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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Winston Salem, NC 9/21/12
Sep 22, 2012 - 11:08:45 PM

Full Report by PWTorch and Brian J. Adkins

I don't know what type of attendance TNA normally gets for their live house shows, but attendance at the Joel Coliseum Annex in Winston-Salem on Friday night was very low. The floor was mostly full and then it tapered off considerably after that. A lot of empty seats.

Anyone who bought a ticket over $50 was allowed in at 5:30 p.m. for a meet and greet, which consisted of Magnus, Robbie E., Robbie T., Gail Kim, Eric Young, and Crimson. They also had a "Don West Brown Bag Special." They noted that Don went on to do something with hockey, but he started it and it would always be called that. It included the new TNA 10th Anniversary t-shirt (which does look great), four DVDs, an action figure, and a program all for $30. Also before the show, Mickie James took professional photos with fans for $10. You got to meet Jeff Hardy if you bought his new action figure. O.D.B. also did signings at the merchandise table.

The show started at 7:30 with So Cal Val as the ring announcer the whole show. She kept talking about signing up to win a trip to Bound for Glory throughout the show.

(1) Mr. Anderson beat Crimson. Anderson came to the middle of the ring to do his usual routine, but there was no old-school mic. An assistant got in a chair behind him and handed him a regular mic instead. Funny. Anderson did his "@***-hole routine for the crowd, but emphasized that Crimson, who had taken a seat outside the ring, really was one. Crimson did the old "Pearl Harbor" on Anderson, hitting him from behind. Anderson rallied back, even hitting a dropkick and then a neckbreaker. Some standard back and forth brawling until Anderson hit the Mic Check and got the three count.

After saying he was tired of doing his routine of saying his name twice for several years, Anderson went to ringside and had a female fan do an impressively-long version of his catchphrase. By the way, with a name like Crimson, you'd think the guy would have a flashier look instead of all black.

(2) Mickie James pinned Gail Kim. Gail did the heelish tactic of pretending she was going to throw her t-shirt to the fans, only to hold it close to her as if it were too precious to her. Mickie was out next to a good pop. Gail tried to get in a cheap shot by throwing her shirt in Mickie's face only to have Mickie catch it and throw it to the fans. Some stalling by Gail at the beginning. Mickie got in most of the offense, including a Thesz Press off the ring apron onto the floor. Back in the ring, Mickie went for a huracanrana, but Gail blocked her right leg and started working on it. Gail went into a half-Boston Crab working on the injured right leg. Before going for a pin, though, Gail blew kisses at Mickie, who fought out and eventually went up top for another Thesz Press. It looked as if Mickie suddenly remembered she should be selling her hurt leg as she seemed fine after Gail kicked out and even looked to the crowd, then suddenly fell to one knee. Mickie then surprised Gail with a spin kick with her "good" left leg and pinned Gail after a DDT.

Afterward, two security guys helped Gail to the back. Overall, the match was given quite a bit of time and it told a story. Mickie was very over with the crowd even though there was a brief but audible "Let's Go Gail" chant that Gail discouraged by telling the fans she didn't need their help.

(3) Magnus pinned Samoa Joe. Big pop for Joe once again battling his former tag team partner. Some standard holds to start as Joe went into a headlock, then hammerlock, then a reversal from Magnus. Magnus went to the outside, and Joe teased a suicide dive, but Magnus moved out of the way, so Joe gave chase. Back in the ring, Magnus hit Joe with a big boot to the mouth, then flipped Joe with a fireman's carry and settled into an armbar. Joe fought out and nailed Magnus with rapid-fire shots in one corner, Irish-whipped him into the opposing corner, and hit him with the facewash. Joe hit him with a backsplash for a two. The ref was out of position as Joe tried to apply the rear naked choke, so Magnus low-blowed him with his leg and then rolled him up for a quick pin. I think some fans were surprised by that.

So Cal Val gave the ref for the next match, Earl Hebner, his own introduction so that Earl could show off his t-shirt that says "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!" on the front. Obviously, it refers to an incident that took place 15 years ago in another company. It says HEBNER on the back and has ref stripes on it. Earl even put on "Hitman" shades.

