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Posted in: WWE
What Was Cut from This Week's RAW on Hulu Plus, RAW Viewership News
By Marc Middleton
Feb 26, 2013 - 5:47:14 PM

- The following matches and segments were cut from this week's Hulu Plus version of RAW:

* Trailer for the new WWE Studios movie The Call

* Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali

* Footage from The Marine 3

* Footage from the WWE App with The Miz, Zeb Colter, and Jack Swagger

* Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton

* Cody Rhodes vs. R-Truth

* YouTube footage with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger

* Jack Swagger vs. The Miz

* Tout by Triple H talking about Brock Lesnar

* Video package of Touts by fans

* Video package of Chris Jericho's new show Robot Combat League

* Middle part of the John Cena vs. CM Punk match

- Monday's episode of RAW averaged 4,707,000 viewers. Hour one was the most watched of the evening while hour three was the least, which has been the trend the last few weeks.

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