Royal Rumble Results
Calvin Martin 1/23/2000
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Royal Rumble, Madison Square Garden, New York
Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Sunday, January 23, 2000

Match 1 Kurt Angle vs. an un-named opponent
Before the match Kurt got on the mic and said a few things. Nothing too important. Finally the mystery is over and Tazz is Angle's opponent. Tazz took Angle out to the floor early. Angle suplexed Tazz on the ground and threw him back in the ring. Angle chokes Tazz in the corner with his foot. Angle executes another suplex. Angle went up top and Tazz crotched him. Tazz went up after him and hit a overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count. Angle with a german suplex for a two count. Tazz is suplexing Angle everywhere. Tazz locks on his chokehold and Angle gives up. After the match Angle is stretchered out. There may be some question to Tazz's win. Angle still might be undefeated as a choke is illegal.
Winner: Tazz

Match 2 Hardys vs. Dudley Boyz
First Ever Tag Team Table Match
Before the match Buh Buh Ray got on the mic getting some heel heat saying his favorite sports player is John Rocker. Buh Buh went back to stuttering at the beginning of his mic work. The Hardys came out and the match started right away. Buh Buh and Dvon bring a table in the ring. Matt with a ddt on Buh Buh. Jeff went flying out of the ring onto Buh Buh. Jeff hit Buh Buh in the head with a chair. Jeff came running off the railing and Buh Buh threw a table right in his face. Inside the ring Buh Buh placed Matt on the table. Matt got up and him and Jeff double suplexed Buh Buh off the top turnbuckle. Matt brings a ladder into the ring and hits Buh Buh with it. Matt and Jeff clothesline Buh Buh out of the ring with the ladder. Matt sets up a table on the outside and places Buh Buh on it. Matt sets the ladder up beside the table. Matt comes off the ladder at the same time Jeff came off the top rope and put Buh Buh through the table. Matt hits Dvon with a chair. Hardys are on the outside rearranging furniture. Matt comes off the top trying to put Dvon through the table but he moved out of the way. Buh Buh throws the steps inside the ring and he and Dvon place the table on top of them. Buh Buh puts Matt through the table then throws him outside the ring. Buh Buh hits Matt in the head with a chair. Buh Buh sets up another table while Dvon tries to keep the Hardys beaten down. Now Buh Buh has two tables stacked on top of each other. Buh Buh and Dvon plave Matt on the top table. Buh Buh grabs Jeff and pulls him up to the balcony. Jeff low blowed Buh Buh and hit him with a chair. Buh Buh fell off and went through both tables. Matt places Dvon on another table. Jeff comes off the balcony with a senton bomb putting Dvon through the table for the win.
Winners: The Hardy Boys

First Ever Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition
Terri - The Kat - Luna - B.B. - Ivory - Jackie - Mae Young
Not much to explain here. Luna refused to take her gown off. Miss Kitty was wearing a bikini made of bubble wrap. Mae Young came out to the contest a little late. Mae took off her gown. Ugh. Mae exposes her basset hounds. A censored sign came on the television while Mark Henry struggled to cover her up. The judges ruled Mae as the winner. She turned around exposing everything. Very disgusting segment.

Match 3 Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna vs. Chris Jericho
Intercontinental Championship Match
Match started off with Holly shoving Chyna down. Holly throws Chyna out of the ring. Holly nails Jericho with a dropkick. Jericho hits Holly with a flying forearm for a two count. Jericho locks Holly in the Walls of Jericho. Chyna breaks the hold. Chyna clotheslines Holly out of the ring. Chyna hits Holly with a baseball slide dropkick. Chyna bounces jericho's head off the ring steps. Chyna hits Jericho with a ddt. Holly makes the save. Chyna dropkicks a chair into Holly's face. Chyna low blows Jericho. Chyna hits Holly with the pedigree for a two count. Jericho comes off the top clotheslining Chyna off of Holly's shoulders. Chyna superplexes Holly for a two count. Chyna hits Holly with a chair then puts a Boston Crab on him. Jericho bulldogs Chyna off of Holly. Jericho hits Chyna with a moonsault for the pin.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Match 4 The Acolytes vs. New Age Outlaws
Tag Team Championship Match
Match starts off with Acolytes rushing the ring and attacking the Outlaws. Bradshaw with a fall away slam on Mr. Ass. Faarooq powerslams RoadDogg. Faarooq double clotheslines both Outlaws. Bradshaw hits Mr. Ass with the clothesline from hell. Faarooq with a spinebuster on RoadDogg. Acolytes double powerbomb RoadDogg. X-Pac comes out and hits Bradshaw with a spinning heel kick. Faarooq takes care of X-Pac. Mr. Ass nails Bradshaw with the fameasser for the pin.
Winners: New Age Outlaws

