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Posted in: Impact
*SPOILERS* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 2/6/14
By Marc Middleton
Jan 30, 2014 - 4:36:17 PM

- Thanks to Mick & Ben for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from today's tapings in Glasgow, Scotland. these will air next week, February 6th:

* Impact opens up with Austin Aries coming out to a big pop. He cuts a promo but Zema Ion interrupts and will be cashing his briefcase for a X Division Title shot. Aries gets the win with a nasty brainbuster.

* Curry Man vs. Bully Ray is up next. Bully brings his coffin to ringside with him. Bully got the easy win after a piledriver. Bully rolls Curry into the coffin after the match.

* Abyss vs. Eric Young in a Monster's Ball match is next. They used everything including chairs, tables, thumbtacks and the return of Janice. Abyss got the win but Young unmasked him to reveal Joseph Park. This was described as a must see match.

* MVP comes out to the ring for a promo and is using that name. He said he's been enjoying life and keeps hearing about fans being tired of egotistical owners. MVP says he loves wrestling and can't stand to watch it be ran down. He's investing money to make a change in TNA. He praises TNA's fans and talent and rips on management. Rockstar Spud interrupts and they have words. Spud invites MVP to meet Dixie on her throne. MVP makes Kurt Angle vs. Magnus in a non-title match.

* Kurt Angle vs. Magnus is up next. Our correspondent says Angle looks to be in the roughest shape he's ever been in. Ethan Carter III ends up interfering when Angle has Magnus in the ankle lock. Ethan beats Angle down with chair shots. The referee throws up the "X" sign and ends the match, calling for help for Angle.

* Samoa Joe beat Bobby Roode to once again become the #1 contender.

* Dixie Carter comes out with Spud. She introduces MVP and welcomes him to TNA. She says they have a lot to talk about. Dixie praises Magnus and says she will lead NA to success. Dixie says she has dealt with good investors and bad investors, an apparent shot at Jeff Jarrett. MVP isn't buying Dixie's talk and says her reign of terror is over. MVP says her party is over and he plans on being very hands-on. MVP and Dixie had a staredown to end the show. In what may have been a post-show moment, MVP laid out Spud.

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