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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Elmira, New York 2/11/11
By Derek "D-man" Myers
Feb 12, 2011 - 12:27:43 AM

Report by Derek "D-man" Myers
Opening match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Robbie E.
Tommy Dreamer wins via pinfall after the Dreamer Driver
Match had a few comedic spots with Dreamer and Robbie doing a fist pump contest before the match. The crowd loved it. The ref even fist pumped out of no where toward the end of the match. Dreamer got a huge pop from his fellow New Yorkers when he came out.
Match 2: Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne (c) vs Angelina Love.
Rayne retained via pinfall with a handful of tights.
Rayne cheap shotted Love when trying to see who entered the ring better. Earl Hebner was ref and he got a mixed reaction at first. Best part of the match is when Earl caught Rayne and kissed her. Match was ok overall. First time these two wrestled in Elmira.
Match 3: Jeff Jarret vs. Crimson
Jarret won via pinfall after a low blow and The Stroke
Jarret got huge heat during this match. And recieved both a "You sold out" chant and a "you suck" chant. Jarret worked over Crimson well using his technical prowless. Crimson did ok. He did some good sunset flips and connected with a Falcon Arrow durning the match. He goozled Jarret at the end of the match but blindsided Brian Hebner and won from there.
Match 4: TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money (c) vs. Ink Inc.
Beer Money retained via pinfall after hitting the DWI on Jesse Neal.
Both teams startedut as faces, getting the crowd to chant BEER! MONEY! a lot. Neal turned Ink Inc. heel after refusing to shake Storm's hand. Ink dominated Storm til Roode got in. Hell broke loose at the end and thats when Beer Money won. Beer Money had Ink come back into the ring and shook hands for a good match and a sign of sportsmanship. J.B. put over the veterans in the arena as well as Jesse Neal. USA Chant.
Match 5: Bully Ray vs Devon
Match was made into a Tables Match after Brian Hebner had Mick Foley come out and ref the match after Ray shoved him as the bell rung.
Devon wins after slamming Ray thru a table following Socko from Mick.
Foley got cheap pops once he had the mic. Ray used the mic on Devon and bad mouthed Foley calling him a Terry Funk rip off, hating him and his kids (but not his wife...she was hot) and his books sucked. Ray dominated the match until Devon got fired up and got the table. Ray's mic work showed how good of a heel is.
Main Event: TNA World Championship: Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy
Mr. Anderson retained via pinfall after connecting with the Mic Check
Jeff got a huge pop as it was his first time in Elmira. Lot of screaming fans. Anderson also made his Elmira debut but got a slightly less reaction than Hardy. Both men mocked the other and the crowd chanted "Hardy" and "@$$hole" when needed. Hardy worked Anderson over well being heel. Jarret even came out and tried to give the advantage to Hardy but to no avail. Both men countered a lot at the end of the match. It was a good main event for Elmira and a slight preview for Against All Odds. Anderson puts himself over post match.

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