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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Plymouth, MA 1/21/12
By Calvin Martin
Jan 22, 2012 - 12:02:19 AM

John A. sent in the following report

Here are the results of TNA's house show in Plymouth...

The event and festivities were lead by Don West and SoCal Val. SoCal Val also did the ring announcing.
Before the event started many fans were still asking for Flair who was removed from the line up. And it was hinted he will be in Orlando for the HOF.

Al Snow made an unofficial (sort of by accident) appearance, off to the side with the lighting crew that actually got a good pop from the fans.

Match 1: Brooke Tessmacher and ODB defeated Rosita and Sarita

Match 2: Garrett Bischoff defeated Robbie E. w/ Rob Terry

Match 3: Shannon Moore Defeated Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen in a triple threat match. (Nearing the end of the match Kid Kash was hit in the face causing his nose to gush blood all down his front. You could tell it wasn't a work and he probably broke his nose)

Match 4: Eric Young beat D'Angelo Dinero. (lots of heat for Dinero)

Match 5: (Best of the night) RVD and Mr. Anderson defeated Mexican America. Huge pop for RVD and Anderson. RVD pulled out all the stops with Rolling Thunder, A split legged moonsault, a suicide dive over the top rope, and of course the 5 Star frog splash. Anderson explained his hair style is his natural color. Good showing for both teams.

Main Event: Jeff Hardy won a good match against Christopher Daniels. Daniels wrestled the better match and put Hardy over.

Overall, good show. B/B+ rating

Best Pops:
1. RVD
2. Hardy
3. Anderson
4. ODB and Eric Young had pretty good pops in there respective matches

Biggest Heat:
1. Daniels
2. Dinero
3. All Members of Mexican America
4. Kid Kash

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