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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Manchester, England 1/28/11
Jan 29, 2011 - 8:58:55 PM

Report by Richard M.

TNA UK Maximum Impact Tour 2011
Manchester Evening News Arena, England.
28th January 2011

Half of the Arena was cordoned off so that the seating area
was at the back of the arena, still managing to draw upwards of 5,000 – 6,000
people in my estimation.

The video screen continuously plugged Impact’s new home on
Freeview TV on the Challenge network, which was also worked well into the show
throughout the night.

Jeremy Borash was introduced and got us underway, promising
backstage passes to fans that made the loudest noise throughout the night,
which was a nice touch.

Shannon Moore bt. Mark Haskins in a number one contenders
match for the X-Division Championship.

Shannon Moore worked the crowd very well, some good high
spots and Mark Haskins looked at home in a TNA ring. Solid match.

Mickie James bt. Angelina Love (Special Referee Tara)
Split crowd for this match which featured some good back and
forth action. Mickie got the pin and kissed Tara after the match before posing
for the fans.

Jeremy Borash introduces the most ‘controversial’ referee of
all time and out comes Earl Hebner. Hebner plays to the crowd and as the ‘You
Screwed Bret’ chants start he reveals a t-shirt saying ‘Damn Right I Did,’ puts
on some sunglasses and starts doing Bret’s signature pose which got a good
laugh from the crowd.

Kazarian bt. Chris Sabin in an X – Division Title match.
A great ppv quality bout given a good amount of time. Chris
Sabin came across as extremely popular, backed up by the amount of Motor City
Machine Guns t-shirts in the crowd. Kazarian retains.

Beer Money (w/ Ric Flair) bt. Douglas Williams and Magnus
in a TNA tag team championship match.

Another lengthy contest with some humorous moments on the
part of both teams but especially James Storm. Doug and Magnus were playing the
heel role but they both had wry smiles on their faces when the loud ‘England’
chants broke out. They pulled every trick in the book to stay heel including
the old ‘you’ve turned your back on the crown’. Beer Money worked the crowd
well with their ‘ Beer… Money’ pose being very over. A good tag match with Beer
Money getting the win and revelling in their face role for the night.

This brought us to intermission where Jeremy Borash plugged
a band that had won a competition to have their music used on TNA programming.

After intermission Borash said that they would be giving out
double the amount of backstage passes, this lead to Jeff Jarrett coming out and
cutting a promo about us Brits being freeloaders by having Impact and TNA pay
per views on free TV. It was another effective way of plugging the new TNA TV

Jeff Jarrett seemed to ruin the surprise of who his tag
partner was by mentioning The Pope by name, needless to say he got little crowd
reaction when he came out, which I thought was odd.

Rob Terry and Matt Morgan bt. Jeff Jarrett and The Pope.
Matt Morgan got an incredible crowd reaction throughout the
match. Rob Terry truly is a freak, the guy is huge. Jarrett and Pope worked the
cat and mouse game with the ‘monster’ tag team. Morgan got the win after the
Carbon Footprint.

Dixie Carter comes out with some of the kids who had won
backstage passes and thanks us all for the support and making TNA competitive
in the UK in just a short amount of time.

Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson bt. Matt Hardy and Jeff

In all honesty seeing Matt Hardy in person, he didn’t look
too bad, no worse than Rob Van Dam or James Storm for instance. The crowd was
very pro Jeff Hardy but he stayed heel throughout the match and played his
role well. Another nice lengthy match with RVD and Anderson getting the win
after hitting their finishers.

Following the match Anderson did his patented announcement
of himself and RVD before posing for the fans.

Jeremy Borash thanked us for coming and said they would
return soon.

All in all a great show clocking in at just less than 3
hours long. There were plenty of quality matches given a decent amount of time
to work with. Not forgetting the fact that this show didn’t have a number of
stars including Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal and Abyss. I would
highly recommend attending a TNA house show if there is one near to you,
wherever you are in the world.

Report by Kevin Malton

I attended the TNA Fan Interaction & show in Manchester, England last
night. Here are some additional notes:

The Fan Interaction was superbly organised. Signing at tables was
James Storm, Robert Roode, Ric Flair, RVD, Mickie James, Rob Terry &
Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy was there too for the first ten minutes or so
but left "to do interviews".

Although security were moving people along it was possible to have a
photo & of course get the programme signed. The programme was part of
the package, which cost £25. Outside they were selling the programme
for £12 so it was a good deal.

RVD was especially friendly and although Ric Flair was reserved he was
happy to pose for a photo and let me shake his hand.

The Fan Interaction took place behind the curtain so we got a cool
look at the Gorilla position - also saw Jeremy Borash and Jeff Jarrett
preparing things for the show,

300 people paid for the Fan Interaction so at £25 a pop TNA made
£7,500 in an hour.

Merchandise at the show was varied and the price was comparable to
when WWE came (£20 a shirt), Merchandise stands were very busy.

The crowd had a much higher adult to child ratio in stark contrast to
WWE shows. Most were males in the 18-30 demo.

Dixie Carter came out at intermission and happily posed for photos
with fans and signed autographs. She was very friendly.

Some of the matches were standard house show fare but Sabin vs
Kazarian was TV level and Beer Money vs The British Invasion would
have be a good TV match.

There were few empty seats and I would estimate the attendance being
approx 5,000 at the very least.


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