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Posted in: WWE
Backstage Report on WWE's New Total Divas, WWE Officials Discussing International Future
By Marc Middleton
Jul 4, 2013 - 9:17:59 AM

- There has been a lot of internal talk about WWE's long-term future internationally. Years ago, WWE's idea was that domestic business will be at a certain level, maybe not growing, but the big growth would be introducing the WWE product to new markets on TV and going to these new markets live once or twice a year but having a weekly TV presence.

However, after several years, the idea that business would end up 50% domestic and 50% international is not happening, and if anything, the domestic percentage is staying the same or slightly growing. It's been questioned where the next boom market is after an inability to maintain growth in Italy, Mexico, France, Spain and to an extent Turkey and Germany. Australia and the UK are the two outside markets that have remained very strong. The feeling within WWE is that the UK will always be strong but it’s the rest of Europe and Asia that the company is trying to focus on growing.

- Regarding the two Divas WWE hired for the E! reality show, Eva Marie and Jo Jo Offerman, the word going around backstage is that they are very bad in the ring.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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