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Posted in: WWE
Pay-Per-View Buys Revealed for WWE's 2014 Battleground Event
By Marc Middleton
Sep 3, 2014 - 11:16:57 PM

- WWE's 2014 Battleground pay-per-view on July 20th did 99,000 pay-per-view buys - 31,000 domestically and 68,000 internationally.

The July 2013 pay-per-view was Money In the Bank and that show drew 169,000 domestic buys and 54,000 international buys. That show also aired for free in the UK while Battleground did not.

In comparison to other recent events since the WWE Network has launched, Payback drew 29,000 domestic buys and Money In the Bank drew 53,000 domestic buys. It could be said, based on these numbers, that Money In the Bank was a strong performance as far as the new pay-per-view standards go.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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