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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Columbus, Ohio 6/23/11 (BFG Series Matches)
Jun 23, 2011 - 11:47:48 PM

Report sent in by Ron

TNA @ Ice Haus, Columbus Ohio 6/23:

Arena was about 85% full. It was down from last time.

Don West was in ring before the show tossing out freebies. RVD got a
loud ovation but Jeff Hardy's was bigger.

Jeremy Borash out to do announcing.

Robbie V vs Jeremy Buck vs Max Buck (who came out as a team) vs Alex
Shelly in a 4 corners/tornado tag match. Nice opening match, Riley
was the most over, and V had the most heat.

The 3 faces attack V to start. G.M worked well as a duo. A lot of
high impact moves, a flipping stunner by Jeremy results in a near
fall. Shelly with a series of leg locks on everyone.
Shelly wins with a nice looking double flip inverted DDT off the ropes
on both members of G.M.

Madison Rayne vs Mickey James (Earl Hebner is ref). Finish saw Rayne
get kissed by Hebner and then planted with the Implant.

Kaz vs Abyss (X Division Title Match). No thrills here, just a basic
give and take, meat and potatos match. Abyss with the pin after
catching Kaz with the Black Hole Slam. No interferance or cheating
for the heel. A mixed reaction for Abyss.

BFG Series (TNA tag title match)
The Pope and Devon vs Beer Money
The match focused on Devon and Pope as dysfunctional partners. Devon
trying to be a face and Pope a heel. The usual good teamwork by B.M.
Storm with the Superkick on Pope for the pin.

Intermission, Rayne signed autographs and West passed out more free
stuff and made jokes about Hebner.

Styles vs Jarrett. Jarrett got the loudest boos easily. Loud "We want
Karen" chant. A short match. Aj looked a little off nearly slipping
on a springboard clothesline, and almost missing on a Pele kick. He
recovered with the Styles Clash for the win.

BFG Series match. Gunner vs Crimson. Crimson was the default face
being from Cleveland. Basic match, nothing fancy, lots of strongman
stuff including Crimson breaking a full nelson. Crimson with the high
angle sit out power bomb for the pin fall.

Non title main event
Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle. Anderson and Angle tied for the loudest
ovations of the night. Anderson tried to be the heel but the crowd
was having none of it.

It was a back and forth match, with both men going for their
finishers, Anderson went for the mic check, Angle tried the Ankle
lock. In the end, it was Angle with the Angle Slam for the win.

Kurt did the meet/greet with the fans after the show, no autograph
party this time.

Report sent in by Drake XD

The event actually took place in the youth hockey facility adjacent to
Nationwide Arena, where the NHL’s Blue Jackets play and WWE runs their
shows. It was not a sellout, but the place was 80 percent full and the crowd
was pretty much enthused throughout the show. For a TV-14 product, there
were a LOT of little kids in attendance. This show was pretty much PG,
though. Borash did the usual spiel about backstage passes to the loudest
fans before the opener and served as the ring announcer for the whole event.

-Alex Shelley beat Generation Me and Robbie E. (accompanied by Cookie) in a
crowd pleasing opener. This was supposed to be a four corners tag with the
four competitors as individuals, but the Bucks (Max and Jeremy) spent the
entire match double teaming their opponents. Shelley tried to end the match
early, going for submission moves like the Texas Cloverleaf, the Pendulum,
and the Scorpion Deathlock (twice; once on GenMe at the same time). Another
storyline is that it was essentially one heel (Robbie E.) outnumbered as
GenMe played faces for the most part. Shelley again borrowed another
superstar’s finisher as he pulled off Sliced Bread #2 onto Max and Jeremy
simultaneously for the win.

-Mickie James retained the Knockouts title with a win over hometown gal
Madison Rayne. Before the bout, Earl Hebner did his standard routine of
showing off his shirt on sale at the merch stand. Some of this match was
comedy, with Rayne wanting Mickie then Hebner to kiss her hand (with her
being a queen and all). When Hebner refused, she smacked him on the rear
end. This was a competitive, solid, botch-free match that saw another
year-long routine of Hebner planting a kiss on Rayne’s lips and then
channeling Ric Flair with a celebratory strut. The fans got into Rayne's
humping facebuster on James, but Mickie got the pin after a jumping DDT.
Madison had to be helped to the back and did not use the entranceway,
signaling a legit head or neck ailment due to that DDT.

-Abyss retained the X-Division Championship with a clean win over Fortune’s
Kazarian. Kaz came out in his traditional short trunks for this one. The
story here was Kazarian running circles around his bigger opponent trying to
end the match without having to go toe-to-toe. He came close to winning the
title with numerous near-falls, but no dice. Kazarian’s speed caught up with
him and Abyss scooped him up for a massive Black Hole Slam to end it.

-In what was billed as a Bound For Glory Series match, Beer Money earned
seven points kept their tag titles beating The Pope D’Angelo Dinero and
Devon. Before the bout, Dinero had fun with Hebner by having Earl try on his
chains and glasses. This was unusual in that Pope played heel for the most
part, while Devon was cheered. With that said, the ‘rasslin’ crowd was more
behind Beer Money than Devon. Roode favored his shoulder a couple of times
throughout and Devon did not seem to appreciate Pope’s underhanded tactics.
The finish saw Pope eat the pin after a Superkick from Storm. After the
match, a disgusted Devon left Pope to ponder the loss.

-During a 20-minute intermission, Don West appeared and peddled the ‘Brown
Bag’ special (four DVDs and a white Impact Wrestling tee shirt for $20). It
appeared Madison Rayne was okay after all as she was the featured superstar
signing autographs. Hebner signed some merchandise during this downtime,
too. Also, during the intermission the backstage pass recipients went to
reap their reward.

-After the intermission, A.J. Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett. Styles almost
botched a springboard clothesline, but managed to keep his balance in the
nick of time. This was a solid match with the veteran Jarrett trying
everything he could think of to win, but ultimately he couldn’t pull a fast
one on Styles. Jarrett fell prey to a Styles Clash for the victory.

-In what was stated to be another Bound For Glory Series match, Crimson
defeated Gunner to gain seven points. Gunner was billed as part of Immortal
to let the fans know he was heel tonight. Crimson came out with a decent
reaction as he was announced from Fremont, OH (instead of Red Hook in
Brooklyn). This was the match the crowd was least enthused about, but both
guys worked their butts off to avoid any boring chants. It was lumbering at
times and ultimately Crimson caught Gunner with his Sky High-like maneuver
to pick up the win. TNA/Impact does not have the best track record for
elevating homegrown talent to the main event level, but once these two guys
gain a little more experience near the top this promotion might be able to
start righting those wrongs.

-In the non-title main event, Kurt Angle beat World Champion Mr. Anderson in
the crispest match of the night. Before the match, Anderson tried his
microphone routine, but the configuration of the building negated a mic
being lowered down. Anderson, to ensure he was booed tonight, called the
fans ‘douchebags’ and paused while the crowd was trying to sing along with
his name. Angle earned the win after delivering an Angle Slam.

After the match, Angle posed for photos with fans for $20 a pop and unlike
last year’s event, no other competitors came out to sign items. The
exceptions to this were Hebner and Jarrett at the merch stand. If you ever
have a chance to attend a house show, it is worth the money and time as
these events live up to the new slogan.

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