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Posted in: WWE
Vince Russo On WWE Matches Being Too Long
By Michael Pappas
Jan 21, 2018 - 12:05:21 PM

Stone Cold recently had Vince Russo as his guest on his podcast The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Russo went on during the discussion about his dislike for long matches in today's WWE and having them at the expense of developing characters.

On long WWE matches:

"Back in the Attitude Era when we had our matches, it was 'Crash TV.' We were in and out of everything because we knew back then people had short attention spans, so we had to bring them along to the next thing, don't lose it, move it," Russo said. "When I hear 'short attention span' the matches now are going longer than they ever had before so that's where I'm like, well, the short attention span gets shorter daily but the matches keep going on longer and longer. I am not a fan of the long matches."

On being a firm believer in stories and characters:

"How I look at it is that I love Rocky. Let's compare Rocky to Professional Wrestling," he said. "If you take all the Rocky movies or concentrate just one, and all of a sudden we take away the characters of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. We take away the storyline, this bum from Philadelphia getting a shot, we take that away and all of a sudden all we are seeing is the end of the movie and the Boxing match. Are we going to give a rats about the Boxing match? Of course we're not! The only reason why we care about the match is because of the character in the story. If you take away the character and you take away the story you have a choreographed fight and that is what it is on a weekly basis."

Down below is the original podcast episode

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