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Posted in: WWE
Paul Heyman Video Interview: WM29, Lesnar & Punk, His Current Role With WWE
By Michael Bluth
Apr 5, 2013 - 10:44:56 PM

New York City DJ Peter Rosenberg (@RosenbergRadio) from Hot 97 scored an exclusive interview with Paul Heyman this week. Among the topics discussed include:

- Doing the best and most-rewarding work of his career right now in WWE.
- Being part of 2 top matches at WrestleMania after watching the show from home last year.
- How he and Brock Lesnar became such close friends.
- Brock Lesnar battling diverticulitis for many years and only being able to use 60% of his body's potential at his physical peak due to the disease.
- The differences between Brock Lesnar & CM Punk.
- Managers who were great bumpers.
- Remembering the late Sherri Martel.

Here it is:

* VIDEO: CM Punk Says "F-U" To 'Smart' Wrestling Fans

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