Full WCW Bash at the Beach Results
Ryan Brander July 11, 1999
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WCW Bash at the Beach 99

Before this match started the cameras went to a junkyard 15 miles away where Mike Tenay was.Tenay talked about the junkyard match and hinted about some wrestlers making an appearance in the match who arent a part of WCW.Public Enemy?

Match 1 - Earnest Miller vs Disco Inferno
As Miller was walking to the ring Tony and Bobby said the stipulation of whoever loses this match wouldnt be able to dance anymore has been cancelled. No matter who loses they will still be able to dance. They said Sonny Ono went to the board about it getting it removed.
Miller got on the mic and did his usual and challenged Disco to an impromptu dance contest. Miller danced a little bit then it was Disco's turn.When Disco started dancing he was attacked by Miller, the bell rang, and the match began.
Disco hit two atomic drops in a row then hit Miller with a lariat.
Disco gets thrown to the outside and Sonny Ono lays in with the kicks on him. Disco sends Miller into the safety rail then stopms him down. At one point Miller had a chance to pin Disco but wasted 18 seconds. Disco bit Miller's hand then slammed him then went to the top and connected with the elbow for a 2 count.Disco hit a nice russian leg sweep for a 2 count. Disco got sent into the ropes and Miller kicked him right in the throat.Miller tries to put on the red shoe but Disco stomped on his toe and he drooped it. Disco picked up the shoe and clocked Miller with it and got a 2 count.
Disco hit the last dance on Sonny Ono and then when he turned around Miller had put the shoe back on again and hit a nice kick and got the pin.

Winner: Earnest Miller

Before match 2 started Mark Madden was backstage interviewing Judge Mills Lane at the internet location.

Match 2 - Rick Steiner vs Van Hammer
Before Van Hammer came out Rick got on the mic and talked for a minute. Nothing noteworthy.
First minute into the match Hammer hit a lariat,a sledgehammer forearm, and a big boot to the face sending Rick out of the ring. Rick took Van Hammer outside the ring and pulled the mat up and did a ddt to Hammer on the floor. Back in ring and Rick took Hammer down to the mat and just pounded on him. Van Hammer gets thrown out of the ring and Hammer picks up a chair and Rick walks right into it.
Back in ring Rick bites Hammer then blatantly kicks him between the legs and clotheslines him. Rick goes to the top and hits the Steiner bullgog for the pin.

Winner: Rick Steiner

Match 3 - US Title Match: Dean Malenko vs David Flair
David came out with Torrie Wilson, Ric Flair and Aysa.
Match starts out with no offense from david whatsoever. Dean took him down 3 times in a row. Dean backs David into the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. Flair came in the ring and got knocked out by Malenko.Malenko puts the texas cloverleaf on David then Arn and Aysa come into the ring. AA knocks the ref out. Charles Robinson comes in. Flair hits Malenko in the head with the US belt and drags David on top of Malenko. Robinson makes the 3 count.

Winner and still US champ: David Flair

Match 4 - West Texas Rednecks vs No Limit Soldiers - Eight man elimination match.

Rey Jr did a split legged moonsault on Barry Windham early in the match. BA looking pretty good in the ring against Hennig and Duncum.Duncum takes Swoll down with a big boot.
Kendall kicks Swoll between the legs and clotheslines him.
Konnan with a ddt on Duncum. Rey Jr did the bronco buster on Duncum. Swoll gets tagged in and powerslams Duncum. Duncum gets eliminated by Swoll.
Barry drops Konnan neck first over the top rope. Barry and Hennig double clothesline Konnan.
Hennig eliminates BA with the fishermens suplex.
Kendall clotheslines and powerslams Konnan. Konnan hits the rolling lariat on Kendall.Rey Jr jumped off the ropes and kicked Kendall in the back enabling Konnan to roll Kendall up to eliminate him. Konnan hits the rolling lariat again this time on Barry.Konnan clotheslines Barry out of the ring. Chase picks up Barry and Konnan comes out to help beat on Barry. Konnan and Barry are eliminated via countout.
Swoll pounding on Hennig. Swoll tags on rey Jr.Rey Jr climbs on Swoll's back and dives off onto Hennig for the 3 count. Hennig is eliminated.
Last 2 men in the ring are Rey Jr and Swoll.

Winners: No Limit Soldiers

Match 5 - Junkyard Hardcore Invitational

The man who gets over the fence first wins.

This match was too hard to call as it was in the dark and some of the camera shots were from a helicopter.
Some of the participants included Public Enemy,Dave Taylor,Finlay,Regal,Silver King,La Parka,Hak,Brian Knobbs,Hugh Morrus,Jerry Flynn,Horace,Cyclope,Mikey Whipwreck.

