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Posted in: WWE
R-Truth Speaks On Whether He's A Main-Event Player, Booker T's WWE Hall of Fame Name
By Daniel Pena
Mar 23, 2013 - 11:36:39 AM

- In an interview published in the April 2013 issue of WWE Magazine, R-Truth was asked whether he sees himself as a "main-event player." He replied, "definitely."

"If you're going to be in this business, you need to be in to win it," said R-Truth. "And that's been one of my goals—to become of the main players. I have no problem putting the company on my back and totin' it. I'm it to win it. I want to become a main player, a main-eventer, a headliner—whatever. I have all that's needed to do that."

At WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, R-Truth suffered a gruesome leg injury during his match against United States Championship Antonio Cesaro. When asked to explain the incident, he said, "That's one of the reasons I tell kids, and I'm going to say this right now, for all you readers. Do not try doing the things that we do one TV in WWE. We're the entertainers, we're the professionals. That injury came from one of my maneuvers, the Side-Slipper. Just the impact of me coming down into the ring caused it. I slid, but my kneepads caught on the skin of my knee and just ripped it apart."

Finally, R-Truth was asked how he can tell if someone is lying: "The eyes. The eyes tell it all. You can see into people's souls through their eyes."

- The official WWE website has a poll asking fans which official name should Booker T use to enter the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6 in Madison Square Garden. The options are Booker T, King Booker, GI Bro, Five-time, Five-time, Five-time, Five-time, Five-time WCW Champion, Kole and Booker. Booker T is currently leading the poll with 52% of the vote.

While working for World Championship Wrestling in 2000, the legendary wrestler was referred to simply as Booker, as Harlem Heat 2000 won the rights to the letter "T" in a match pitting Big T against Booker T at SuperBrawl. After briefly reprising G.I. Bro, a character he portrayed in the independents, he returned to the Booker T name despite having not secured the legal rights to the "T" from Harlem Heat 2000.

See photo of R-Truth's gross knee gash ->

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