocked that she lost.

The camera cuts backstage, showing RVD and Hardy on their way to the ring. Tenay hypes up the main event, saying it's up next.


Back from commercial, RVD's music hits and here he comes for the main event. Tenay says that these are two of the favourites in the "Bound For Glory Series", and Hogan was right when he said that it said something that no one called either of these guys out tonight. Hardy makes his way out to the ring next.

Match 8: Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy kicks it off with some big offence, hitting RVD with a big dropkick, followed by a big kick in the corner. Hardy gets a quick 2 count before tossing RVD out of the ring. He goes to fly outside, but RVD counters. RVD climbs to the top and hits his signature kick on Hardy, followed by Rolling Thunder. RVD hits a split legged moonsault off the top rope for a 2 count. RVD attempts a suplex, but Hardy counters into a bulldog. Hardy hits a big kick to the head.

Hardy hits a big DDT and goes for the pin, but he only gets 2. RVD tries to fight back, but Hardy hits a big Twist of Fate for the win, and 7 points.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (3:35)

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter are shown walking backstage as Tenay announces they are on their way to the ring to address Daniels and Kazarian.


Back from commercial, Tenay shows a graphic of the current "Bound For Glory Series" leader board. He also announces that AJ Styles and Kurt Angle will defend their Tag Team Championships against Daniels and Kazarian next week.

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter make their way to the ring. Dixie grabs a mic and says that this has been going on for a long time. She says situations like this never have positive outcomes, that people are always hurt and lives are always changed. Styles pushes the mic away and tells Dixie that they don't have to do this and that they can leave right now. They go to climb out of the ring as the crowd loudly boos.

A woman makes her way down to the ring and confronts Styles and Dixie before they can leave. She grabs the mic and says that the audience doesn't know her, and Dixie and AJ wanted to keep it that way. She says she's known both of them for a long time and that she respects Dixie a lot and that she can go to her with anything. She says that she needed help, and that AJ has the biggest moral character of anyone she knows. She says she came here to set the record straight and announces that AJ and Dixie aren't having an affair. She says that she's an addict, drinking and pills. She says she's woken up in a hotel with a stranger before, and that's when she went to Dixie and AJ for help. She says that she was taken to rehab, and AJ and Dixie kept her secret.

Daniels and Kazarian are shown backstage, pissed off that this woman is here revealing the truth. The woman hugs Dixie, and Daniels makes his way out to the ring. Styles charges and they start exchanging blows. Kazarian comes out but Styles quickly disposes of him. Styles knocks Daniels down with a big clothesline. He tosses Kazarian across the ring. Styles jumps on Daniels and begins to feed him punches as iMPACT goes off the air.


James Storm - 27 Points
Kurt Angle - 10 Points
Mr. Anderson - 7 Points
Magnus - 7 Points
Jeff Hardy - 7 Points
"The Pope" - 7 Points
Daniels - 0 Points
Samoa Joe - 0 Points
AJ Styles - 0 Points
Robbie E. - 0 Points
Rob Van Dam - 0 Points
Bully Ray - 0 Points

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