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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Nottingham, England 1/26/12
By Calvin Martin
Jan 26, 2012 - 10:44:04 PM

Report sent in by Peardrop

Around 5-6000 ppl. A few seats spare in some blocks.

1) Doug Williams pinned Gunner after the chaos theory.
Good pop for Williams and good heat for Gunner. Decent opening match.

2) Crimson and Samoa Joe fought to a DDQ.
It was a really odd match, the crowd booed Crimson and cheered Joe. The DDQ came when Joe sat Crimson on a chair next to the guard rail and did the ole kick, and as he posed for the fans and teased a second kick, Crimson speared him on the outside and both men were disqualified.

3) Triple threat match for the X Division Title
Alex Shelley vs Mark Haskins vs Austin Aries
Mark Haskins (from Nottingham) wasn't over but Aries was. Really good match. Aries pinned Haskins for the win in a sequence where Shelley tried to hit Aries with the sliced bread but Aries crotched him on the middle turnbuckle, he then rammed Haskins into Shelley and hit Haskins with a massive dropkick where Haskins and Shelley hit heads. Then Aries finished Haskins off with the brain buster for the pin.

4) 4 way match for Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim vs Tara vs Madison Rayne vs Mickie James
Big pop for Mickie. decent match. Finish was Gail Kim hit Tara in the head with the title for the pin. There was a tease of a split with Gail and Madison. After the match Mickie kissed Tara on the head where she was hit with the belt and took her to the back.

5) AJ Styles pinned Bully Ray when he turned a bubba bomb into a roll up. Lots of stalling at the start. Bully Ray is awesome on the mic. He challenged ppl in the crowd to a fight and a guy jumped the rail. Security were told to get rid of him. Ray told the guy that his mum was ugly, then told another person in the crowd he challenged a hooligan to a fight not a fat old woman. He made Earl Hebner leave the ring calling him an old piece of crap and made Christy Hemme leave calling her a slag. The start of the match was dragged out with lots of posing with AJ getting cheers and Bully getting booed. He made Hebner pose to a cheer. Then Hemme came in and stood on the turnbuckles for a pop too. Lots of heat for calling England a piss pot of a country, and lots of **** Ray chants. Good match overall.

6) TNA Heavyweight Championship
Booby Roode vs James Storm
The match lasted 5 minutes and Storm won by DQ when Roode hit him with a low blow. We knew something would happen...

Sting came out to a huge pop and said the match had to carry on.
Kurt Angle then came out and said there were no cameras and as it wasn't in the USA. Then Sting wasn't in charge he (Angle) was and the main event would be Angle and Roode vs Storm and Sting.
Then Bully Ray came out, slagged Sting off, and said it would he a handicap match as Sting and Storm couldn't find a partner.

Then "Eye Of The Tiger" hit and Hulk Hogan came out to a super pop. So the main event was:
Hulk Hogan, Sting, and James Storm vs Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, and Bobby Roode
The match was decent, around 15-20 minutes. Hogan didn't do much but everyone was stunned he wrestled and ate up everything he did. Sting was over too but took a few moves. Storm took a lot of punishment and made the hot tag to Hogan who took out the heels and he tagged Storm in who hit the leg drop and pinned Roode.

Great house show, and was stunned to see Hogan and Sting wrestle.

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