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Posted in: WWE
Triple H Reveals His Favorite Match And Explains Why He Thinks NXT Is Changing The Wrestling Business
By Andrew Thompson
Nov 16, 2017 - 9:18:26 PM

The fifth member of Team RAW at Survivor Series and NXT overseer, Triple H, recently spoke with Hollywood Life to discuss his favorite wrestling match and how he believes NXT is changing the wrestling business.

Here's what HHH had to say:

HHH's Favorite Match:

“It’s hard for me to pick a particular match. I’ve been really lucky in my career almost from the get go to work with some really talented and amazing performers. If I had to pick one, just kind of special moment, it would be the ‘End of an Era‘ match between myself and The Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell, with Shawn as the special guest referee. Just because it was so meaningful to the end of our careers and not that anybody’s career ended there necessarily, but it truly was in some ways the end of an era for us and it was very meaningful. There’s a moment at the end of the match where Shawn, myself and Taker are standing at the top of the stage, looking back over the crowd. That moment is just etched into my brain and will hopefully never leave me. It was a very meaningful to all three of us and a very emotional day.”

How NXT Is Changing The Business:

"I think NXT changed the business, because if you look at the main roster today, 80% of that talent on RAW and SmackDown right now, came out of NXT. I think it’s fundamentally changed the way we look at our company from a global standpoint; whether that’s finding talent in the UK, whether that’s finding talent in India or South America, or in Spain. It’s finding talent globally, it’s training them in a way like never before. It’s bringing them up through a system that gets them more ready than they’ve ever been which is NXT. It’s changed everything.”

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