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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Hamilton, Ontario 6/24/12
By PainLord
Jun 25, 2012 - 12:54:32 AM

Note to readers - We want your house show reports! TNA & WWE. If you would like to send a future report for posting please email it to webmaster@lordsofpain.net. Thanks!


Thanks to Brian I. for emailing this report!

The show opened up with Kaz & Christopher Daniels teasing a Fortune reunion and were wearing Fortune t-shirts. They start talking smack about Hamilton and out come AJ Styles & Kurt Angle and a brawl ensues. Then Bobby Roode comes out for more beatings on the faces. Out comes Austin Aries to make the sides even and Roode, Kaz, and Daniels flee the ring. Angle gets on the mic to announce a 6 man tag match.

Robbie E defeated Gunner via pinfall by holding the ropes when the ref wasn't looking.

Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim via pinfall to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

Out comes Earl Hebner to be the ref for the next match and crowd boos and a few "You screwed Bret chants". He removes his ref shirt to reveal his "DAMN RIGHT I DID IT" shirt.

Samoa Joe defeated Zema Ion via pinfall after hitting the muscle buster.

Mr. Anderson vs Cowboy James Storm went to a ten minute time limit draw. Hebner, who reffed this match, left the ring as the crowd was chanting for "5 more minutes". Funny note about this match: Mr Anderson tried to do his intro with the mic coming down from the rafters but since there was no rafters, JB brought in a chair and stood above Anderson to give him the mic. The crowd laughed so hard for that.

Austin Aries, AJ Stylesm and Kurt Angle defeated Kazarian, Christopher Daniels & Bobby Roode via pinfall after Angle hit the Olympic Slam.


Floor seats were still available even up until the event started. A young girl who was waiting in line for the meet and greet was still able to get a last minute ticket and got a floor seat. My buddy who came down from Kitchener was able to nab a Floor Seat 1st Row from a scalper outside and got it for $30 bucks.

At the merchandise stand they had a decent amount of shirts: AJ, Hulkamania, TNA Impact Wrestling Shirt, Mr. Anderson's shirt.

As usual they had the Don West Brown Bag Special with the TNA Drawstring bag with 4 TNA DVDS and 2 TNA Shirts, One TNA Impact Wrestling shirt and another random TNA Star shirt. Because it was the last day of the Canadian tour, they threw in the TNA 10 year Anniversary Program valued @ $20 bucks in the swag bag as well. $150 dollars worth of stuff for $30 and I picked that up. I got 4 TNA DVDS, TNA Impact wrestling shirt and a Fortune Shirt. They also sold special VIP backstage passes for $50 which would get you to backstage to meet and greet with AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode because they didn't come out to the original meet and greet. Mr. Anderson was there, as well as Gunner. Samoa Joe came out right after his match with Zema Ion. D-Lo made an appearance. When you bought a ticket for $50 dollars or higher at the box office it got you in to the special meet and greet which had Robbie E, Kaz, Zema Ion, Christopher Daniels and Miss Tessmacher for autographs. Gail Kim came out to do autographs as well as Austin Aries. Pretty much everyone on the card who was there signed except for James Storm who was no where to be found. At the VIP meet and greet Mr. Anderson kept doing funny poses/faces in everyone's pictures it was hilarious!

This was my first time to attend a TNA event and I loved it! Can't wait to attend another one.

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