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Posted in: WWE
Booker T Says He Does Not Like The Matchup Of AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar
By Andrew Thompson
Nov 17, 2017 - 4:42:24 PM

On a recent episode of current RAW commentator, Booker T's "Heated Discussions" podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer spoke on all topics regarding the huge wrestling weekend in WWE. While sharing his thoughts, Booker T spoke on the highly anticipated AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar match at Survivor Series and stated that he is not too fond of the matchup and also shared his thoughts on Jinder Mahal as a WWE Champion.

Here's what Booker T had to say:

"As far as A.J. Styles-Brock Lesnar; I don’t like that matchup. I don’t like that matchup. You know, Brock Lesnar is a beast, we know A.J. Styles, they don’t call him the 'Phenomenal One' for nothing. The guy is actually that good. But to step up to Brock Lesnar’s level, it’s almost like a middleweight going up against a heavyweight. A heavyweight that can move like a middleweight. So, that’s why I don’t like the balance of that one right there. I think Jinder Mahal has had a great run. I think Jinder Mahal has brought legitimacy to the championship, I think with Jinder Mahal as champion, people look at the WWE Championship now as, you know, we've got to get the title off this guy. It’s almost like that Iron Sheik when he had it back in the day and Hogan had to get it off of him. Drop the big leg drop, bring America the title back home, I like this dynamic. It’s almost like when Sgt. Slaughter had his heel run, people hated him, I love it. This is professional wrestling, what he’s doing. Jinder Mahal has done a great job and I think he’s been a great champion.”

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