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Posted in: WWE
Injured WWE NXT Star Sends Warning, Corey Graves on Triple H, Tonight's SmackDown
By Marc Middleton
Mar 13, 2018 - 2:10:47 PM

- Cathy Kelley previews tonight's WWE SmackDown in this new video:

- Corey Graves recently spoke with Loudwire for an interview on music at this link. Loudwire noted how they appreciate WWE putting rock & metal music out there, especially with the NXT Loud efforts. Graves gave credit to Triple H and called him a big metalhead.

"Triple H is a big of a metalhead as anybody. As if it wasn't obvious by Motorhead making multiple theme songs for him, he's a big fan so he likes to open the door and give some guys some opportunities to be heard and our music department is great. They're always looking for the next big thing. NXT kind of has that different vibe, it’s a little more edgy, a little more rock and roll than WWE's main shows. The metal vibe fits a little better down there, not to say that I wouldn't be happy to have a lot more of it on the big shows," Graves said. "Back when we were doing NXT and it was still kind of growing and you had all the original guys down there — Rollins, Ambrose, Bray and all those guys — it was our little punk rock universe down there. It was that vibe, that DIY vibe of no one is going to let us have it so we just have to take it ourselves. That permeated the entire brand and that’s responsible for taking NXT where it is today."

- We've noted how WWE NXT Superstar Drew McIntyre should be returning to the ring in the next month or so as he's been training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Drew has also been training with WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page at this DDP Yoga Performance Center near Atlanta. As seen below, McIntyre recently issued a warning on social media and that warning was picked up by WWE:

Drew McIntyre warns complacent Superstars: “I will eat you alive”

Make no mistake about it: Even though Drew McIntyre remains sidelined with an arm injury, the former NXT Champion is keeping close tabs on all things WWE and NXT.

And, according to the newest tweet from the eagle-eyed Scot, he doesn’t like everything that he sees:

In providing updates on his comeback, McIntyre has frequently used #TickTock as his sign-off of choice, suggesting that he’s counting down the seconds until he’s cleared to return to the ring. Based off McIntyre’s most recent warning, all other Superstars would be wise to do the same.

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