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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from London, England 1/29/11
By Greg E.
Jan 30, 2011 - 5:36:15 PM

Report by Greg E.

X Division Championship Match: Kazarian (c) def. Chris Sabin and Shannon Moore via Pinfal.
A very good fast paced match, this is what the X Division should be on tv.

6 person Mixed Tag Match: Matt Morgan, Mickie James and Angelina Love def. The Pope, Madison Rayne and Tara via pinfall.
Another good match, a nice mix of comedy and wrestling. It's nice to see some women that can actually wrestle for a change. The end came when Mickie hit Pope with a cross body off of Morgan's shoulders, and Matt followed up with the Carbon Footprint.

Open Challenge Match: "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarret def. Johnny Moss via Pinfall.
A good match. I've seen Johnny a couple of times at British independent and he is a very good wrestler, hopefully, after the tour he will get picked up by TNA. A strong wrestling match, the ending came with Jarret teasing the guitar shot, then a ref bump, the countering Moss' attempt with the guitar, and hitting the signature finish, Earl Hebner ran down and made the cover.

Tag Team Match: TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc. def. Mark Haskins and Magnus via Pinfall.
A very good match. Beer money are VERY over here. Possibly the most over of the night. Haskins is another talented British wrestler from the indy's who deserves to get signed up. A great match, with all the big moves, and Beer Money trademarks.


Rob Van Dam def. Matt Hardy via pinfall.
RVD is another very over guy. Exactly the quality of match you'd expect from these two, all of the trademarks, all of the big spots, and Matt Hardy looked better than he has on TV recently.

Future Legend vs True Legend Match: Ric Flair def. Douglas Williams via submission.
A true wrestling clinic. Brilliant, technical match, the type of match traditional british fans love and appreciate. All of the normal Flair spots were in there and I was very impressed with how well he can still go at his age. Brilliant match, and for sentimentel values, possibly match of the night.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mr. Anderson (c) def. Jeff Hardy
What a great match, exactly what a main event needs to be. Amazing.

Having been to both TNA and WWE this year now, TNA puts on a much better live experience. If they could get that across on TV, they may actually be able to contend with WWE. Glad TNA is coming to freeview in the UK, that will do it all amounts of good, especially considering it's already large UK fan base.

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