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Posted in: WWE
Fitness Model Christina Vargas Explains Her Departure From WWE - Felt Ostracized?
By Daniel Pena
Sep 28, 2013 - 6:00:53 PM

As reported last week, Christina Vargas, a 29-year-old fitness model who signed a developmental contract with WWE in the spring, revealed on her Twitter account that she had decided to leave the company because she came to the conclusion that that she would rather pursue her passions in life, fitness and cooking, than professional wrestling. The 29-year-old trained at the WWE Performance Center for less than one month.

On Twitter, Vargas was sent this graphic criticizing fitness models who claim that performing for WWE is their dream, and proceeded to explain the reasons behind her departure in a rant on the social media website.

Vargas wrote to the female wrestling enthusiast who sent her the critical graphic, "1st off it is not for free that the athletes pay!

"2nd I never told anyone it was my dream!

"3rd some of the best divas in time [Michelle McCool] for one of then was in the diva search and loved it.

"You always start some where! If u where in the same position you would of done it too. Stop hating!"

Vargas went off again in response to the women's wrestling fan telling her that she blew her opportunity with WWE: "I didn't fuck nothing up, I left becuz I was unhappy & now know what I want! If anything I gained not lost!

"I don't need a short cut, the girls in development including the indie girls work there asses off ! 70 - 80 hours u can't want nothing else in life. If u do its not for u. Dedication is not my prob."

Vargas was apparently feeling ostracized during her brief tenure with WWE. Three days before announcing her departure from the company, Vargas hinted on Instagram that she was leaving a place because there were people making her feel unwanted.

Watch leaked video of Christina Vargas in WWE promo class

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