Match 5 Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
World Wrestling Federation Championship Match
Match started off with both men trading blows. Cactus punches Triple H down in the corner. Cactus hits Triple H with a swinging neckbreaker on the outside of the ring. Cactus bounces Triple H's head off of the ring steps. Triple H hit Cactus between the eyes with the ring bell. Triple H brings a chair into the ring. Triple H nails Cactus with the chair. Cactus gets up and clotheslines Triple H. Cactus places a chair on Triple H's head and hits him with a leg drop. Both men roll to the outside of the ring to fight. Cactus backdrops Triple H into the audience at ringside. Both men continue to fight in the crowd. Cactus places two wooden pallets on top of each other and suplexes Triple H onto them. Cactus hits Triple H with a trash can. Cactus repeatedly rams Triple H's head into the wall. Triple H suplexes Cactus on the trash can. Both men make their way back to ringside. Cactus missed a running knee and hit the steps. Cactus pulls a 2x4 wrapped with barb wire out from under the ring. Triple H low blows Cactus and picks up the 2x4 and smacks Cactus with it a few times. Cactus low blows Triple H then low blows him again with the 2x4. Triple H runs into the ref by accident knocking him out. Cactus hits Triple H in the head with the barb wire. Ref wakes up to Cactus pinning Triple H for a two count. Cactus hits Triple H again in the face with the barb wire 2x4. Triple H is wearing a crimson mask. Triple H backdrops Cactus onto the announce table. Triple H has a real bad gash in his leg. Triple H tries the pedigree but Cactus reverses it by catapulting Triple H into the turnbuckles. Cactus clotheslines Triple H out of the ring along with himself. Triple H throws Cactus into the steel steps. Triple H chop blocks Cactus' knee. Triple H picks up the barb wire 2x4 and hits Cactus in the leg with it. Triple H brings a pair of handcuffs into the ring. Cactus takes the handcuffs away from Triple H and uses it as a weapon. Triple H handcuffs Cactus' hands behind his back. Cactus is helpless at this point. Triple H brings the steps into the ring. Cactus with his hands cuffed behind his back hits Triple H with a drop toe hold on the steps. Cactus starts biting Triple H in the ear. Triple H gets up and clotheslines Cactus. Triple H hits Cactus three times with a chair knocking him out of the ring. Triple H follows Cactus out of the ring hitting him with the chair. Cactus begs for more. The Rock comes out and lays Triple H out with a chair. A police office unlocks the handcuffs off of Cactus. Cactus is back into the match now. Cactus piledrives Triple H on the announce table. Cactus pulls a bag of thumbtacks out from under the ring and pours them all over the ring. Stephanie McMahon comes to ringside. Triple H backdrops Cactus onto the tacks. Triple H then hits Cactus with the pedigree. Cactus kicks out at two. Triple H hits Cactus with another pedigree, this time on the tacks, for the pin. After the match Triple H starts to get stretchered out when Cactus interferes shoving him off the stretcher. Cactus throws Triple H back in the ring and hits him with the barb wire 2x4 one last time. Good match.
Winner: Triple H

Royal Rumble
Dlo Brown is #1. Brian Christopher is #2. Headbanger Mosh is #3. Taka and Funaki rush the ring but quickly get thrown out. Christian is #4. Rikishi is #5. Rikishi eliminates Mosh. Rikishi eliminates Christian. Rikishi eliminates Dlo. Scotty Too Hotty is #6. Too Cool and Rikishi do their dance routine. Rikishi eliminates Too Cool at the same time. Steve Blackman is #7. Rikishi eliminates Blackman. Viscera is #8. Rikishi eliminates Viscera. Big Bossman is #9. Test is #10. Bulldog is #11. Gangrel is #12. Taka and Funaki rush the ring again only to get thrown out...again. Edge is #13. Bob Backlund is #14. Everybody in the ring at the time eliminated Rikishi. Chris Jericho is #15. Jericho eliminated Backlund. Crash Holly is #16. Chyna is #17. Chyna eliminated Jericho. Bossman eliminated Chyna. Faarooq is #18. The Posse rush the ring and attack Faarooq. Bossman eliminated Faarooq. RoadDogg is #19. Al Snow is #20. RoadDogg eliminated Bulldog. Val Venis is #21. Funaki rushes the ring again only to get thrown out once more. Prince Albert is #22. Edge eliminated himself. Hardcore Holly is #23. The Rock is #24. Rock eliminated Bossman. Mr. Ass is #25. Rock eliminated Crash Holly. Big Show is #26. Big Show eliminated Test. Big Show eliminated Gangrel. Bradshaw is #27. The Posse rush the ring again. Bradshaw throws them all out. Outlaws eliminated Bradshaw. Kane is #28. Kane eliminated Val Venis. Godfather is #29. Kane eliminated Prince Albert. Funaki rushes the ring again and gets thrown out again. X-Pac is #30. Kane eliminated Hardcore Holly. Big Show eliminated Godfather. Rock eliminated Al Snow. Mr. Ass eliminated RoadDogg. Kane eliminated Mr. Ass. Mr. Ass pulled Kane out but Kane is still legal because he went under the bottom rope. Rock eliminated X-Pac. X-Pac eliminated Kane. Big Show eliminated X-Pac. Big Show and The Rock are the only ones left now. People's Elbow on Big Show. Big Show chokeslams The Rock. Big Show picked up The Rock and went to throw him out but Rock grabbed the ropes and his feet did not touch the ground as Big Show fell out. After the match Rock got on the mic and said "Finally The Rock is going to Wrestlemania." Big Show came back in and attacked Rock and the PPV was over.
Winner: The Rock

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