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Posted in: Radio
WCW: The Legacy Series - Fall Brawl '97 (The Death of the 4 Horsemen?)
By LoPRadio
Jul 8, 2017 - 5:02:55 PM

Fall Brawl 1997 takes place in North Carolina, in the shadow of the end of the career of Arn Anderson. We all know the story: Arn gives an emotional farewell and the nWo mock it. Some saw this as blasphemy, and some saw it as a sense of humor. I don't care which way you see it, as long as you have the sense to see that such an angle demands the horsemen avenge Arn Anderson.

And yet, in a move that would rival the Cartwrights being left for dead on the front steps of the Ponderosa, the nWo leave the Horsemen for dead in North Carolina, with Kevin Nash, on mic, making explicit what he must not have trusted fans to figure out for themselves.

We have much to say.

It's WCW: TLS. Fall Brawl 1997.

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