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Posted in: WWE
JR Q&A: Bray Wyatt's Wrestling Ability, CM Punk and WrestleMania XXX, Dean Ambrose, Steve Austin, Podcast
By Marc Middleton
Aug 2, 2013 - 9:56:12 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A on jrsbarbq.com again this week. Here are some highlights from this entry:

On Dean Ambrose's future:
"The goal is always for any entity to have more sizzle and potential when they split and become single stars. Ambrose will be interesting to follow along with Rolins and Reigns."

If CM Punk will main event WrestleMania XXX:
"It's certainly possible."

If "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would still be wrestling if he never suffered the neck injury:
"My guess is not likely. At least not full time."

On Bray Wyatt's wrestling ability:
"Many of us have seen him wrestle a great deal in NXT. He's a keeper."

If he'd ever start his own Podcast:
"Likely not. Too much work. :) Not enough money."

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