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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Concord, North Carolina 2/4/12
By Calvin Martin
Feb 5, 2012 - 9:34:24 AM

Robert O. sent in the following report:

I had 8th row floor seats and there wasn't anyone behind me in the two rows the upper area was filled it seemed. The outcomes may be sketchy because the seats I had were terrible there was no elevated seating had a lot of tall people standing in front of me so I apologize ahead of time.

Match #1: TV Champion Robbie E & Robbie T vs. Eric Young & ODB

Winners: Eric Young & ODB

Eric Young and ODB came out to TNT By AC/DC. Robbie E got on the mic and stated nobody wanted to see ODB and Eric Young they came to fist pump and a dance off ensued. The match was Young working hte majority of the time then ODB came in and did her usual comedy spots and ODB and Eric Young got the win by flying dropkick from the top rope by I believe ODB.

Between each match JB got on the mic to shill Direct Auto Insurance and give backstage passes. Earl Hebner was then introduced with an entrance and all fans chanted "You screwed Bret" and he then put on the Bret Hart glasses and strutted around the ring. His shirt read "Damn Right I Did"

Match #2: X Division Championship Match: X Division Champion Austin Aries vs Jesse Sorensen vs Zema Ion

Austin Aries looked good nothing too exciting to write about Aries picked up the win with the Starr Buster to retain the title.

Winner: Austin Aries

Match #3: Knockouts Champion Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

The crowd was into both Gail and Velvet pretty evenly it was a standard knock out division match and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Gail got the win by pin fall with what I have no idea.

Winner: Gail Kim

Match #4: Garett Bischoff vs Gunner (with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair)

Obviously Flair was over huge and honestly it seemed more people were interested in Flair then the match. Flair came out and cut a short promo saying how he was suppose to be a bad guy but he loves Charlotte and we are in Flair country. He then put over both Garett and Gunner saying both want to be world champions some day. He then said he wouldn't get involved in the match and told Earl Hebner to do his job. The match itself was pretty basic again nothing to write home about the end came when Gunner pinned Garett with his feet on the ropes. Nobody gave two s--ts about either guy in the ring it was all Flair.

Winner: Gunner

Match #5: "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs Kazarian

AJ and Kazarian both were over big time and this was easily match of the night. It was your typical AJ Styles match both equally got offense and AJ got the win via the Style Clash.

Winner: AJ Styles

Main Event: World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode & Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy & James Storm

Originally it was suppose to be two individual singles matches of Roode vs Hardy and Angle Vs Storm, Jeff Hardy easily got pop of the night. The match took a ton of time to get started there was a lot of pacing in the ring and Angle was arguing for quite some time with a fan ring side. Eventually the match started and the story was Angle and Roode would beat storm down but every time he would try to tag in Hardy the ref would see it or they'd double team Storm. Eventually it led to the hot tag by hardy, There was a poetry in motion spot and typical Jeff Hardy moves finally Jeff hit the Twist Of Fate for the victory.

Winner: Jeff Hardy & James Storm

After the show for $20 you got to go in the ring and take a picture with Jeff Hardy. The stage of minimal just some flashing lights and a lot of copyrighted music being used also there wasn't even a ring bell they just used an audio clip. Either way it was an okay show nothing really stands out besides the AJ Styles match and honestly I hated the main event it just seemed like all the performes milked the crowd too long and then randomly arguing with a fan for what felt like forever wasn't jun to watch. I did plunk down the $20 dollars to meet Jeff Hardy honestly I just wanted to get in the wrestling ring I didn't realized how padded it is. In the end a fun night and based on the crowd size I hope they come back to the Charlotte area.

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