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Posted in: WWE
How Did WWE Rib Renee Young on Main Event This Week?, Recent WWE Attendance Figures
By Marc Middleton
Jun 25, 2014 - 9:53:16 PM

- Below are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* June 20th in Providence, RI drew 8,000 fans
* June 21st in Long Island drew 5,000 fans
* June 21st in Reading, PA drew 3,000 fans
* June 22nd in Philadelphia drew 7,000 fans
* June 22nd in Newark, DE drew 2,000 fans
* June 23rd in Washington, DC for RAW drew 9,500 fans

- As seen on this week's WWE Main Event, Roman Reigns was being interviewed in the ring by Renee Young when Reigns suggested that she take off her high heels because if someone came out to attack him, she would need to run away in a hurry. This was done as another rib to Renee. It's known within WWE that Renee often doesn't wear shoes when she's working backstage. Renee was previously ribbed for this by Triple H last month on a post-show.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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