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Posted in: WWE
Rey Mysterio Talks About His WWE Future, Possible WrestleMania XXX Plans and More
By Marc Middleton
Mar 18, 2014 - 5:27:51 PM

- Rey Mysterio spoke with Antena3.com while in Spain doing promotional work for WWE. Here are some highlights, translated courtesy of SuperLuchas.net:

When do you plan to retire, and would like to enter the WWE Hall Of Fame?

"At the moment I have no plans to retire, I want to keep fighting so my retirement will be in the distant future. And once I retire I would love to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame."

Your contract with the WWE is about to end, is it true that you will go to AAA?

"I have nothing against the AAA but I do not plan to go there, I want to stay in the WWE because it's my home and where I want to end my career. When I renew my contract ends with the company."

Will you be at Wrestlemania XXX?

"At the moment whether or not I will not, but I think I will have a place in the battle royal in honor of Andre The Giant."

Which Superstars are the future of the WWE?

"The future is Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Tyson Kidd, the latter deserves more opportunities on television, is very talented and Seth Rollins has a similar style to that of CM Punk."

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