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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Troy, Ohio 6/25/11 (BFG Series Matches)
By Paul B.
Jun 26, 2011 - 10:52:02 PM

Report sent in by Paul B.

I attended last night's TNA houseshow in Troy, OH. I estimated about 800 in
attendance and the crowd was mostly hot all night long. TNA's wrestling
quality overall was quite good, leading me to agree with those who feel that
their biggest problem is the writing staff and storylines.


X-division 4 way match: Robbie E w/ Cookie vs. Max Buck vs. Alex Shelley
vs. Jeremy Buck: Lots of great fast paced back and forth action in this one
and the crowd was really into it. Shelley pulled out the win.

Abyss vs. Kazarian X-division Championship match: Crowd was all over Abyss,
who played the angry heel well, but didn't really seem to care much for
Kazarian. Maybe they thought he didn't have much of a chance. Abyss wins
with the Black Hole Slam.

TNA Knockouts Championship match: Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne: Earl
Hebner got introduced first and got a nice ovation. He pulled off his
referee shirt to reveal a t-shirt underneath saying "damn right I did",
which seems to be a reference to Montreal, and did an impression of Bret
Hart's hands-out ring entrance with some pink shades on, which the crowd
enjoyed. Rayne came out and got quite a bit of heat, especially when she
refused to lock up to begin the match and kept bailing out of the ring.
Mickie was way over with the crowd. One of the better women's matches I've
seen, with Mickie coming out on top.

Beer Money, Inc. vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero & Devon (Bound for Glory
Series Match): The crowd was really into this match. Beer Money was really
over and Devon got a nice hand when he came out too. I was surprised at how
over Dinero was, as the fans started chanting for him to be tagged in almost
as soon as the match started. Devon and Beer Money seemed to be on good
terms, which upset Pope, who played the heel, antagonizing Devon every
chance he got. Devon was finally pinned by Beer Money, after which they
shook hands, which made Pope mad. Finally, Pope got the "Wazzap" head butt
from the top rope for his trouble.

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Gunner (Bound for Glory Series Match):
Decent back and forth match with some botched spots by Gunner. Styles
picked up the win. Crowd was pretty dead while Gunner was in control.

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs. Crimson: Jarrett was out first and
took forever with his entrance. He did his best to get the crowd involved,
but they weren't as into this match as some of the others. Crimson got a
decent reaction. Having never seen Crimson before, he's physically
impressive but doesn't really seem to understand how to work as a muscular
big man. He was obviously much bigger and stronger than Jarrett, but didn't
seem to use that advantage much. At one point he climbed the ropes to miss
an awkward looking elbow drop. Why is a guy who outweighs his opponent by
probably 60 pounds, all of it muscle, doing aerial moves? I can see the
Goldberg comparisons with Crimson (though he's much slimmer than Goldberg),
but he doesn't come across with the same intimidating air of Goldberg. He's
just lacking a certain something. Crimson picks up the win, but honestly it
didn't seem to mean a whole lot.

Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson vs. Olympic Gold
Medalist Kurt Angle (non-title match): Anderson was really over with the
crowd and he engaged in an entertaining pre-match bit where he stuck his
hand up for his mic drop, but no mic came down. He berated the ring
announcer and finally did his "Anderson....Anderson" bit with the house
mic. Angle was way over with the crowd. Nice heel work by Anderson, who
teased throwing his t-shirt to the crowd only to drop it on the mat. Good
match, definitely the smoothest worked of the night, with Angle picking up
the win after the Angle slam.

Overall the show was good and the performers really seemed to be trying
hard. The show had much less of a slick, WWE-type vibe than Impact and the
wrestling was overall very good. I will definitely attend if TNA is in the
area again.


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