(4) Knockouts tag champions Eric Young & ODB defeated Robbie E. & Robbie T. Robbie E. wore light blue, the color of the North Carolina Tar Heels. The champs went around ringside slapping hands and E.Y. even did a lock-up with a few fans, then did a lock-up with Hebner in the ring. ODB and Young stole the Robbies's sweaters and did the patented Flair elbow drop in the center ring on them, then hit a knee drop.This prompted Robbie E. to interrupt and tell them that no one cared about the champs beating up their $5,000 sweaters, all anyone cared about was seeing him and "Big" Rob do fist-pumping. After their routine, "Big" Rob apparently felt he had embarrassed himself and hid his head in a turnbuckle. The KO champs proceeded to do some ridiculous dancing after ODB had them change the music. Robbie E. then hit EY from behind and the ref called for the bell. Young came back and did some Flair stuff, including the flip upside in the corner and chops. Lots of comedy spots. Eventually, Eric got back in the ring and did more tributes to Flair and the NWA, then stripped off his pants revealing bright red tights for Russia. Finally, the champs got the win. Now that "Jersey Shore" has been cancelled, maybe they'll give Robbie E. a more serious role.

[Intermission. They were celebrating Earl Hebner's fake deal officiating over 100,000 matches. He even did an autograph signing at the Direct Auto Insurance table. Also, a fan won a $200 TNA prize pack. He was sitting near the top and they put a spotlight on him as he came down to accept an over-sized check and have his photo taken with Val and some Direct Auto Insurance people.]

(5) Rob Van Dam pinned Gunner (w/Kid Kash). RVD is still quite popular. Val announced Kash accompanying Gunner, took umbrage to it, so he bullied her into announcing his name solo. After Kash interfered a few times, including hitting his own guy on the floor, the ref caught Kash and sent him to the back. Rob did a few of his signature moves, including a roll-through and monkey flip out of the corner. Then, a ref bump occurred. Rob bridged into a pin, but the ref was down, so Kash ran back out and delivered an impressive moonsault onto RVD. Kash then put Gunner on top of him, but the ref only counted slowly to two. After another miscue by Kash, Rob pinned Gunner. Kash tried to stop the count but didn't get there in time. Gunner might be trying hard, but I see zero charisma.

Next was the main event with Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode. Roode was out first and then Storm, who poured beer into one fan's mouth. Val told everyone that per order from TNA G.M. Hulk Hogan, their partners would be decided "at random" by picking a name out of a manila envelope. Storm was first and, naturally, got the home state hero, Jeff Hardy. Hardy threw out a towel to the crowd and some young fans fought over it. Roode got upset and frustrated after picking out his partner's name, Aries. Despite what was said by Aries on Thursday's Impact, A-Double played a straight-up babyface for this. After Roode tried bossing Aries around to show who was in charge, Aries got on the mic and told Roode that he doesn't like him any more than Roode does him, but he is the World Hvt. champion now, not Roode, and they should make the most of it and give the people a great main event. Roode still yelled at Aries to get out of the ring, so Aries finally acquiesed to the demand.

(6) Jeff Hardy & James Storm defeated TNA World Hvt. champion Austin Aries & Bobby Roode. Storm fought Roode until Roode retreated to the floor with his partner, Aries, mocking him. Roode got back in the ring and yelled at Aries, teling him that he didn't need the champ's help, then he flipped him off and told Aries to kiss his ass. Hardy then fought Roode, and when Roode turned around for a tag, Aries flipped Roode off while dropping to the floor. After getting back on the apron, Roode moved out of the way of a charging Hardy, who struck Aries, who retaliated against Jeff with a beautiful missile dropkick from the top rope. But then, Aries caught Roode trying to use the World Title belt on his opponents. They did a brief tug of war with the belt until Aries let go suddenly, and Roode went backwards into a Storm superkick, followed by a Twist of Fate from Hardy. Hardy got the three count on Roode.

Afterward, Aries told Jeff that even though he is the World champion, this is Hardy's home state, so Hardy should have the spotlight, and they'll meet at Bound For Glory. Fans could then get a photo taken with Jeff for $20.

The overall show was fun and everything was good, but they could improve fixing the lines at the merchandise table so that it isn't so erratic. Speaking of erratic lines, I went early Friday morning for autograph signings and photos with Jeff Hardy, Mickie James, and So Cal Val, who wasn't advertised, at the Direct Auto Insurance building in Winston-Salem. We were told that once you get a signed photo to go to the back of the line (what they really meant was start a new line) and come back in again to get a photo taken with them. In the words of one employee: "This is the way TNA does it, so that's the way we're doing it." After several of us did this and had to wait in the hot sun for almost an hour, and having to move back and forth as the employess lost track of which line was which, the same employee who made the previous statement came out and told those of us who had a signed autograph - those who had arrived early like me - had to leave because they didn't have time for us to get a photo. I found this to be a disorganized and unprofessional event. I saw the same employees at the live event and they brushed me off with, "Well, we couldn't please everyone," and "There were too many people." Apparently, no one knew that Jeff Hardy would draw a big crowd. Very disappointed by the way it was run there.

Full Report by PWTorch and Brian J. Adkins

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