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Posted in: House Shows
TNA House Show Results from Brooklyn, New York 7/21/12
Jul 22, 2012 - 8:24:59 AM

Full Credit: Report by Ryan Berglund and PWTorch.com

When I arrived at MCU Park at ten until 6:00 p.m., there was a long line to get in, maybe 150 people in front of me and my brother. I never understood why people bring $300 replica titles to shows; when I go to hockey games, I don't wear my goalie mask. Jimmy J (High 5) came out at 6:15 and talked about the brown bag specials and Sting action figures being available. If the brown bag contained the Sting action figure, you got to meet him and get it signed.

The gates opened at 6:30 exactly like advertised. I didn't walk 20 feet before I was randomly put through a medal detector. I got in at 6:36. On the baseball field, Kaz, Robbie E., Rosita (hometown girl), Mr. Anderson, Christy Hemme, and Gail Kim signed autographs for people with VIP tickets.

Dixie Carter was at the show as advertised. She was standing right behind the first base dugout in the front row and I got her to sign my arm and take a picture. My brother Justin actually took a Sting action figure during the commotion and got into the team dugout for him to sign it. The merchandise stand was packed, but there was only one in the whole park and there were not that many shirts available. The Sting shirts were the biggest sellers from what I saw.

Jimmy J came out to start and threw merchandise into the crowd. Hemme came out next to pump up the crowd. She then announced Mr. Anderson from the New Jersey Shore. Anderson came out, ran into the outfield, came in the ring, and played with Christy until she got on a chair and dropped the mic in his hand. He gave her hell for messing up his hometown. He did his own intro and said Mr. Ken... Mr. Ken... I can't call myself that can I? Anderson!!!! Robbie E. came out next for the start of their BFG match.

(1) Mr. Anderson pinned Robbie E. in a Bound for Glory Series match. Anderson controlled early until Robbie ducked on out and cut a promo about wanting people to see him fist pump. He danced around and fist pumped. He told Anderson he would teach him to fist pump. Anderson started fist pumping and sucker-punched Robbie. Back and forth action, then Robbie took control until Anderson reversed into a Green Bay plunge, which Robbie reversed, hit the ropes, and ran into a Mic Check for the pin and the win.

Earl Hebner came out and heeled it up. He was wearing the "Damn Right I Did" t-shirt under his referee shirt and put on Bret Hart sunglasses and flipped off the crowd. Hometown girl Rosita came out with Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97. Gail Kim came out next and cut a promo on Rosenberg about messing up SummerJam with Nicki Minaj. She said she would beat Rosita in one minute.

(2) Rosita (w/Peter Rosenberg) beat Gail Kim. Rosita kicked Gail out of the ring and hit a pretty nice baseball slide. Gail took control back in the ring. She put Rosita in an interesting leg submission until Rosita fought out. Gail with a roll-up with her foot on the ropes until Rosenberg told Hebner. Gail ran at Rosenberg, then Rosita with a small package for the pin and the win.

Hemme announced Kaz out next. Kaz started out by saying since we're in New York, the Jets suck, Giants suck, Yankees suck, Mets sucks, Nets suck, Rangers suck, and the Knicks suck. (He forgot about the Islanders. Thank God I'm from the great state of California.) Rob Van Dam then came out next for a non-BFG match.

(3) Rob Van Dam beat TNA tag champion Kazarian. Nothing interesting in the early parts besides a flying leg drop off the ropes from Kaz. RVD went for Rolling Thunder, but Kaz moved and ran into a superkick and a Frog Splash from about halfway across the ring for the pin and the win.

Hemme announced the next BFG match, which brought out A.J. Styles to very little pop. Jeff Hardy was out next to the biggest pop of the night.

(4) A.J. Styles pinned Jeff Hardy in a BFG Series match. Handshake to start the match. Back and forth armbars before A.J. hit a jumping fist to the face. "It's Your Baby" chant from the crowd made me wonder where Dixie is. Submission by Hardy, but A.J. fought out, then back and forth kicks led to another slingshot forearm. A.J. went for the Styles Clash, Hardy reversed into the Whisper in the Wind, went for the Swanton, but A.J. moved and hit the Pele Kick for the pin and the win.

Jimmy J High 5 came out and did the running joke congratulating Earl Hebner for refereeing his 100,000 match. And, he offered autographed Earl Hebner t-shirts for $10. Then, they went for a 20-minute intermission.

Back from intermission, Christy Hemme thanked the fans and brought out Dixie Carter. Dixie said she loves the view and this next guy who is about to come out, Sting. She said he helped out TNA for a while, then a year, then two, and stayed for the fans. He wanted to meet all of the fans after the show.

Bully Ray then came out and said he's the toughest guy in Brooklyn; nobody in Brooklyn and nobody in the back can beat him up. He told Christy Hemme he doesn't want dirty playboys in his ring, so get out. He yelled at Earl Hebner that he doesn't want old referees in his ring, so get the hell out. He yelled at Dixie, who was still in the field area, to get the hell out. He went after her and was stopped by the cops. He told them they are punks who aren't gonna do nothing. "I'm in your hometown and I'm punking you out," Ray said. He got back in the ring for Sting's intro.
Sting came in the ring and requested they do something different in Brooklyn tonight. No DQs and No Count-outs.

(5) Sting beat Bully Ray in a No DQ, No Count-out match. Bully jumped Sting from behind and quickly went under the ring and pulled out a garbage pail of different objects. Sting threw him out of the ring after a shot from a tin pan. Chair shots from Sting around the crowd until they got to the dugout near Dixie. Bully with a low blow to Sting as they moved off the dugout. Back in the ring, Sting hit Ray over the head with a glass plate that shattered into a million pieces. Sting went for the Scorpion Death Drop, which Bully botched twice by falling down accidentally. The third time was the charm and he finally hit the Death Drop for the pin and the win.

Christy Hemme announced the main event to bring out Bobby Roode. Next was the TNA Heavyweight champion Austin Aries to one of the biggest pops of the night.

(6) TNA World champion Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Title. The match started with a "U-S-A!" chant, which Aries heard and responded to by doing the Hacksaw Jim Duggan walk with the thumb. Roode then did the Bret Hart walk to represent Canada. Early on, a lot of feeling out and cool mat wrestling moves. Awesome action out of the ring with a Aries suicide divethat sent Roode flying into the guardrail. Aries was back in the ring and Roode brought the belt back into the ring and fought with Brian Hebner for it. Hebner got the belt and while he wasn't looking Roode low-blowed Aries and hit the fisherman suplex pin for a two count - everyone went crazy thinking the match was over. Roode then put Aries in the Crossface, which led to a Chris Benoit chant. Aries fought out and Roode followed up with a spinebuster for a close nearfall. Roode got the belt again and Hebner again fought for the belt until Roode let go and sent Hebner flying. Aries then low-blowed Roode and hit the Brainbuster for the pin and the win. Awesome match that had many highspots and very close nearfalls.

Overall, an awesome show with a lot of highlights. The stadium was empty beyond the $40 seats, which were full. Meeting President Dixie Carter was cool since she is never at house shows. The night was full of Daniel Bryan "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chants from the crowd.

Biggest Pops:

- Sting
- Austin Aries
- Jeff Hardy

Biggest Boos:

- Bully Ray
- Earl Hebner
- Bobby Roode

Full Credit: Report by Ryan Berglund and PWTorch.com

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