Complete Heroes Of Wrestling PPV Results
Calvin Martin October 10, 1999
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Heroes Of Wrestling PPV 10/10/99
Bay St. Louis, MS.
Hosted by Randy Rosenbloom and Dutch Mantell

Show started off with a brief picture tribute to Gorilla Monsoon.

Match 1 Samu and Fatu vs Marty Janetty and Tommy Rogers

Match starts off with Samu and Janetty going at it. A lot of stalling on Samu's part. Janetty with a hip toss and a dropkick. All four men in the ring. Janetty and Rogers clear the ring real quick. Janetty with a high cross body on Samu for a 2 count. Fatu hits Janetty in the back with a chair. Fatu misses a splash off the top rope. Janetty tags Rogers in. Rogers with a powerslam on Samu. Rogers with a double ddt on Fatu and Samu followed by a double bulldog. Janetty flies over the top on Fatu. In the ring Samu hit a variation of a diamond cutter on Rogers for the pin. Announcers are calling it the samoan drop.

Winners: Fatu and Samu

Match 2 Greg Valentine vs George the Animal Steele

George brings Sister Sherri to the ring with him as his valet.
Match starts off with George biting Hammer on the arm. Hammer stomps George down in the corner and pulls his shirt over his head. Ref breaks the hold and Sherri makes her intentions known by choking George. George doesn't know she is choking him. George gets up and takes his shirt off and pulls a foreign object out of his pants and pokes Hammer in the neck with it. George hands the object to Sherri and she sticks it down her 45 year old cleavage. Sherri hands Hammer the object and Hammer jabs George with it. The crowd is in favor of George and is not too happy with Sherri going back and forth between Hammer and George. Sherri picks up a chair and hits George with it. Hammer makes the cover and gets the 3 count. Hammer and Sherri hug after the match. George comes to his senses and tosses Sherri over the top rope to the floor. George goes crazy and tosses chairs in the ring then he starts to eat and tear up the turnbuckle.

Winner: Greg the Hammer Valentine

Interview with Julio Fantastico

Match 3 Julio Fantastico vs Too Cold Scorpio

Captain Lou Albano joins the commentary team.
Match starts off with both men trading arm twists. Dropkick and a armdrag by Julio. Scorpio comes back with a dropkick and a armdrag of his own. Scorpio with a roundhouse kick on Julio sending him out of the ring. Scorpio flies out of the ring on Julio. Back in ring chops in the corner by Scorpio. Julio sends Scorpio out to the floor and then flies out of the ring right onto Scorpio. Both men now fighting in the crowd. Back in ring Julio with a elbow drop for a 2 count. Julio clotheslines Scorpio out of the ring. Scorpio launches himself back in the ring with a cross body on Julio for a 2 count. Scorpio goes to the top and gets crotched. Julio follows up and hits a bulldog for a 2 count. Scorpio comes back with a spinning heel kick. Scorpio goes to the top and hits the tumbleweed. He goes up top and hits in 1 more time and gets the 3 count. Decent match.

Winner: Too Cold Scorpio

Captain Lou Albano is named the commisioner of the Heroes of Wrestling.
King Kong Bundy interview. Bundy talks about what he is going to do to Yokozuna in their match.

Match 4 Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik vs The Bushwackers
USA chant breaks out. Nikolai Volkoff sings the Russian national anthem. Crowd boos. Iron Sheik demonstrates his strength by swinging around 2 weights above his head. Luke and Butch come to the ring licking some fans along the way.
Match starts off with all 4 men in the ring when Nikolai and Sheik attack Luke and Butch. Luke and Butch double clothesline both Sheik and Nikolai. Sheik gets on the mic and says if the fans don't stop yelling USA, that he is going to leave. Sheik and Nikolai double team Luke. At this point fans are yelling Russia sucks. Nikolai with a backbreaker on Luke. Sheik tagged in and puts the camel clutch on Luke. Butch finally gets tagged in and headbutts Nikolai and Sheik. Nikolai and Sheik double team Butch. Nikolai hits Butch with a foreign object in the stomach. Nikolai goes for it again but Butch ducks and hits Sheik. Butch goes for the pin and gets the 3 count. Nikolai and Sheik almost get into a fight after the match. They end up making up.

