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Posted in: WWE
Full WWE Network Schedule for Wednesday - Legends House Marathon, Replays, More
By Marc Middleton
Jul 8, 2014 - 11:47:09 PM

- Below is the full schedule for Wednesday, day 137 of the WWE Network launch:

12am EST - WrestleMania Rewind: CM Punk at 24 and 25
1am EST - WWE Countdown: Thunderous Returns
2am EST - Total Divas replay
3am EST - RAW Flashback: 2/20/1995
4am EST - RAW Flashback: 2/27/1995
5am EST - ECW Hardcore TV: 2/27/1995
6am EST - Old School: 11/10/1985
7am EST - Journey to WrestleMania XXX: Daniel Bryan
8am EST - WWE Countdown: Thunderous Returns
9am EST - RAW Flashback: 2/27/1995
10am EST - RAW Flashback: 3/5/1995
11am EST - Total Divas replay
12pm EST - WrestleMania Rewind: CM Punk at 24 and 25
1pm EST - WWE Countdown: Thunderous Returns
2pm EST - Legends of Wrestling: Celebrities
3pm EST - Best of WWE Hall of Fame
4pm EST - Royal Rumble 2014
7pm EST - WWE NXT replay
8pm EST - Legends House replay
9pm EST - Legends House replay
10pm EST - Legends House replay
11pm EST - Legends House replay

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