Jimmy Hart was seen standing to the side with a yellow helmet on.
All kinds of action.People hitting each other with tail pipes,tires,throwing them on the hood of cars,on the windshields,etc.
LaParka had brought his chair to the junkyard.Hak stuffed Fit Finlay into the trunk of a car.Finlay got out of the car before someone driving a forklift picked up the car and put it into the crusher.Fit Finlay heads toward the fence.The other men chase him but a huge explosion from a car kept the other guys back.Finlay climbs over the fence.

Winner: Fit Finlay

Match 6 - DDP/Bigelow vs Saturn/Benoit

Benoit with a drop toe hold on Bigelow.
Benoit runs over Kanyon with a clothesline. Benoit catapults Kanyon right into a fist from Saturn.Benoit backs Kanyon into the corner and chops him down.Saturn comes in and he and Benoit double team for a minute.
saturn picks Kanyon up by his hair and throws him across the ring. Benoit tagged in and does a backbreaker on Kanyon. Saturn slams Kanyon and goes to the top and drops a leg on Kanyon.
Saturn was thrown to the outside. DDP comes off the ring apron with a clothesline. Bigelow picks Saturn up and rams him into the ring apron.
Kanyon goes to the top after Saturn and gets racked. Saturn picks him up and does a belly to belly on him from the top.
Benoit tagged in and got triple teamed. DDP drops an elbow on Benoit for a 2 count. Kanyon with a short powerbomb on Benoit and Saturn makes the save.Bigelow tagged in and drops a low headbutt on Benoit.
DDP and Kanyon with good teamwork against Benoit and Saturn makes the save.
Benoit makes a tag to Saturn but the ref never saw it.
Kanyon drops a leg on Benoit off the top turnbuckle.
Benoit does a belly to back suplex on Benoit.
Bigelow misses a moonsault on Benoit.
Saturn finally tagged in. Saturn cleaning house. Saturn clotheslines DDP and Kanyon out of the ring at the same time.
Bigelow picks up Benoit and Saturn dropkicks Benoit back onto Bigelow.Saturn and Benoit come off oposite turnbuckles on Bigelow. DDP makes the save.Kanyon throws powder into Saturn's eyes. Some of the powder gets in DDP's eyes.
DDP throws a trash can into the ring and hits Benoit and Kanyon with it. DDP and Bigelow hit the double diamond cutter on Saturn. DDP makes the pin.

Winners and still tag champs: DDP, Bigelow, and Kanyon

Match 7 - Buff Bagwell vs Roddy Piper in a boxing match.

Special guest ref is Judge Mills Lane.
Before the match Buff gets on the mic and tells his mom Judge Judy bagwell to come to ringside with him because Piper has Flair at ringside with him.


In the first round Piper knocked Buff off his feet with a hard punch to the face. The first round ended with Piper headbutting Buff.
Flair sprayed some sort of substance on piper's gloves.

Round 2 starts with Piper punching Buff. Whatever was sprayed on Piper's gloves is having an effect on Bagwell. Round 2 ended with Piper clearly having the advantage.

Round 3 starts with Piper attacking Buff. Judy Bagwell starts to bite Piper's ear. Judy then puts a bucket on Piper's head. Buff hits him in the head then comes off the second rope with the blockbuster. Judge Mills Lane counts Piper out.
Match ends with Judy Bagwell chasing Flair around the ring.

Winner: Buff Bagwell

Match 8 - Sting/Nash vs Sid/Savage

This is a tag team match in which whoever makes the pin becomes the world champion.
Savage and Sid came to the ring with Madusa, George, and Miss Madness.
Before the match started Savage said some words to George and instructed her to stand outside the ring. George walks over to the other side of the ring and stands behind Nash. The camera shows a close-up of George's face to reveal a black eye. Savage gets pissed and walks over there with a stareoff with Nash. The match starts when Sting comes up behind Savage and attacks him.

Sid knocks Sting off his feet with a lariat to the chest.
Sid holds a reverse chinlock on Sting for about two minutes before Nash comes in and decks Sid.
Savage and Sid double team Sting while the ref's back is turned.
Sting hits a standing dropkick on Savage.
Nash throws Savage into the corner and clotheslines him.George is cheering Nash on.
Nash slaps Sting's hand hard for a tag. Sting throws Savage to the outside and misses a stinger splash and hits the safety rail. Sid goes to the outside and drops Sting across the safety rail.
Miss Madness and Madusa getting their cheap shots in on Sting.
Sid applies another rear chinlock on Sting. Sting fights back with a shoulder block then falls out head first between Sid's legs.
Nash tagged in and cleaning house. All 4 men in ring now. Madusa comes in and kicks Sting.Miss Madness comes in and gets the stinger splash 3 times in a row. Nash gets caught in a stinger splash along with Savage. Nash goes for the jack knife powerbomb on Savage and George comes in and racks Nash. Sid slams Nash and Savage comes off the top rope with the elbow to get the pin.

Winner and new world champ: Randy Savage

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