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Posted in: WWE
WWE Attendance Figures for Current Overseas Tour, Antonio Cesaro Works as a Babyface
By Marc Middleton
Apr 25, 2013 - 4:07:40 AM

- Here are some recent WWE attendance figures from the current overseas tour:

* RAW on April 17th in Rotterdam, Holland drew 5,000 fans for $475,000
* RAW on April 18th in Belfast did 6,500 fans for $450,000
* SmackDown on April 18th in Glasgow drew 5,000 fans for $375,000
* RAW on April 19th in Dublin drew 7,500 fans for $600,000
* SmackDown on April 19th in Newcastle drew 6,500 for $450,000
* RAW on April 20th in Paris, France drew 9,000 fans for $700,000
* SmackDown on April 20th in Birmingham drew 8,500 fans for $630,000
* RAW on April 21st in Geneva drew 5,000 fans for $360,000
* SmackDown on April 21st in Sheffield drew 8,500 fans for $525,000
* SmackDown on April 22nd in Cardiff drew 4,000 fans for $300,000
* RAW on April 23rd in Nottingham drew 5,400 fans for $380,000

- At the April 21st show in Geneva, Antonio Cesaro worked as a babyface since they were in Switzerland. He was booked against William Regal so the two could work a classic European style match. Cesaro ended up getting the win.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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