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Posted in: WWE
Gerald Brisco Discusses This Year's WWE HOF Class, Scouting Talent For WWE, Saving Olympic Wrestling
By Michael Bluth
Mar 8, 2013 - 1:28:15 PM

Monday Night Mayhem, Hosted By The Big Mosh & Todd Vincent

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco was the featured guest on this week's edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & "The Chairman of the Board" Todd Vincent.

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco Looks Back On His Memories Of His & His Brother's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction In 2008, Discusses This Year's "Class Of 2013," What It Means To Now Have Bruno Sammartino Be A Part Of The WWE HOF, Why He Believes His Son (Wes Brisco) Is Ready To Step Into The Ring With Kurt Angle, What He Looks For In A Potential WWE Superstar In His Current Role As A Talent Scout For The WWE, How DDP Yoga Has Helped Improve His Own Personal Health, The Latest On The Efforts To Reinstate Wrestling Into The Olympics, Plus Much More In His Exclusive Monday Night Mayhem Interview

The former two-time WWE Hardcore Champion joined The Big Mosh & "The Chairman of the Board" Todd Vincent for his first-ever MNM appearance, which is now available for streaming here (.MP3).

Interview highlights courtesy of WWEDVDNews.com's Aaron Carnevale, MNM's National Correspondent:

His fondest memory of when he and his late brother Jack were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008: "My biggest thrill was actually standing on that stage with my brother. He was starting to go into bad health at that time, and for him muster up the strength and courage to get out there on stage took a lot from him. Also that night, Gordon Solie went in, along with Eddie Graham. Those two guys meant a lot, so it was an exciting night."

Why he believes his son (Wes Brisco) is ready to step into the ring with Kurt Angle this Sunday night:"Well, he better be ready, because I know Kurt Angle isn't going to take it easy on him because he's my son. If film study will help, he's going to be great. We've gone over every tape online that we can possibly see, and he's been working out a game plan against Kurt. I think he is ready to step up, and I'm very happy that he got this opportunity against the caliber of Kurt Angle. I wish the best for both of them, and I'm excited for Wes. The kid eats, sleeps and breathes what we do."

What he looks for in a potential WWE Superstar in his current role as a talent scout for the WWE: "It's just a feel for it for guys. I've been around for decades. I started in 1967, so I've been around wrestling for almost 60 years. There are no set guidelines. I just look for body language. I look at how the guys carry themselves to the mat. I look for their footwork. I watch how they react to a win, I watch how they react to a loss. I watch the interactions with their teammates and fans afterwards. It's mostly body language, and how he looks, and how he moves."

Much more is contained in Gerald Brisco's exclusive interview with Monday Night Mayhem, including his candid thoughts on this year's WWE Hall of Fame selections, what it means to now have Bruno Sammartino be a part of the WWE HOF, how DDP Yoga has helped improve his own personal health, the latest on the efforts to reinstate wrestling into the Olympics, plus so much more! Follow the legendary WWE Hall of Famer right now on Twitter (@FGBrisco). And if you live in the Florida area and need to have your car fixed, there's no better place than Brisco Brother's Body Shop, closing in on its 40th anniversary! Call (813) 879-4421 to make an appointment today.

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