Winners: The Bushwackers

Tully Blanchard interview. This was the same taped interview that was aired on the countdown show.

Match 5 Stan Lane vs Tully Blanchard

Before the match started Stan got on the mic and said Tully is preaching in tents and he is on ESPN as an announcer. Stan did a good impression of a professional ring announcer when he announced himself.
Match starts off with a big hip toss and a dropkick by Tully. Outside the ring Stan posts Tully. Back in ring Stan drops Tully right across the top rope. Stan with a side russian leg sweep for a 2 count. Tully shoots Stan to the outside. Tully sends Stan into the steel guardrail. Tully puts the figure four on Stan on the floor outside the ring. Back in ring Tully puts a sleepr on Stan. Stan comes back with a side suplex for the 3 count? Ref reverses the decision and gives the win to Tully. Apparently both men's shoulders were down and Tully got his up just in time. Both men fight a little more then Stan leaves the ring and walks out.

Winner: Tully Blanchard

One Man Gang interview

Match 6 One Man Gang vs Abdullah the Butcher

As soon as Abdullah steps through the ropes OMG attacks and the bell rings. OMG choking Abdullah with his chain. Abdullah already bleeding from the top of the head after a chain shot from OMG. OMG with a chair shot on top of Abdullah's head. Abdullah is dripping with blood. Abdullah comes back with a shot to the throat. Abdullah cuts open OMG with a fork to the head. Abdullah with a chair to the head of OMG. Abdullah with a flying elbow. Both men on the outside. The bell rings. OMG and Abdullah taking out all the security. Both men fight all the way to the back. LOTS of blood.

Official ruling is a double countout.

Match 7 Cowboy Bob Orton vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Match starts off with chops in the corner by Snuka. Quick rollup by Snuka for a 2 count. Orton clotheslines Snuka out of the ring. Orton with a elbow right to the head of Snuka. Orton suplexes Snuka back into the ring. Orton working on Snuka's back. Orton with a high back body drop for a 2 count. Orton locks on a armbar on Snuka for about five minutes. Chants of Bob is a fag from the crowd. Snuka comes back with a headbutt. Into the ropes and both men collide. Ref makes a 2 count. Snuka goes to the top and Orton sees him coming and stops the momentum. Orton goes up to the top with Snuka. Orton goes for a superplex and Captain Lou holds his ankles and Orton falls off. Snuka comes off the top with the superfly leap and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Jake Roberts interview

Match 8 Jake Roberts vs Jim Neidhart

Jake comes to the ring and puts Damian in the ring then walks to the back then comes back out like 10 seconds later.
Match starts off with a hip toss by Jake. Jake goes for the ddt but Anvil ducks out of the move. Damian starts crawling out of his bag. Jake pulls the snake out of the bag and starts making obscene gestures with the snake. Anvil leaves the ring. King Kong Bundy comes out to the ring to talk to Anvil. Anvil sneaks back in the ring and attacks Jake. Bundy clims up on the apron. Jake with a short clothesline on Anvil. Jake starts messing with Bundy then Anvil gets up and pulls Jake down to the mat and holds him there while Bundy stomps on him. Yokozuna comes to the aid of Jake. Bundy and Anvil double team Yokozuna. The announcer says this is now a tag team match. Yokozuna and Jake are now in the ring waiting on Anvil and Bundy to come back in the ring. Anvil pulls Jake to the outside and starts biting his head. Bundy levels Jake with a chair. Bundy and Anvil have a guy at ringside with them which looks like a miniature version of Bundy. The Mini Bundy gets a choke in on Jake while the ref wasn't looking. Bundy and Anvil double team Jake. Jake comes back with a low blow on Anvil and then tags in Yokozuna. Yokozuna comes in and erupts on Anvil. In the mean time Bundy gets a big splash on Jake for the win. After the match Yokozuna gives the mini Bundy a samoan drop then Jake places Damian on him.

Winners: Jim Neidhart and King Kong Bundy

That apparently was the end of the ppv. No time left so no time for the Bundy/Yokozuna match.

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