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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Salina, Kansas 3/2/12
By PainLord
Mar 3, 2012 - 6:22:26 PM

Thanks to Scott T. for emailing this report to me!
Note to readers - We want your house show reports! TNA & WWE. If you would like to send a future report for posting please email it to webmaster@lordsofpain.net. Thanks!

The Bicentennial Center in Salina had most of the floor and some of the lower seating filled. Oddly, the commercials that ran during WWE Raw, Smackdown and TNA Impact had the name of the arena spelled incorrectly.

The event started early with those who had purchased floor tickets. Don West ran down the merchandise specials. Everyone who bought floor tickets received a Meet & Greet with wrestlers prior to the doors opening. Matt Morgan, Crimson, Zema Ion, Hernandez and Anarquia were available. This was followed by photos they processed with Velvet Sky ($10) and autographs with Christopher Daniels. Both Velvet Sky and Daniels were available to anyone in attendance. Then if you purchased the AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy action figure two-pack, you could go back stage for autographs with both wrestlers. If you purchased a TNA World Title Replica Belt, you received the belt, the two pack Styles/Hardy pack, the brown bag special (3 DVD Sets(Jeff Jarret King of the Mountain,Second 2 None World's Toughest Tag Teams,and Best of the X Division Twin pack), T-shirt, program, additional two pack figures(Anderson/Angle or Richards/Daffney)), photo with Velvet Sky, photo for your group with Jeff Hardy at the end of the night, and additional meet and greet with wrestlers at intermission, and the TNA Wrestling bag).

Match 1: Crimson defeated Hernandez

Honestly this was not a great match. The contact was not stiff at all, mostly on Crimson's part. After the win, Anarquia rushed the ring and he and Hernandez beat down Crimson until Matt Morgan came out in street clothes to make the save. After Hernandez and Anarquia were chased out of the ring, Matt Morgan said that he was going to call Sting and get a tag match set between all of them.

Match 2: X Division Champion Austin Aries defeated Zema Ion

This match started with Earl Hebner coming out. He got up on the second ring rope and took off his Impact ref shirt to reveal his ref t-shirt that said "Damn Right I Did", then he put on the old Hitman Hart shades. This was an excellent match with Aries hitting his signature moves, and Zema hitting a moonsault and cross body off the top rope moves to hit Aries while he was outside the ring. The crowd was really behind Aries. Aries really impressed with his speed and skill in the ring.

Match 3: Knockout Champion Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky with a roll-up

Another good match. Velvet came to the ring and released the pigeons. When Gail Kim came to the ring, she went over to Chef Robert Irvine, who was setting at ring side, and got his handkerchief to clean the ring rope that Velvet Sky had released the pigeons on. The match was back and forth until Velvet Sky rolled up Gail Kim, who rolled through and pinned Velvet while pulling her tights. Velvet sat stunned in the ring while Gail Kim left.

Match 4: Morgan and Crimson defeated Hernandez and Anarquia with a double choke slam.

This was a decent match. Morgan and Anarquia spent most of the time in the ring. Morgan got beat down until he finally got a tag to Crimson. All four men were in the ring, Hernandez got taken out, then Morgan and Crimson attempted a double choke slam. Crimson botched it, so they had to pick him up and do it again.

Intermission: Austin Aries, Earl Hebner and Brian Hebner were available to the entire arena for autographs. Velvet Sky, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, D-Lo Brown, Zema Ion and Gail Kim were available for photos and autographs for those with the belt pass(with the belt you could take 3 additional people).

Match 5: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels with a Pele Kick

As always with AJ Styles, great match. Daniels came out and got heat saying that he was the new face of Impact Wrestling, then getting disgusted when he didn't get cheers from the crowd. AJ Styles came out to great crowd response, further aggravating Daniels. AJ then had Earl Hebner get on the ring ropes and get a better reaction than Daniels had gotten. Back and forth match with both getting offense in through the match. Daniels had a couple near submissions while he used the ring ropes as leverage until Hebner caught him. Styles hit the Pele Kick for the win. He left the ring, then came back and hit the Styles Clash on Daniels. Daniels really sold the move. He wobbled around the entire outside of the ring disoriented, then all the way to the entrance.

Match 6: World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode defeated Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy in the Triple Threat Main Event.

Bully Ray came out first and did a long promo. His best insult was while he was showing his calves. He went to one side of the ring and said, "I'd better show them to the ugly girls in the front row." Next out was Jeff Hardy, to the biggest reaction. He posed but didn't do any microphone work. Bobby Roode came out last, walked slowly to the ring, and posed on the apron and ropes. Bully Ray and Roode agreed to team up on Jeff. They beat down Jeff for awhile, until Hardy was down. Bully Ray was standing over Jeff, and Roode attempted to roll him up for the pin. This caused Bully and Roode to get into it and allowed Hardy to recover. Hardy then went on the offensive. Roode was knocked out of the ring. Hardy worked on Bully Ray. Roode came back into the ring and threw Jeff out of the ring to the floor. Roode then pinned Bully Ray for the win.

Jeff Hardy posed in the ring for pictures with fans after the show. I have to say that Velvet Sky, Jeff Hardy, Zema Ion and D-Lo Brown were all real nice, great to talk with, and really made you feel like they appreciated you being fans. James Storm was advertised but not in attendance. Bully Ray was the only one who didn't sign or take photos.

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